Bob Marley – LEGACY: 75 Years A Legend (Episode 1)

(background murmurs) – Babylon. See it yah. What fun to experience… to me. Everything. (reggae music) For me it’s cool ’cause I’m
meeting people that know- know Bob outside of my, outside of who I know. – Right, yeah. – You know wha’ I mean? So, it’s great. (gong sound) (reggae music) – So I g-… yeah. A dub edit this, now. Yes Me friend. – Yeah but. That’s a different version. Yeah, with a little mystic vibe, man. – Yeah, they mess around
[with this] one… Have something ’bout it. Subtitles. (everyone laughs) – You need some subtitles,
cause this is the real! – Yeah. (water sounds) – Yas. Run the tape. – [Interviewer] What is your
music trying to tell us? – It’s the feel. – [Interviewer] What are
you trying to express? – So we better get up, stand up for your rights. – [Interviewer] What are you
preaching about on that stage? – Well, we’re preaching
about one love, one heart, one destiny, one aim,
one destiny, you know. Is that we-a preach about. My life is only important if
me can help plenty people. If me-if me…my life is just
for me and my own security then me no want it. My life is for people. (Echos) (🎶 Exodus 🎶) – My life have great meaning to me. So I really search to
find out if God is here. And I search- (🎶 Exodus 🎶) – If you think he’s for disorder,
you’re reading it wrong. He was for what is right. – I think it’s important to
know how disciplined he was. How important it was for
him to get the message out. – Well, I’ve been a Rasta from ever since. It’s not a easy thing to explain. In a educated standard a-way. Still ya have people who can do it. – The music that Bob wrote,
it was not fictitious. It was truth. Words coming from Bob’s heart
and not only from his heart but he lived it. (water sounds) (surf crashes on shore) – He left us so many great messages. If only these people of the
world could get back in tune like the way they once were in tuned. (piano music) – Gong is like a-a ever man. They a-call him out,
like a man of the hour. – Freedom is freedom and
you don’t have to bow. You do what ever you like. That means you is ya own man. That is first time you own yourself. – Bob come from the country. So a-country, you have to do things Like chores and all that. And farming is the hardest thing ‘Cause me try farm now. So I think, it kinda teach you to wait. You have fe have that patience. Bob is a fisherman. (🎶 Rebel Music 🎶) – Bob start a movement, you know. (🎶 Rebel Music 🎶) – Back in-a them days, ya kinda
started out with our redoing foreign classics. – The American influence music come pass through down there, yknow. – And then everyone was kinda
like, “Darling I love ya” and all these kinda songs were being sung. – (Bob singing) You know that music? We used to play that plenty. (🎶 Simmer Down 🎶) (drumming) – Then all the Rasta culture come up, which was a more church side of the thing. Man, a-man realized… You know wha’ happen? Is like
trying to break away then from the so called Babylonian system. The spiritual vibe kinda take root. – He knew what his purpose was and knowing that is a responsibility. And he definitely carried
his responsibility as far as he could. – It’s like when you know that our father is not doing- he wasn’t
doing a job of himself. He’s doing a job of the Master. So, it become something
that- everyone can feel it. And it could be adap– not adapted, but ya can come- it can come through who its supposed to
come through. You know? (🎶 Forever Loving Jah 🎶) – Some people kinda felt like,
“Why Bob gone-a foreign?” and, “Him sell out,” or whatever. Because them never understand
that Bob was a visionary. Bob Marley start a
revolution where people start look at themself. He wasn’t just looking for one place: Jamaica. His mindset was for the world. Being universal. (🎶 Forever Loving Jah 🎶) – [Group Chants] …and the
moon and the stars by night. Jah shall preserve I from all evil. He shall preserve I soul. – Pureness of the heart. And the wicked will try y’know. But a pureness of the heart
will supersede anything. – Jah shall preserve I from all evil. He shall preserve I soul. – That is Rastafari in true essence. It’s not just Ganja smoking. (laughs) – [Announcer] …from channel
9 now at 10 to 11 o’clock before we get to Tuff Gong. At 11 we’re gonna bring on… the kids. (🎶 Children Playing In The Streets 🎶) – [Announcer] International
year of the child. The Melody Makers from Tuff Gong. Children of Marley. And these children are
