Basic Rules for Poker Games : How to Play Screw Your Neighbor Poker

Another game popular amongst home games is
called screw your neighbor. In screw your neighbor, you’re basically just trying to
get the highest card that you can in round so you do not have to put into the pot. Let’s
look and see how this game is played out. If you’ll look at the board, each player has
three chips in front of them. And this is a predetermined amount that the players will
decide on. These players are playing for three dollars on this hand. In one round of the
hand, each player will receive one card face down. The ace being the absolutely lowest
card that you have, and the king being the highest. Now the king is also a stopper. The
way this hand starts is the player to the left of the dealer will look at their card.
They look at it, and they see that it’s an ace. They don’t want this card so they pass
to the player to their left and give them that card. Unless this card is a king, that
player has no option but to pass that card. So the player looks at it. It was a king.
He can actually flip that card up so we know this player; well these two players know that
he’s stuck with whatever he has. So once he has a king showing, this player will look
at their card. It was a five. He doesn’t want to play that card. So again, he passes to
his left, and unless this is a king, this player has to give that card up. It was a
two. This player was this player was the dealer. He got the five. If he wanted to he has the
option to take from the top of the deck. But since he knows that this player is stuck with
this two, he does not have to take one. All the cards are flipped over. The person with
the lowest card will have to put one chip into the pot. The cards are then scooped up,
re-dealt and another hand is played the exact same way. And until each player has all their
chips in the pot, leaving one player with at least one chip left, this is the player
who will rake the entire pot. And that’s how screw your neighbor is played.

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