Blackjack Mistakes to Avoid | Gambling Tips

Hey guys. I wanted to go into some mistakes to avoid
at the Blackjack table. There are a few. It’s not as daunting as you may think it is. It’s not really a whole lot of things that
you need to avoid, but I just wanted to touch up on the basic ones. Here we’ve got a wide set of circumstances
where a lot of people will do the wrong thing. In the case here, it’s a player here with
a 15. One of the big mistakes that players will
get a little too passive with their hands. 14s, 15s, 16s. Even when the dealer is, it doesn’t matter
what the dealer’s showing, they’re just afraid that they’re going to bust, so they’re not
even going to bother. And that’s not really a good way that you’d
want to play, because, generally, with the dealer showing a card like, say, this 9, he’s
going to make a hand more often than he’s not going to make a hand, so by just deciding,
I’m not going to hit my 15, in the long run, you’re going to end up costing yourself a
lot of money. In the case here, he hit, but he ends up over
21. But at least he gave himself a shot against
the 9, as opposed to just being a sitting duck with a 15. A lot of times another thing players will
do, too, is they’ll be a little too aggressive with their hand. Where a player will have a soft 14, versus
a 9, and he’ll do something like he’ll just want to double down on it. He just wants to get more money out. Which, that never works out very well, because
any hand where you can’t make at least a 20, it’s generally not a hand you’re going to
want to double down on. True, he can make a 6 or a 7 with the 3, but
if he misses, which, most of the time, he will; like, now, he’s got a 12. He’s stuck with a 12, nothing you can do about
it, and he’s got 400 out, versus a 9. Another thing that people want to do, and
this falls under the category of aggressive, is do moves like splitting 10s. Where, everybody at the table probably winces
as you do it, you split these 10s, now you’re looking for two 10s or better. Now you’ve got a 15, and then you elect to
hit the 15. He lucks out with a 20, but then this hand
here, he’s got 18. He’s behind. So if the dealer ends up making a hand, then
he will more than likely just push, as opposed to if he would have won straight out with
a 20. Another thing that falls under aggressive
plays would be splitting too often. So a lot of times people will want to split
a pair of 7s because they want to get more money out, just for whatever reason. So now, you’ve got one hand that was okay,
the 14, but now instead, now you’ve got a hand where you turned your marginal hand,
now you’ve got two of them that you’re stuck with. So, if he decides he wants to hit the 16,
now he busts, now he’s got a 17 that he’s stuck with. What’s going to happen now, he’s hoping he
had a 19, he did, and he’s got a 14, dealer draws to a 20. So now he just lost two bets by splitting
his 7s. And he loses his bet, and then you’ve got
the guy who decided to split his 10s, he loses one of them, he pushes one. He could have just stayed and whatever would
have happened with the cards would have happened with the cards. But instead, now he loses money, and the guy
who was aggressive with his soft 14, he ended up with this hard 12, he ends up losing as
well. So, these are a lot of mistakes that a lot
of players make that I like to try to help you guys avoid, because mistakes like that
cost you money, and then it swings the odds even further in the house’s favor.

  1. i got pretty lucky myself at the BJ tables a couple weeks ago (I always play basic strategy mid to high stakes) I was down close to 8K and i had 2000 left of my bankroll I ended up bouncing back and not only winning my money back but left up 22K from a lucky side bet that paid 200 to 1 I was in total shock and disbelief and so the very next day I deposited all my profit into my savings account where it will stay as I am investing towards my future. 🙂 thanks guys hope this put a smile on your face the same way it did for me and remember, only gamble what you are willing to lose because when you start borrowing, stealing, or doing other sinister things to obtain funds to gamble you may have a problem, otherwise sit back, and just have fun! bye now.

  2. You hit a 9 on that last hand which means if you didnt split those 7s you would hit 23 and lost that bet anyway. BJ will always still be a game of luck (i.e. probabilities) even with basic strategy (which is all you explained here) and even card counting. It's easier to make a video that says "go online and memorize a basic strategy card that says …when you have a pair of 7s, you hit when dealer has upcard from 8 to A, split otherwise."