playing in the streets. Iserved and observed
by… those looking on. 10 to 11 o’clock. (🎶 Children Playing In The Streets 🎶) – (laughs) Give us the
teachings of his Majesty. ‘Cause we don’t want no devil philosophy. That’s the ultimate message. Its like going to English
class or social studies. We took our father’s
words as our lessons on how we should live our lives. It’s about love. It’s about unity. It’s about being humble. Humility. – What make the music
from the era deh special, is like, there was like, some
kinda magic spiritualist. The generation deh did
have something ’bout it. – There was a certain innocence. And there was a-a tension
to the art itself. The man deh grow up in-a one
of the most volatile area in-a Kingston. Like in-a today’s world it’s
about image and the artist. That them-a present a certain thing. Back in-a them time the people
was-was about conditions. You know, people suffering and… A lot of people who write lyrics or even sing back in-a them days. Them went through things in them life. So it was a way fe kinda release. Instead of a man go violence. Him say “Y’know wha’-
mek I use that hardship and turn it into something positive.” (🎶 Jamming 🎶) – Yeah I attended all the grade schools. UCLA, I graduate with honors and thing. Bob never finish no high school. But who was my biggest teacher? Him! So it just come simple. ‘Cause and him say, “I don’t have education,
I have inspiration. Maybe if I was educated
I’d be a damn fool.” – Bob was very charismatic. He was really… beautiful. Physically beautiful as
well as a beautiful soul. – He was certainly aware
we were doing business. And he wanted people to hear his music. And he understood that we had to, you know, involve journalists and publicists and so forth. I don’t recall him ever saying, “I don’t want to talk to them
or I don’t wanna do that.” I did find when we were doing interviews if he didn’t kinda relate to the musician he would kinda go into a thicker patois. (Ziggy laughs) – And made it very difficult
for them to understand him. – I mean even things like,
Bob talk ’bout climate change. – It just keep the people away from God. Believe that man can destroy the Earth. Man can only destroy himself. So we no ‘fraid for nuclear. Them thing deh is only
fe keep the people fear. And ya fear that men have such
great power that them can… Nah, that can’t work. Them only a-threaten innocent people life. That cannot work. (🎶 Get Up Stand Up 🎶) – [Female Interviewer] To most people who are very conservative in
dress, you look quite strange. – We don’t play for suit critics. We play what we want to play,
when we want to play it. How we want to play it. And we have a reason why we play it, too. – [Male Interviewer] Bob,
how important is the ganja? – Ganja is a bird. This is herb. – Does it matter to you that
it’s still against the law here in Jamaica? – Every law is illegal. – He was driven. He was driven to get the message out. – So you think that if he was here now he’d be like Instagramming and… really be like, engaged? – That’s a good question. – Like he was engaged here. – That’s a good question. I think he would. Reggae finds its people. (🎶 Could You Be Loved 🎶) – Him always kind. Loving bredren, you know. Me never see him when him
wan’ fight it or nothing. – So, Bob was a man weh- Bob
was a selfless individual. Him help a whole heap a people. – Him did have that love fe everyone. – Every man who write a song,
I think we all have to go to the same source. – I have to mention the work. He was very dedicated
to what he was doing. He was always the first
one on the tour bus. He’d sit there and some- Junior
Marvin would come up late and he’s… screwing his face at him. You know, he’d be the
first one at rehearsals. He was just, on point. – We’re not saying that um,
within a certain society if you can’t back up what your
doing your must disturb it. – And when people say, “Oh,
well, if you smoke ganja then you don’t get anything done.” That’s nonsense. You use it to focus. He was one of the most
focused people I ever met. Very disciplined. And it was about the music
and the message of the music. – Reggae music is the people’s music. You know, reggae music is news. Its news about you own self. You own history. Things that you wouldn’t really… Them wouldn’t teach you in-a school. – When we went on tour for
the first time with Bob we started in like 500 seaters. You know, it was just escalating. It was amazing to see how Bob
