Boogie’s Aether Heart – Magic The Gathering Spoiler / Preview Card for Aether Revolt

The Kaladesh Inventor’s Fair, where the best and brightest show off their genius. Hosted by the prestigious Kaladesh Technical College. Well look out, Kaladesh Tech, because the ninth best Community College in all of Tolaria East Is throwing its own Inventor’s Fair! What amazing new inventions will our talented students create? Let’s find out! The Tolarian Community College Inventor’s Fair is of the utmost importance, and yet, Many students, such as yourself, seem to have had a bit of a Misunderstanding about what it is we are hoping to accomplish here. In fact, out of all of the problem students, Your name came up top of the list Which is why I called you in here today, mister… Bogie. Um, its pronounced “Boogie”. Now, what seems to be the problem, and how is it possibly my fault? Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m really happy to see students, such as yourself, participating, but But… But I’m afraid that these submitted inventions of yours, I have them right here for us to discuss, Well, they’re just completely unacceptable to say the least. What? Are you kidding? I poured my heart and soul into these. I spent the entire night before the assignment was due working on them. Alright, let’s start at the top of the box. Quite literally. What, pray tell, is the meaning of this? Oh, that one, It protects you from the magics of the forest, And also protects you from the magics of the swamps, And if you hit your opponent with it, It revitalizes you. Uh-huh. I call it the Sword of Feast and Famine. No no no no no no no. You don’t call it that. Its called that because it already existed before our Inventor’s Fair. You can’t take something that already exists and call it an invention. I made this exclusively for this Invention Fair. I have four of these out on my deck at home. How is this your invention? Mine looks different, therefore its my invention. No. What do you mean, no? Alright, please tell me, what is this? That, my friend, I call the Mana Vault. Hey, I had a Mana Vault back in high school. How is this your invention? You see, mine has a clock in it. You literally just taped a clock to the back of it. Credit where credit is due. Thank you. Did you invent tape, too? Okay, okay, I get it. I see what you’re saying, alright? But this next one is truly one of a kind. Its right there at the bottom of the box. Now that is an artifact that has never been seen before. That is truly unique. I call it Boogie’s Aether Heart. Huh. I guess this actually is something brand new. What’s it do? Boogie’s Aether Heart is a legendary artifact that costs six mana of any color. Whenever Boogie’s Aether Heart or another artifact enters the battlefield under your control, you get two energy counters. Pay eight energy counters, exile Boogie’s Aether Heart: Take an extra turn after this one. Its an actual brand new invention, after all. This is going to be legendary! We’re gonna put Tolarian Community College on the map. See, I told ya. And this one’s coming to you live through the power of the Aether Hub. Hey wait a minute. What’s this writing on the back? Alright, I probably should go. If lost, please return to Lord Gonti immediately, I – This isn’t your Aether Heart at all, this is Lord Gonti’s! You just crossed out his name and wrote yours! This is flat out plagiarism and theft. You are expelled from Tolarian Community College. Expelled? What about my future? Hah! Without a Community College Associate’s Degree, you have no future. You will spend your days at home, playing video games from morning until night, And complaining about trivial things on the internet, until you’re old and gray. Wow, okay. I’m okay with that. Yeah that does sound pretty good. Take me with you!

  1. "I spent all night before the assignment was due working on them", good to see Boogie and Professor teaming up.

  2. Meh, overly expensive, might have been a good combo piece if it wasn''t exiled as part of the cost of the activated ability.

  3. I love that you guys are palling around on the internet. Best friendship of the internet right here. <3 Please please please keep making more videos together.

  4. because everyone loves a 6 mana take an extra turn efect with downsides, this will definately see play while we have part the waterveil on the format because

  5. If this thing didn't exile itself when it goes off then it would be soooo broken but since it does, it's just another 6 mana time walk

  6. Can't help noticing the Office Hours links in the credits.

    …any chance Arlinn will get called in to see the professor, or is that too much of a pipe dream?

  7. @Tolarian Community College Yo, Professor. Is there any chance that you would ever consider doing an EDH deck tech on Thromok? Something like running a massive token generator operation, then sac and swing for the fences. Add in various ways to fling, burning anger, ect. And all together you get some pretty hilarious deck interactions as well as large numbers. You even said it yourself that math is good reason to play the game. So what do you say professor, sound like a plan? 😉

    P.S. Love the videos, keep up the solid work my man! 🙂

  8. Is it me or is the character Professor, slowly descending into madness?

    He has been laughing insanely on his 180k video, and he sadistically expels his students.

    Remember how grim he was back when he expelled Monthly Magic Crate?

  9. rarely comment, check the stats. that said, this was clever and funny and makes a clear statment that i agree with. bravo.

  10. OMG Is Tolarian Community College just a fake college in the Magic world of Tolaria? I thought you were a real professor at Tolarian Community College.

  11. Nice to see a collab between you and Boogie for once. It really shows how much TCC is reaching out to the community.

  12. Professor, did you check mymagiclab? i submitted the assignment, but it still says I dont have enough mana to pass the class…

  13. Hmm so letting political views get in the way of magic. this is why i don't care for this channel sorry i voted trump there for i must be a horrible person like others who were vocal of their support of our president.

  14. hey prof, ya should host an actual inventors fair, where players design cards, and pick which ones are best, out of humor, flavor, sensibility, playability

  15. My submission: Devil's Bonecrank 3 Colorless Mana (3) [T] : Exile a Black Creature card from your Graveyard. You may cast a card from your Deck with the same converted mana cost as that Creature without paying it's mana cost, and it gains: "If this creature would die, instead exile it."

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