– Ugh. I really didn’t feel like
making this video today. I’m very reluctant in doing so but I just wanted to sort
of set the record straight with what’s going on with this whole Memento Mori story. First and foremost I’ll give you the back story. This is what we’re talking about today. These cards here. So, to take you back. I was hired by Murphy’s
Magic a few years ago because they saw me on social media. They saw I was doing well and they sort of believed that I would be able to help the company out with their social media
and product development. It was my first time
working for a magic company and so I’m still to this day super thankful I got to work with them and some of the great people that work at Murphy’s, or worked. Now after a year of working there put out Red Pill which was a big hit which was a nice success
and a really, you know a meaningful project to myself. I started asking myself what would be the next step for me as an individual, as a brand? That came naturally that I
would create a deck of cards. And so I talked to the people at Murphy’s and I said I would love
to create a deck of cards for the company with my
brand attached to it. They agreed and paid my salary and basically the contracts
are with magic companies no matter what you create,
this is for the most part no matter what you create they keep 100%. It’s all theirs, their idea. They own the rights to it right? Which is super cool with me. I understand that, I mean super cool. I mean, I wouldn’t do it again but for where I was at the time I completely understood it and I agreed with it. So that’s cool, no issue there. So I approached them and
said I want to design a deck of cards around my
brand, around my vision and sort of my artistic direction and have something that represented me that I could be really proud of that I would work really hard on creating. And they gave me the leverage. They gave me the open door. So I met a designer by the
name of Adrian Vansuella. Adrian, who’s designed
a few decks in the past. Adrian came to me with an idea for a design, a very small idea that he had for, all he had shown me was like this fractal
sort of low poly design. I immediately loved it because that was sort of the direction I wanted to go towards. So I said, “Yes, let’s
please work together.” So over the course of, I
would say three to six months Adrian and myself went back and forth excluding everybody at Murphy’s. This is just Adrian and myself. I’m no good with Illustrator or any of those programs really. So I needed somebody
who could take my vision and put it in digital form. So I told him I wanted to have a deck that was called Memento Mori because I really loved the concept of the idea behind Memento Mori. So I said I wanted a skull. The skull is actually my skull. It’s actually my face. So he took my face, took a picture of it broke it down into low poly and made a skull out of
it alright first of all. Which I was super impressed with. We went back and forth
on how many polygons were in this thing and we got it to the perfect amount where it didn’t look too cluttered and it wasn’t too simple. Next came the colors. Started playing around with colors. Probably went back and forth
about on 12 different designs where the colors would finally be where we wanted them to be. Which is a perfect gradient
of that like, yellow to blue to green to pink to purple. We went back and forth on each quadrant. So you know, this one
needs to be this color. This one needs to be. And the size of it, and the
shape of it and everything. Once we were happy with that we knew that we had some
back bone for the design. I told him I wanted it to wrap around the tuck case and be embossed and nothing else on that tuck case. This is just really
beautiful picture in my mind and he ended up creating that which I was super happy with. So now we had the tuck design. We didn’t even have the back design yet or the faces or the pips or the anything. We then started looking at back design. This is probably the hardest thing to do because we went back, ugh. So many times to the drawing board like, we had the whole
back design in fractals with two skulls. We had a big skull, one big skull that could be flipped upside down. So many different designs until I told him, well
it would be interesting if we just had them kind
of, because I wanted. Inspiration came from that tuck case. I really liked the tuck case and I said, how can we
make the cards look as good as the tuck case? That was my biggest problem. And I didn’t want people,
because I loved the tuck case. I didn’t want people
to open it and be like oh, well you know. Finding that perfect balance,
was believe it or not really difficult and tedious. And I ended up putting on a drawing the two skulls there and I said, “Can you do this?” And he did it and we went
back and forth on the sizes and the orientation. And then I said, you know could we fade out the borders? So the borders went like,
they faded into nothing which has never been done before which gave it a really nice look. After that, we hit the face
cards, the court cards. We went back and forth on each court card. I must have sent back to Illustrator you know, at least two or three
times for each court card. I’d be like no, there’s too many or it’s too busy, his face looks weird. Then we went on the colors. Then we did the ace, which was dope. And then we did the jokers which are actually my logo in a low poly design. And then after that, we did… I did an ad card which I wrote and it basically explains my inspiration for this desk on that ad card. And at the end, it goes into “This deck is my Memento
