Best Card Magic, three cards. English sub tittle.

Hello guys this is rockers and today is going to show a coll magic trick of cards so you have to shuffle the cards deck shuffle it then you have to find out some cards we got 2 sorry you have to find out three cards of 2 we fond one of the 2 we need 2 more 2 guys we fond three of the 2 and we placed it at ground now we have deck in hand we will place one of the upper card of the deck at ground and next will be the viewer card then we will put on next of the deck cad now again we will place viewer card on it and viewers 2 is below my card we place onother card of the deck and again of viewer when we will pick three cards of the top, 1, 2, 3 watch this 2,2,2, so guys this was the trick if you like this so you can comment in comment box if you have any question so you can ask in the coment box if you not subscribe my channel yet so please subscribe it for more videos, dont forget to enable “Bell” button


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