was just loved by the people and how people gravitated to his music. And he said in one of his songs that music is gonna teach them a lesson. – (🎶 One Love 🎶) Hear the children cry. Hear the children crying. Saying let’s get together
and feel all right. – Respect for humanity. Respect for people. I would say is a big one, y’know. Regardless of where you’re from. Regardless of ya economic stan- You know, your financial standing. Your culture. Your race. Or your religion. That is really what one
love is really about. It’s not really about, “let’s all hug.” Y’know its really about
having a mutual respect for humanity. You know what I mean? – (🎶 Jamming 🎶) We’re jamming. and I hope- Ain’t no rules ain’t no vow. We can do it anyhow. I and I will see you through. ‘Cause everyday we pay the price- living sacrifice. Jamming ’til the jam is through. Ooo, yeah! – The message is in the music. There’s so much placed in
front of us to distract us from our true self. To distract us from that unity. From that oneness, from our spirituality. So it’s definitely important
that we keep that fire burning. – (🎶 Jamming 🎶) We beg nor we won’t bow. Neither can be bought nor sold. We all defend the right.
The children must unite. Life is worth much more than gold. Ooo yeah! We’re Jammming. To think that Jamming was a- – First of all, the
message is love, ya know. Basically trying to tell
the people in the world that love is the only
thing that will save you. Earth was made for everyone, so why should anyone suffer? So we say get up and
stand up for your rights. (laughs) And unite! – How I know my grandfather the best is really from the
perspective of my grandmother. My grandfather was a very serious man. But he was serious because there was so much trouble in the world. He wasn’t serious out of… trying to be. It was always meditative. Reflective. But there was always joy in his eyes. – (🎶 Is This Love 🎶) I
wanna love you, I wanna love and treat you- love and treat you right. I wanna love ya, Every day and every night. We’ll be together- – There’s this one interview he did. That’s always resonated. It resonated with me when I
first heard it when I was like 13, 14 years old. And he’s on a…I think
he’s on the sidewalk. And they’re asking him, “What’s success to you?” – Have you made, say, millions of dollars? – And he’s like… – Possession make you rich? I don’t have that type of richness. – [Bob And Jessie Reyes
Together] My richness is life. Forever. – That idea of legacy. Like, that shit stuck. That shit has stuck with
me since I was a kid. – [Child Announcer] Members of the press. Parents and students. Good afternoon. Today starts in the making
in Trench Town Wilton Garden The first- the opening of a
first class home rights center. (🎶 Sun Is Shining 🎶) – We grew up seeing our father
feed a multitude of people for different reasons. And for us it’s always been
a part of the Marley family to give back. – Ghetto Youths Foundation,
which is founded from like 1989, you know, recently, [opened] basically a learning
center in Trench Town. – Just doing things
that represents the word and the fulfillment of the message. – The first thing that
we gave back was music. By putting aside what we could sing about and sing about what we need to sing about. – In one of his songs he
said, “Emancipate yourself from mental slavery.” That’s what the Ghetto
Youth Foundation is doing. Emancipating our young minds to education. One love. Jamaica. – Each of my grandfather’s birthdays. Its like a birth for us. You know, it signifies a life. It signifies, you know, our connection. Our legacy. You know, our tree. Our roots. The whole gathering and
there’s a whole spirit. And there’s a whole energy. We just really tune into
that then, you know. We feel his presence. – This time of year the
vibration is always so high. People from all over the world
are gathering to celebrate. Happy to be home right now. – Coming to celebrate, you
know, our father’s 75th birthday is on a different level. (🎶 One Love 🎶) – Because, listen: A lot of people call
themself superstar and star. But I remind them that
a star always shine. They are comets. Cometh and goeth. Universal crusader, you know and the greatest song him ever write was a song named “Redemption Song.” True, it sum up everything. (🎶 Redemption Song 🎶) – His spirit is strong. And to me he’s even more
