Best card trick ever

hey guys Vonbodan back going to do one
of the coolest card tricks you’ve ever seen this is the one that you’re going
to tell your grandkids about I don’t think there’s any magician who’s ever
done a card trick quite like this and because we’re doing new camera and
whatnot I figured decided to upgrade my production value by getting as an
assistant wave high assistant that’s right folks I couldn’t afford a complete
person so I only got a hand all right give me a hand I know it’s horrible joke but
what we’re going to do is we’re going to have my assistant here go ahead and
select any card out of the deck okay and go ahead and look at it and I’m
gonna look away and you show it to the camera make sure they could see it at
home done go ahead sit on top of the deck
okay so we’ll square that up in a minute you’re gonna get it right there where
you can see it most magicians would look at the cards or look at the backs or
whatever I don’t want to do that so I’m gonna do something that’s never been
heard of I’m going to take and blindfold myself with my socks but that’s not
gonna stay up there ah here we go okay I’ll just take my bra off here and
be able to blindfold myself better all right so we’re going to do is line
fold myself okay and because I don’t want to see going to take and can they
see that I’m totally blindfolded assistant so I’m totally blindfolded
could you square up the deck for me assistant and then put the deck in my
hands alright now I am going to find your card as soon as I get a vibe from
the card you touched for the first time assistant can you name your card out
loud am i showing it to the camera yes is it your card yes there you go folks
I have pulled off the most amazing card trick you have ever seen if you enjoyed
this stay tuned I’ve got many many more things to show you um hopefully none
that’s dealing with ladies lingerie and stuff so thank you very much and I will
see you on the next video bye

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