Betting Game | Card Games for Teaching English to Young Learners 16

Welcome to TenTen for kids again. We have another game today. Its name is betting game. Enjoy it. We play this game to practice new vocabulary items. Students may not know some of them. So, I will give the cards to the students. You will not see your cards, okay? Okay. You will not see. And, you will give a deal. Let’s say, I can say three of them. Okay? Okay. And, if you can say, you will go on playing the game. If you can’t, the other student will take all the cards. Okay? Okay. Let’s play it. Give the deal. I can say five items. Five items, okay. Watermelon, ice-cream, watermelon, rice, and, chicken. Chicken, okay. What is your deal? How many of them can you say? I can say six items. Six items, okay. Let’s try it. Okay. Ice-cream, cake, watermelon, rice, rice. Rice again. Cake. Okay. Six. Great. And, what is your deal? I can say three items. Three of them. Okay, let’s try it. Ice-cream, chicken, and.. I don’t remember. You don’t remember it, okay. They are all yours, okay? Go on. It is my turn. How many of them can? So, don’t forget cake, okay? I can say three items. Okay. Cake, ice-cream, chicken. Okay. I can say five items. Five. Watermelon, ice-cream, watermelon, rice, and chicken. Okay. The game goes on until a student finishes his or her cards. And the one who finishes it first is the winner.


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