Mori, Chris Ramsay.” I put a lot into this deck and I don’t care what Murphy’s says. If they deny that, they
can do whatever they want. I don’t give a crap at this point. I know how much, how many
nights I stayed up with Adrian working on this and I’m a perfectionist. You can’t tell by a lot
of the content I put out or anything I do, I really want it to be at the peak of my vision. I want it to be perfect and so I’m a bit of a perfectionist. And sometimes that makes me
a bit annoying to work with because I really want
something to come out. So that being said, I
was really proud of that am still am today actually. Still very proud of this deck. And I fully support anything
with my name attached to it or brand attached to it. I fully support it. However, now the Blue
Memento Mori came out. And here’s the thing. Some people asked me,
well it’s their right. They can make it like blue monarchs and red monarchs and blue rounders and red rounders. The deck that I created
for Murphy’s and myself was not a deck, was not
like the purple edition. It was a multitude of different colors put together to create
this beautiful design. So if I had made a red Memento Mori deck by all means, make a
blue one or a green one. But you guys completely
missed the ball on that one. And that’s kinda what pisses me off. Is that all you’re really thinking about is well, let’s sell some more decks and just change the color. Everybody else does
it, why can’t we do it? You guys know, do you guys
remember Daniel Madison when he put out The
Players with Theory 11? Really cool deck. And then he left Theory 11
and went to Ellusionist. How weird would it be if Theory 11 two years later put out The Blue Players? That’s kind of a weird situation to put someone in. And it kinda feels like you’re riding off their success. Now, I’m not here to inflate my ego but let’s be honest, I bought The Players because they were associated
with Daniel Madison. Much like many people bought Memento Mori because they were associated with my brand and my vision. Not gonna say all of them did but a big part of it did. I teased that deck for one full year before releasing it. And then, I created a trailer and I’m not gonna play
the trailer right now. If you want to see it,
I’ll leave the link below. But basically they copied the trailer. Tried to copy the trailer shot for shot which also bugs me because I wrote that trailer. I story-boarded every single shot. I rented the studio, everything. Obviously Murphy’s paid
for all of this okay. Which is super cool but the idea and the vision of it and the script and every single shot I knew going into that, exact. I had it all written
down on a piece of paper. This is what we’re gonna shoot today. Here’s how we’re gonna shoot it. Bam, bam, bam, bam, got all the shots. It was perfect. Editing, the sound, the music. Everything we used was exactly
what I wanted it to be. Including the teasers and everything. And then they go and make a mock trailer. A trailer that sort of looks like mine but not really and didn’t put any thought into it. It’s literally, let’s copy what Chris did because he did a good thing. And let’s just take his name off it and do the same thing. And again, you’re legally
entitled to do that. And that’s not my problem,
I don’t care about that. I’m not sour about money alright? I’m not sour about taking
my name off the cards or any of that, I don’t care. There are people who
support me in this community and they buy the things
that I put out to support me thinking it supports me. And I’m gonna tell you right now. All the decks that I’ve
created with these companies I don’t get paid for. I got paid while I
worked there as a salary but that was sort of my contribution to sort of justify the salary that they were paying me. Which is super cool. Creating this other version and first of all, this
version, this blue version is complete. Here’s what really, what
really grinds my gears. This version was not thought of. It wasn’t even like,
they didn’t even think. There’s no originality
or creativity in this. Complete lack of anything intellectual. Anything artistic. My friend Fabian put up
this quick little video to show you how easy it would have been to change the Memento Mori design into this design. So check this out. (Fabian humming and whistling) – [Fabian] Colorized. Oh hey. Oh! – So that basically is what they did. Probably exactly what they did because not only did they
do that to the back design they did it to every face card. So every card in the
deck is the same blue. There’s no, at least the Memento Mori there was like a pink and
purple hue difference. Everything is the same now. Like it or not, this deck
is associated with my brand and Murphy’s knows that very well. And they can try to deny it and be like, “Chris this isn’t about you. “Not everything’s about you.” You know, they even went on social media. Titanus, who works for the company and called me a whiny magician. Well funny time we live
in when a whiny magician has more reach than a magic company. I will constantly push that deck. Even though it brings me
absolutely no financial gain or anything else I worked hard on that and so I’m really proud of it. So I’m happy to share it and always have. It pops up in my videos in my pictures. And by putting this new deck
out, people are confused. Before they were even released like when they were talking
about releasing them I got 30 messages. And then when they were released,
I got hundreds of messages by people saying, “Chris
I love your new deck. “I’m gonna buy it to support you.” You see the problem here? You’re taking advantage of people and you’re lying to them. Alright so again I’m not, you can sell two million Memento Mori decks and I’ll be super happy for the company and I’ll be happy. I’m really sort of grateful
