Hello I’m Windy St. George and this is how
to play Ouija. Ouija is a two set piece. There is a board, a witch board or talking board
and then there is the flying planchette or widget. You read it through the window and
not at the points and it is placed to the left of the player on a small table between
all the players. You can fit three, four, maybe five people at a time and everyone else
would have to watch. It would be helpful to have a secretary that is not on the board
to write down the responses that are coming up. Now you play you it that each player puts
two fingers lightly, very lightly on the playing piece and then you close your eyes and concentrate.
You should have the lights out and eventually it will start moving. Sometimes you have to
wait. It will move around the letters or numbers and settle and start to spell something out.
There is also yes and no available. So you ask more typically you ask it a question such
as are there any spirits here tonight and then it will slowly start to answer you. Yes
or no. You can ask questions that will either say yes or no or spell things out or use numbers.
If you offend the spirit they have the option of saying goodbye and that’s how you play

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