BlackVue Power Magic Ultra Battery & Expansion Promo Video

Introducing Power Magic Ultra Battery, the high-capacity battery for
BlackVue dashcam Parking Mode. Fast-charging.
Expandable. Power Magic Ultra Battery recharges quickly and lets you enjoy Parking Mode protection
for extended periods of time. Equipped with Bluetooth the Ultra Battery lets you check charging time and remaining power with the free BlackVue Battery app. Need more power?
The Power Magic Expansion Battery doubles your capacity Need EVEN MORE power? You can daisy-chain as many
Expansion Batteries as you want. BlackVue Power Magic Ultra Battery For extended Parking Mode.

  1. @BlackVue Does this battery pack come with over-discharge protection? Because AFAIK the LFP batteries can be damaged once discharged below 2.5 V for a single cell. So in case I have only 30% charge in Power Magic Ultra Battery, and I know it won't last for a long period of parking, shall I turn off the battery or it will protect itself from over discharge?

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