You know today I am known, although I wouldn’t
say famous, but I am known on the internet as a poker player. In a past life, if you
will, when I was younger but still an adult, I played blackjack rather seriously. Now I
have to say I’m pretty happy that I got caught up in the poker boom because frankly, blackjack
was pretty taxing trying to play it on a profitable basis. But the good news is the correct play
for blackjack pretty much got hardwired into me. If you look at a strategy card that you
can buy in a gift shop in pretty much any casino you go to around the United States,
you can basically learn, memorize that strategy card, and you’ll be playing the best strategy,
basic strategy for blackjack, giving yourself the best opportunity to win. But the thing
to think about is if you do that, and if you follow the advice in these videos, you’re
giving yourself the best opportunity, but you’ll still be at a disadvantage in the long
run. So concentrate on learning blackjack to play for fun the next time you go on a
casino jaunt. Don’t think of it as a way to make money because frankly, it’s very hard
to be a winning blackjack player and it’s virtually impossible if all you’re doing is
playing basic strategy. Let’s play blackjack.

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