Basic Sleight of Hand Magic Tricks : How to Use a Wand for Magic Tricks

Okay, so this is another piece of sort of
magic technique that doesn’t just apply to cups and balls, but you see it used a lot
in cups and balls. It really goes well with the finger palm that I showed you. You’ll
see magicians doing cups and balls with a wand. This is just a wand that I’ve had for
a long time. It’s clear with some contact paper on it. Wands come in a lot of different
varieties. Wooden ones, metal ones, whatever. The idea and this dates back thousands of
years, is that if you’re holding a wand in your hand and you’re palming something with
the same hand, it makes the hand that’s palming something look a lot more natural because
it gives you a reason to have the hand be closed. If you’re a little unsure of yourself
when you’re doing something like a finger palm, you can hold a wand in your hand. For
instance, to do a French drop like this you can pick up a wand, give it a wave, and the
ball will go. It makes this hand look a lot more natural. Let me show you again. We do
our French drop, take the ball, take the wand, give it a little wave like that. You don’t
have to do an actual wand. Let’s say you were doing cup and balls at the office and you
were using plastic cups and tissue paper. You could take a pencil and do the same thing.
You could do your French drop. You could take a pencil; wave it over your hand like this.
Some people will even use something like a change purse as a wand. Let’s say you can
even use a cup as a wand if you wanted to. You don’t see that done too often, but you
could even take this and wave it over like that. The idea though is if you’re holding
something in your hand when you’re palming, it makes it look a little more natural. Study
and investigate some wand techniques and some wand ideas and it will help you with your
cups and balls magic.


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