stronger where in you are drawn to more attention. You are more important. Cause they say when people pass
on, we sort of miss our loss what they were really, you
know, sharing or living. So, his spirit is even more
dominant to us… the family. We share a spiritual life
with him which is natural. It’s just that we can’t see him. But we are sure that he lives. (🎶Redemption Song 🎶) (low ominous music)

  1. I want to informed those guys that the music they were talking about, and calling American music. Which they did not know long before they were born, that is was a Jamaican man named Vere Johns. He was born in Manchester in 1894 he left Jamaica in 1924 to United States, he useto worked for the post office. He founded a music fraternity named Vere Johns talented parade show, and he started to discovered good singers. He returned to Jamaica in 1949,and started a musical talented parade show named Vere John. Where he discovered a lot of local singers like John Holt, Millie Small, just to mentioned a few.
    I am trying to let that guy know that a Jamaican man named Vere Johns, was apart of the American music fraternity.
    Vere Johns did have a show on RJR radio station in his name,he died in 1966.There is a lot of the older generation in Jamaica as musicians, does not know the intricacies about Jamaica history on music. The Jamaican music fraternity came from mento is around for hundreds of years, I born come see my uncle playing in band.He played banjos and gitaur long be before Bob Marley, and his friends were born.
    Mento is around long time before the R&B, soul ,you named it,but those musicians is not talking from the foundation of. How the music fraternity in Jamaica came about, before all of them were born in the 1930,and 40s,50s and 60s. Just like how you heard some of the musicians is talking foolishness about Coxene, Duke Reid was around playing music long before Coxene was born. I was told that Duke Reid useto dated Coxene mother, and when Duke Reid left to the United States to bought records. Coxene mother useto played his sound systems until he returned to Jamaica in 1950s, from the United States.
    There is a lot of information is hidden from the Jamaican people, because they does not do research to know certain things. They are relying too much on hearsay, they does not try to find out for themselves.

  2. 1 LOVE and Nuff respect to the RH. Bob Marley ❤️💛💚
    I've being to father Bob's house in Bull bay, as a youth… Me , My dad & my brother , and Ziggy and Stephen play music for us….( Live music session) I can't forget that day!!!
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  10. I once heard Idren claim seh that Jesus has now become such a huge 'brand', that Christians have milked, and milked and milked. The message has gotten lost in all the milking and the focus away from the one who sent him in the first place.

    I'm getting a distinct feeling that soon, the same shall be said Bob Marley. A man who became a brand that got milked and the essence of who he was and what he said, lost in the milking; just like what is said of Biblical Jesus.

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  19. This video is beautiful and a worthy tribute. I've shared it with as many reggae loving friends as I could. With that said I'd like to point out to whoever is responsible for that part of the production or online publishing that the subtitles for it in my second language, Portuguese, has some gross errors and mistakes. I don't know if this was done by a volunteer but if you paid for that job scratch that out and feel free to reach out to me. Some passages really betray what Bob and the people are saying, to the point that I hesitate to share the video with Portuguese speaking people who don't understand English and rely on the subtitles. Which is to say all of Brazil + 5 African countries too, big reggae audiences and Bob fanbases. I have seen this issue in many Bob Marley videos, partially because these folks have a harder time understanding Jamaican slang, partially because they are simply bad translators regardless. But this being a higher production on his official channel I expected something decent. It was not the case. I know, I am a translator myself, a reggae lover, Bob fan and someone who has actually lived and worked in the Caribbean. Please, please get better subtitles. Thank you and Jah bless

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