  3. There are only 2 ways to win and 2 ways to lose.
    To win
    1, you have better card
    2, dealer bust.
    To lose
    1, you bust
    2, dealer has better hand.
    You can eliminate one way to lose, DON'T BUST!
    So, why hit when dealer is showing 6 or less?
    YOU DON'T HIT to avoid busting.
    Always assume unknown dealer card as a "10".
    Ah, better yet, you don't bet, you NEVER LOSE!

  4. So I was watching a tutorial and a guy suggested that… If a player decides to NEVER hit and risk busting his/her hand that- mathematically, he or she increases their chances of winning and decreases the chance of a dealer winning. His theory was- by eliminating the chance of busting your own cards (which is the only aspect of the game that you can control), the dealer now has to beat you every hand, as oppose to you busting and beating yourself. He believes that the concept of basic strategy is more in favor of the dealer than it is for the player. How much do you agree with this theory?

  5. I was watching this video on my phone while, you know, walking around, then I, you know, fell down the stairs.

  6. I disagree at the beginning about hitting on 15. Cause I always feel like this especially when I'm the anchor why take a possible bust instead let the dealer take the bus card if he/she have under number 17. I did it quite a half dozens of times & 6/10 my odds be correct then the times I do hit 15 & say I'm gonna bust I miss that opportunity by taking a hit & I bust & the dealer would have under 17 & I be piss with myself. Sometimes I even hit on hard 17 & 7/10 I get a 3 or a 4. I don't always hit on 17 I go by following the shoe. With all those high cards & right here & only if it was more high cards then low from previous hand I'll hit on 17. I play different then the traditional book. Like 1 time I had 14 & dealer was showing a 5 I took the hit & got a 3 & the dealer flip over a queen of hearts & bust. But if I do see a series of patterned of the dealer winning I won't add no hands I'll twist the odds by splitting 20 or any other cards over the repeating face value I see like 3-6 hands in a row.

  7. How come you don’t speak like black dude you sound like white dude do you do it in purpose or can black dudes speak like you if they want?

  8. Nice video. You can practice card counting with this great blackjack game for all devices:

  9. If you don’t know basic strategy then you really shouldn’t sit down to a blackjack table. You might as well just hand over all your money directly to the casino cashier. At least you’ll save time.

  10. 2:22
    I thought splits only applies to *pairs*. A Queen and 10 may share the same *value*, but are not the same *cards*.

  11. Good video, you know. I like your videos, hope will be more because your lessons are useful for every level players. Thanks a lot.

  12. Hello again, I want share with you my team new production- a video for beginners about main BJ rules. please, check it out & let me know what do you think about it, because we would like to continue this project, but first we interesting on BJ profesional player opinions. Thanks

  13. It's all pure luck. Doesn't really matter how you play. If you have a lot of disposable income then double and split all day long lol.

  14. Though I haven't ever done it yet (and I would do it only if I was playing alone), with counting cards and the count high..I think I might start splitting my tens. 🙂

  15. I'm brand new to blackjack but really enjoying it so far. I thought there was a basic strategy that is always the best course of action. Is that what you're talking about here, or is this something different?

  16. blackjacks isn't all that easy for the dealer…honestly..I worked in the casino…I had trouble especially when it was 30 degrees in the casino, and I could barely breathe…let along having to calculate so many numbers in moisture and flies everywhere around. One player was super mean, she was like, "its 15" when I had trouble identifying what the addition were.

    I mean like…that player she just had to calculate HER HAND, while I had to REMEMBER and calculate everyone's hand and mines.

    Some people are just so rude and ignorant.

  17. He is telling us what not to do but not telling us what to do.

    Besides this game is all 95% luck of the draw.

    You really want to win at blackjack count cards…

  18. 00:45 – actually, it does matter what the dealer is showing when you are stuck with a hard 14, 15, or 16.

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  20. Its better to let the dealer bust vs you busting because the dealer usually have higher chance of busting vs not busting since he has to be at least 17. . I wouldn't recommend it in every hand though. .u should go with your feeling sometimes and take a card

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  23. Lol y’all, I lost count of the “ya knows” after around 35. Good video. I was just trying to figure out why it seemed like he was talking too much…..ya know

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