Basic Rules for Poker Games : How to Play Pineapple Poker

Next is a game that you won’t see in very
many casinos. It’s called pineapple. It’s a variation of Hold’em and a lot of people
play it in their home games just because it’s a little bit more fun than Hold’em to play.
It’s dealt out similar to Hold’em except that each player will receive three down cards
and five cards will be dealt out to the board called the community cards, which each player
can use to play their hand. Let’s see how pineapple is dealt out. The dealer will deal
three cards face down to each player. Once these three cards are dealt to each player,
the player will look at their cards. Let’s pick up this hand here. This player has a
king, jack and a three. The player will then decide which card they want to discard. He’s
going to discard the three of hearts. Each player at the table will discard one card,
leaving them with two cards to play for their hand. This is where pineapple becomes exactly
like Hold’em. After this betting round here, the dealer will burn a card, deal three cards
to the board, called the flop. A betting round will follow with the player starting to the
left of the dealer. Once that betting round is over, the dealer burns a card, deals the
fourth card, called the turn, to the board. The betting round will follow and the dealer
will burn one last card and turn the last card to the board, called the river. In pineapple,
the best five-card hand wins, so the player with the best five cards from these seven
will win the hand, and that’s how pineapple is played.

  1. Seems like the type of game someone who doesn’t have the patience to learn holdem properly would invent, so they can play hands more often. In my opinion, the people that play this game, are calling stations.

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