that you gave me the opportunity to do that. But this is a different thing. This is like taking someone’s vision bastardizing it, banalizing it and putting it into something super ugly and unattractive. And completely negating all
the work I put into that. All the work I put in while
I was working for you. So they’re trying to sell and I get that. It’s a business, you
gotta keep the lights on. I understand. All that I would have wanted is like, “Hey Chris. “We’re thinking of putting
out a V2 Memento Mori. “We know that the first
one has your name on it. “We’re gonna take your name off it. “We’re gonna change the
design around a little bit. “I hope you’re okay with that.” Right? Because we were
always on good terms. Why wouldn’t they do that? And I’m sure the conversation came up when they were like, should we ask Chris? And then they ignored it and that’s kind of a shit head move. Because I, knowing me
and I’ve worked with them I would have 100% been like “Yeah, totally. Not a problem at all.” You know, let me let people know and if you would, I would love to help it because it does kind of,
it is attached to my brand. So I would love to maybe steer
it in the right direction to where it doesn’t make my brand look like a piece of shit. But I didn’t get that courtesy call. Again legally, they’re allowed to do anything they want. But ethically and morally and there’s just no business acumen there. There’s no strategy. There’s no nothing. All they did was womp, drag it to blue. Let’s sell a bunch because the other ones are selling really well. Chris won’t mind or if he does, who cares. We’re legally allowed to. You know what I mean? I’m disappointed in the company that I worked for. That I feel I gave a lot to and just the courtesy of “Hey Chris, do you want
to work on this with us?” You know, I would have
done it all for free. I would have helped you
guys out for free, 100%. I don’t even care about the money. I don’t care about the money. I think you guys get it. I mean, I’m not here just to diss Murphy’s Magic. They’re a fine company, whatever. They’re doing their thing. I don’t care. I don’t care about other magic companies. I don’t care. I got my own things to worry about. My own life to worry about. My own projects to worry about. But what I do care is when you involve something that I’ve worked on, my brand if you take that and change it to something terrible. You put this trailer out and you’re seeing a lot
of the negative reactions. You’re seeing a lot of the people who are like, “What the hell is this?” And I’m getting messages from people saying, “Chris really? Did you do this? “These are ugly.” So I don’t care. Buy Memento Mori first edition. Buy The Knights. But the Blue Memento Mori. You guys can buy whatever you like and please do. If you like the deck, buy it by all means. But don’t buy it thinking it supports me. I don’t want to lie to you. Like, don’t buy that. If you want to support
me, watch this video. You know, watch the videos I put up. That’s supporting me, that’s good enough. Thank you so much for that. Obviously you guys are riding off of the success of the first
deck to print the second one. Obviously. And obviously the first
desk is attached to my name. I’m over it. Like after this video this is the last I’ll speak of it. I don’t want to send out bad vibes into the magic community. I don’t want people to think
I’m super angry at this because I’m, after this video is uploaded I’ll be over it. I just wanted to kinda put in my two cents and let you guys know what the full story was. How much I worked on the first edition. How much I still support it today and I still support everything
in the magic community that has my name on it. If you’re gonna take something
that has my name on it change it around, and pretend
I had nothing to do with it I’m gonna call you,
I’m gonna call you out. And I’m gonna call you a dick. Alright. So dick move Murphy’s. But other than that, life is good. So guys, that’s all I’m gonna say today. Thanks so much for watching. Sorry for sounding so complainy. Oh and one last thing. My first desk of playing cards. My very first proper
deck of playing cards. The deck that I have full control over that I have the rights to that I’ve cultivated into what it is will be available shortly. I’m very, very proud of this. I’m proud of all my decks honestly but this one because sort of I’ve left everything
to do this Youtube thing. And to be a full time
magician and all that. Kind of like, you know symbolically it is my emancipation and the proof of hey I did it, I made it, this is me. This is all me. I’m very happy about that. When that drops, if you
guys want to buy that to support me, that will
definitely support me. But most importantly buy
it if you think it’s nice. So the design is basically finalized. It’s all finished. I’m sending it off to get a prototype. Once I get a prototype I’m gonna rent a studio, film the trailer. And do all that. I’m not gonna go to kick starter with it. Don’t want to deal with kick starter. I kinda want to keep them out of the loop and just do it myself
with the Youtube fam. So anyways, these are all
things that are up in the air but the deck design is
pretty much finished and I can’t wait to show that to you. I can’t show it to you now because I like photography so I’m gonna take a really
sick picture of the deck and put it out there for you guys to see. And work really hard on the trailer and yeah. Stay tuned for the next video and we’ll see you soon. Alright, peace out. (mellow music)

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