Board Games & Card Games : How to Play Bunco

Hi, my name is Windy, and this is how to play
Bunco. Bunco is played in large groups of four, divisible by four. Everyone is separated
into tables, four at each table, and the people who are facing each other are considered a
team. But at the end of each round, the teams are switched up according to the points that
were taken. So, there are six rounds in a game of Bunco. Round one, you roll the dice,
you have three dice, each person has three dice, so the first person on the table rolls
their dice and they try to get as many ones as possible because this is round one. For
each of the correct number that you roll, you get one point. So this roll here, which
is two ones and a six. It would get one two points. If I rolled three of a kind, that
would be a twenty one. Which is the highest score. This is called a Bunco when you roll
a three of a kind on the correct round. If you roll three of a kind such as fives, but
you’re not on the fifth round, it’s incorrect for the round, you still get five points for
any triplet that is correct for the round. So, it’s very simple. Someone keeps score.
And you can keep going. You keep going until you’re not able to score points anymore, such
as this roll here, which is not triplets, and it’s not ones. You keep going until you
can’t score points anymore, or until you get twenty one either by adding it up or by rolling
a Bunco. Then the play passes to the left of the person still in round one, rolls for
their ones, and it continues. When all four people have played, at the head table, who
sets the pace for the game, then they go to round two and shout it out, and you should
shout out Bunco when you get it because it’s part of the point. Playing the game. So round
two, everyone rolls, and they try to get twos, threes, and so forth all the way up to six.
That’s one hand of Bunco. Then everyone compares their score and the people with the highest
scores go up to the high table. Then people with lower scores go down. Scores are kept
by team, which is the person facing you, and individual for how many Buncos that you win.
And they are assigned a point value at the end of the game determined before the game,
whoever gets the most points are often given a door prize. The actual point of Bunco is
to play a game and socialize a lot. People often gather and dress up in costumes, or
have a theme party. Bunco is purely the luck of the dice. It’s not like Yahtzee, where
you get to decide if you’re going to re roll a die or something. So, there’s no skill involved
in Bunco. The real point is to get together with your friends. And that’s how to play

  1. THANK YOU!!!!
    I just got married and came into this country, Im trying to meet people, make friends and someone invited me to join the "bunko club" but this game was unknown to me, and thanks to YOU I will not be there with a "?" on my mind 😛

  2. wow you got married congrats! Thanks for this video. my mom used to be in a bunco club and forgot some rules in it and she wanted to play it again and i found this and she is so happy that she knows how to play again

  3. The plush die is used when someone scores a BUNCO. They hold onto the die until the next person scores a BUNCO. At the end of the night a prize is usually awarded to the person who is holding the cute fuzzy plush dice thing… Well that is how we play. Some people use a Hat , Tiara, Boa, or necklace in place of the plush die.

  4. Absolutely mindless "game". The housewife's drinking game. When all of the lushes gather and pretend that they're actually skilled at this.

  5. and now I know why I avoided all the invites to play this… (get a less excited demonstrator next time, wow, this chick is on fire!) (sarcasm)…

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