Britains Got Talent Magic Trick Revealed  – Magus Utopia Revealed-

If you like the video, subscribe for the channel and leave your like and activate the notifications to see more videos. Thanks for your collaboration Take a look at the collar He is wearing a suit under his pajamas. Notice the curvature under the bed The drawing was done. Notice the curvature beneath it Look at the opening in the sheet He will enter through this opening Ohh. How did he do it? See the drawing The secret is under the sheet in that curvature of the bed Look at the assistants It joins the bed with the platform The bed is positioned on the platform The foot of the bed fits on the platform The platform is under the bed Now let’s see how he got out of bed and went to the platform He went into that compartment under the sheet They joined the bed with the platform Look at the drawing He went out under the bed in an opening. He entered the platform compartment Look at the drawing At that moment he is taken to a cage You see, he does not put his feet in the bottom of the cage but on the side of it At that moment the cage is suspended Look at the platform At that moment, the assistants suspend the cage They take the platform back, and fits her in bed Look at the drawing In this way, he leaves the cage and enters the platform The platform is embedded in the bed He leaves that platform and goes back to bed. Look

  1. If you know any magic and want us to reveal it, leave her link here in the reply to that comment. Check out the english version of this video . Thank you for your attention

  2. After I watched the trick revealed, I feel like the whole performance is like a shitting lie tho, feel like a lying bitch

  3. Oh yeah … even though the trick knows … it needs amazing speed … whatever is right when it comes out of a circle like a bird cage. there are 2 people stanby in the door must be observant when moving the participants .. Many magic players from Indonesia … can you know the tricks .. Demian Aditya for example

  4. わかってても楽しんだほうがいいじゃん

  5. Cara tu tem o tempo livre pra fazer tudo e tu vai prestar atenção em truque de magica pra tentar revelar o truque +1 inscrito

  6. i have a question whats is the purpose if he had a shirt on it and if hes changing positin the two guys must see it

  7. …where's the revelation here???😂😂😂😂😂…you just shown a schematic diagram😂😂😂😂…a drawing…nothing…emulate it and show it to your viewers…that the real revelation

  8. hahaha how come you revealed the magic when it's only a picture ,show us on how they do the trick and we will understand your word revealed.

  9. Sorry but in that video you failed to convince me …
    You should explain how the hell did he do to do that in less than 1 second, then why didn't we see the bed moved

  10. I want to ask one question of how can the man disappear only one second and exchange with the woman just like that we were seeing all the time his face except when he turned to the woman that fast cannot exchange someone, please some can explain what is happing here or I am only who is confuse

  11. It may be fake ..but still brilliant .. better than the trash ppl serve in the name of reality … A beautiful lies is better than an ugly truth .. hats off to the performer and his team

  12. He fucked up the trick from the start he hadnt thought about how he was gonna get in so he fucked up also when he made the bed too

  13. Estragou o segredo da mágica. É mais fácil destruir o que os outros constroem ou inventam, do que construir ou inventar algo. Quem revela o segredo não ganha nada, mas quem criou a performace perde horas de trabalho e de investimento.

  14. Very niice that this man let me think he was goingto speak english en then he speaks his own language and dotn understand a word what he said

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