Board Games & Card Games : How to Play a Ouija Board

Hello I’m Windy St. George and this is how
to play Ouija. Ouija is a two set piece. There is a board, a witch board or talking board
and then there is the flying planchette or widget. You read it through the window and
not at the points and it is placed to the left of the player on a small table between
all the players. You can fit three, four, maybe five people at a time and everyone else
would have to watch. It would be helpful to have a secretary that is not on the board
to write down the responses that are coming up. Now you play you it that each player puts
two fingers lightly, very lightly on the playing piece and then you close your eyes and concentrate.
You should have the lights out and eventually it will start moving. Sometimes you have to
wait. It will move around the letters or numbers and settle and start to spell something out.
There is also yes and no available. So you ask more typically you ask it a question such
as are there any spirits here tonight and then it will slowly start to answer you. Yes
or no. You can ask questions that will either say yes or no or spell things out or use numbers.
If you offend the spirit they have the option of saying goodbye and that’s how you play

  1. It's not a dangerous game. You will enjoy playing the Ouija Board game. Nothing bad will happen like getting possessed. You will have fun with your friends or by yourself playing it. Give it a go!!!

  2. @JackHtheassasin
    No it's not, if it was, then they would not sell it in stores. I have one. Just got I haven't yet used it. Though they are very dangerous. Once used. You can't get rid of it EVER! NEVER throw it away nor Burn it, which can lead bad spirits to our Time. You can sell it or just give it away. But never dispose of it. Very DANGEROUS!

  3. aree you fucking seriousss?!?!? hahahahwhehawhahwhah i cant believe expertvilleage actually has a how to on this hahahXD

  4. @hizoa Ok first of all, i been playing the Ouija board for 3 years now and never had any problems with spirits coming into your house or demons.

    You have to RESPECT the Ouija board. Don't laugh, talk, etc. Just ask it some questions respectfully. And you have to say GOODBYE, or else the spirit will not leave your home… It's OK using this, as long as you treat it with RESPECT and be real careful.


  5. @NatalieAutumn97 get some holy water, a nuetralizing cloth, and a shovel and youll be fine…. as long as you bless it correctly…..

  6. @YoungMoney835 I have the exact same board of the video, and it has never worked, do you have to say something to "initiate" the session or something?

  7. I played this game once, let me tell you my experience.

    Me playing Ouija Board
    Me: Are you gay?
    Ghost: No.
    Me: Does your mama know you're gay?
    Ghost: goodbye.

  8. Why do you meddle with the paranormal? With such a childish fear and curiosity….Do you think any good is going to come out of it? The answer is NO.
    And yet u treat it as a game.
    ………You are a fool!

  9. aren't you moving it? also how do you know what letters it spells out if it just randomly rolls across the board.

  10. come on americans! you are very stupid! this is very very dangerous..this isnt a game..and though…you sell it as a game!!!

  11. @kiddiva87 YES….trust me….ive been there! here in europe…this isnt used as a game!
    and after you use it you burn it! and i suggest doing it at someone else's house…cuz these bad spirits chase you!

  12. @coolHalo2Glitches no dude the spirits move it, that shit is real bro, i tryed when i was 12 and had a really bad experiance…..i asked it if it was from the sun or the moon….which means (sun=good spirit and moon=bad spirit) and it moved to the moon and i asked what it wanted and it said life…idk what it ment, but after that the lights started to flicker….the ouija board is nothing to fuck aroud with, U ARE OPENING A PORTAL TO THE DEVIL, and if u dont close it properly the portal will sta

  13. @coolHalo2Glitches y open and that maked it so the spirts can come out freely and haunt u, thats what happend to me, i still have fucked up dreams of the devil, and i hear shit when im sleeping…and one time i woke up at like 3 am and looked at my door but my vision was blury and i saw a four armed figure standing there watching me and i blinked and it was gone, DONT FUCK WITH THE OUIJA BOARD, if i was u i wouldent play with it.

  14. wow this is horrible.. theres so much more to playing the ouija can be very dangerous..i am a witch so i cast a circle which is creating a sacred space to invite only positive spirits.. i cleanse my space and all.. and also consecrate the board and smudge it with sage and surround it with crystals such as crystal quarts, amethyst, and rose quarts… but even still its not 100% safe but its as safe as its going to get.. once you open the door its hard to close..playwisley think b4 u ask

  15. I made my own and decorated it with bleeding roses and stuff and when me and my friend played I asked "Did my cousin really ask you a question and get a correct answer?" and it went to the YES!!! OMG!!! we were SO freaked

  16. *Cough Cough BULLSHIT GAME Cough Cough ONLY IDIOTS PLAY OR BELIEVE IN THIS Cough Cough* i gotta go to the doctor for this cough

  17. You guys are idiots, im Satanic and i wouldnt dare play this game, assholes.THIS IS NOT A FUCKING GAME. dammit its not any board game you can play any day its an evil diabolical game which has a 60 percent chance of one of you getting possessd . fuck dont wanna be cursed for the rest of your life? dont play it

  18. You say you're satanic? What does it feel to be part amorphous mass of stupid people? Btw I'm atheist and I don't believe in such things. Good Bye.

  19. This is NOT  a board game,This can be very dangerous because you don't know what spirit you are talking to .sos

  20. The oujia is not a board game -.- you do not play ouija. The oujia is a legit way to communicate with the spirits. And not a board to enjoy playing with.

  21. Don't ever play this, it's real. Don't play this especially if you're atheist cas you're weak and will get effected by this

  22. Can called outer for and found it and my city's am form a.b.u dhabi lifestyle need get for lost some need to found a the magic of your order

  23. a spirit can't move a planchet only the person but if you use a Spirit Box it will help you communicate with the dead that's what I use I got that Little Emf spirit Box that thing that lights up when you answer questions and it's not fake u can really get voices from this if you have ghost hunting equipment some of ya people don't no what u talking about saying it's fake

  24. Anyway I saw a vidio in u tube also and there was a ghost I don't know what was going on but who was the person that invented this game

  25. Karen I tried your two finger method, I am not pleased. Me and special friend do not approve of this method. Karen you pushed it. YOU PUSHED IT KAREN! The demons won’t even talk to the dogs. Why Karen, why are so meen?! Skgjtngislsbsknd!!!!!

  26. Yes but do wigi game bords really work?. I mean if there is no such thing as ghost's. Then we'll how can It be real.

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