Between God & The Devil: Mexico’s Land of Sorcerers

  1. You can't serve God and Satan! You have too choose. These idiots have a ruuude awakening in store for them. And the narrator is bold for participating in that mess…smh.

  2. It's interesting how Reyes Montes believes that the grim reaper was once a woman because I've learned quite a bit about dark goddesses like Hecate, Morrigan, and Kali Ma.

  3. Which sucks because I'm really interested in this topicbut I just got off an 8-hour office shift and I'm not going to read for 30 minutes sorry even though I'm so interested

  4. She can’t take Jesus off the cross .. and bring him with her .. jesus is in heaven now .. Satan is powerless in front of him.. wired man

  5. The devil ain’t real even god isis t real, the devil can suck my balls he ain’t gonna do shit because he doesn’t exist he’s a bitch

  6. Ese chamaco lo cojieron de pendejo. Lo bañaron en alcohol. Lo rociaron con sangre cruda y se lo comio…y después le escupieron en la cara.. Y el bien feliz le pagó!


  8. I worship the Almighty all I have to to is to kneel down and Pray no hard work like this 😂😂😂😂😂devil is a liar

  9. May god bless all of them who worship Satan because they are blind in their spirit because they have been walking in darkness. Jeause is the true way, the Light and Life.

  10. Nah dude I'm mexican and I know not to mess with things like this because it's real and especially when he was talking about doing brujeria on someone para q les traiga mala suerta or la muerte like no like when he put the pictures in the bottle, made the vodoo doll out of wax. That's messes up because that can really affect someone. But he's right when he said that it goes right back to you, to the people who ask him 👀

  11. God, the one God (in my case Allah, subhanahu wa ta'ala), there is no other God but he, the living, the self-subsisting and eternal. There is no other that can intercede in his presence except as he permits it. We can only do our best to seek his guidance and assistance. Remember him daily in your prayers, ask his forgiveness for sins committed and for his guidance and clarity for the trials you must face alone, be grateful what you have and endeavor to not be frustrated for what you lack and do not take his name in vain out of anger or frustration. We are human and we can only do what best we can and this is enough for him. Whatever happens will be because God wills it and remember Allah knows best.

  12. ok but like someone has to say it…

    this literally isnt witchcraft, this is satanic magic. witches only work with the balance of nature in all magical means.

    yes, there are witches that do black magic, but its not normal for a witch to casually do dark magic.

  13. This is creepy and I watched that at 3. Am and I got a dream that I saw what satan looks like do watch this at 3 am because it will give u nightmares for a whole week

  14. Imagine telling someone how they should should live their life. We’re here for a good time, not for a long time aha

  15. I'm watching this because I sleep with my girl so, I have my protection next to me if something happens I will send her to turn the lights on😂😂😂😜

  16. With all these kind of demonic activities happening so openly and freely its no wonder why Mexico is overtaken by these evil spirits. The people are terrorized by the drug gangs and people in political positions are corrupt- Then Mexico having the honorary title of the most dangerous country in the world. These people need the Jesus Christ in order to be spiritually free.

  17. You guys should be scared of god not satan like he just says lies and lies plus if you choose that path well god created hell for punishment that dis obey him and never read his bible or worship him like demons are the one to tell you lies like pornography, money,cheating, and criminal activity also drugs and other gods and the only god is Christianity meaning it’s not religion it’s Relationship to him or not to the lies that tell you your nothing your a pice or trash like that’s lies but god he loves you only if you quit the sin that you’re doing and come back to him and change others and more and the reasoning why I came here to save all you that Jesus died for are sins

  18. Dumbass he didnt cleanse you , he conjured a DEMON onto you , but you already knew that because what they didnt show on camera was the rest of the ritual you took part in just the end when he said so it is forever . You went there to take the Oath of Baphomet and sell your soul

  19. Why do they go after satan for protection? The blood of Jesus is what we need for protection. If God is for us, then who can stand against us. Satan is the deceiver, master of lies, everything is just a lie. Just know that EVEN DEMONS REGRET OF FOLLOWING LUCIFER IN THE FIRST PLACE, bcz what happen to them now is more terrifying than any mind could ever imagine…

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