Best budget card? GTX 1650 Super Review Unboxing Benchmarks| ENG SUBTITLES

hello and welcome to another video from ITGC Today we are going to reivew the 1650 super and in this review, how does it work well with games and its price worth , will test latest games will run in what resolution and at what framerate So let’s put it in the system and begin the Testing Before doing that, I would like to tell you something about the graphic card So friends, this card is priced at Rs14850/- This card launched today that is 22nd November 2019 you can see the technical specs on screen now I WANNA PLAY GAMES NOW!! yes we will play Lets check the performance now Lets see what all this box includes, we get a 3 years warranty 128 bit memory bus, gddr6, 4gb video ram It has a twin x2 cooler overclocked edition It supports turing architecture dx12 and ANSEL Which are all great technologies(I know nvidia didnt make dx12 oops) *has orgasm inside we find a brown box i really need to talk less during unboxing lol BOX with in a box BOXCEPTION!!! so many boxes lets take this out and see what is inside this inside we see a warranty disclaimer and and cd and power supply ratings basically this tells u need 400w to power this gpu and u need a 6pin connector lets get to the GPU And nothing of value was said πŸ™ ok we have the card i have it facing the wrong way nice TADA!!! on the back we have a display port hdmi2.0b and a DVI-D port if u are still rocking vga u can have issues with this gpu checking the build quality on the top u have a nice logo u have a 6pin power connector which was already mentioned in the manual fans are nice!! now lets check out this cards performance in some games the system we are using now has an i9 9900k 32gb ddr4 running at 3000mhz guys we are aware that no one will be using a 9900k with this gpu i know people will pair this with a i5 or ryzen 5 processor but we want to show u what the card can do when there is no cpu bottleneck present that is why we are using this system the first game we are testing is red dead redemption 2 *typo here the card has a 128 bit bus basically explaining the specs are better and by how much we have used the in game benchmark for our data u can get a goot 1080p 30 fps exp with this gpu if u want 60 fps u will need to tinker more with settings dont worry guys rdr 2 is a very demanding game.But there are tons of setting that will help us get 60 fps the next game on out list is NFS Heat run this on high to get a smooth 60 fps exp the next game on our list is GTA v i would suggest u dont play this game on ultra but use a mix of medium and high The next game is call of duty mw the game is pretty playable but the vram limit hits this gpu hard so make sure to reduce textures to normal the last game on our list is Star wars Jedi Fallen Order this is a single player story game so i benchmarked at the part where lot of stuff is happening just use DRS and u will get 60 fps with this game

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  2. Hi friends, make sure to like this video and make it reach 10,00 likes asap, if you found this video helpful and would want these kind of videos as soon as the graphic cards are released. It will help you in your pc build. Made this video as you all wanted to know what all parts you should go for making your pc in best possible way. And at 4:55 there is a correction, it is 128 bit bus not 192 bit bus. Thanks.

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  4. Mashallah kaira abhi se itni cute aur gaming me lag gyi hai aage Jake pubg ki queen banegi ek din tab pajeet Bhaiya and smiley di ki mehnat dikhegi Aj bhale hi 10k like na ho par usse kahi jyada achi khusi mil jati hai πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜„

  5. amazing informative video i think a lot about graphic now i am sure which type card i want to buy .. thanks for giving this information πŸ’ž. so i think you may be give more this type informative video i will waiting for and now a days all person go for stream so if you do how to stream smooth in pc its to informative for us β™₯️. cloune_studio

  6. Hello bhai
    Thank you so much bhai πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ’™ I was thinking to take graphic card so you have given me good knowledge about this graphic card . And create more videos on graphic card so we. All can get knowledge about it
    And bytheway thumbnail me Kiara bhout cute haiπŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ’™πŸ’™

  7. Mazaa agyaa. Ek no. Lagaa review. Fantastic, fabulous, jhakaas, ajb gzb mera toh game cover diya aapna. Haan lena chaunga lekin abhi dusra le liya 😟. Koi na lekin vedio mast lggi aapki

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