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Hi Friends! Welcome to Bengali Tricks Today I am going to you show a nice magic I will be taking help from my mom and dad dad with camera and mom will be the person to whom I will be showing the magic trick(representing you) So Let’s start I have all the cards and I am shuffling them I will take any 21 cards counting to 21 I have taken 21 cards and again shuffling them Now my mom will choose one card and I will tell that card at the end of the trick Mom, please choose one card anyone you like show it to the camera you all can see it please keep it anywhere without showing me I don’t know what the card is but still I will tell it let’s shuffle First I will ask if the card is present or not within few groups of cards. I will do that thrice and finally I will figure out the card chosen I am separating all the cards into 3 groups Now I will ask if that card is in it or not? and my mom will reply accordingly Mom, is the card present in this group?? Mom is saying no is it here? Mom says no that means it is in the final group it’s in this final group and now I will repeat this process 3 times dividing again into groups mom, is it here?? mom says no is it here? mom says yes so no need of looking into the third group one more time dividing into three parts again mom, is it here? mom says no is it here? mom says yes done the process thrice now i will tell the card it is the card chosen Bye. Thank you for watching.


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