BEST GOLD PLAYING CARDS [8K] – Cardistry by Magic of Y

[Music] [Music] hello this is why and I am the creator of black gold why playing cards that you just seen on a trailer and I want to briefly just give you a history about this deck and this video so first the video we shot it on the red cinematic camera in the 8k so right now you see me in 4k that’s why there’s a lot of black space around the frame and right now we switch to my Canon camera that shoots 1080p which is full HD which is the most popular resolution right now so you see what is the biggest resolution difference and this cinematic camera that we shot the trailer with is pretty amazing and I really really enjoyed doing it and since we have a lot of black space right now around me I think it’s a good time to say about discards those playing cards were produced on a crowdfunding campaign and right now you’re gonna see the names of people that contributed to this crowdfunding campaign and without those people those playing cards wouldn’t be possible so thank you thank you very much it means the world to me for you to support me with all the nations with all the kind words with all the videos and photos that you do with your playing cards when you receive them I think we made history with those playing cards and I am thrilled to announce that we are going to do another deck really recent so stay tuned make sure to check out black gold why playing cards in the description below we have the link thank you very much for watching in 4k thank you very much for watching and thank you very much for watching this video because each other really soon and as always stay magical [Music]

  1. Ogólnie dzięki za podziękowania i jak dla mnie rozumiem przejście na angielski. Ale taka mała prośba, czy mógłbyś dodawać polskie napisy do twoich filmów aby się od nas nie odciąć na zawsze, proszę.

  2. Hello Y, nice video. All of your decks are beautiful. It's amazing to see you doing cardistry with one of your deck. Greetings! 😀 Good luck in next videos!

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