Basic Mathematics & Algebra : Math Games for Middle School

Math games for middle school. Well, Math is
a hard subject and how do you, what kind of games can you make to make Math more interesting
to learn? Hi, I’m Jimmy and we’re here to discuss a few ideas on how you might want
to get started. Now, one kind of game you might want to consider is sorting games. Sorting
games really helps folks understand how to combine like terms, what you can combine,
what you can’t. I have in front of me here, three kinds of note cards. If you were to
scramble them, what you might get the students to do is again, put the color cards and, so
that they all match. For example, have the orange cards go with the orange, the green
go with the green and the pink go with the pink. Have them be careful of not to interchange
the different colors because the cards are not alike. That’s an example of using like
terms and having a game with it. Money games are specially effective because just about
everybody can relate to money. It’s a great tool for helping you determine addition, subtraction
as well as decimals because as you know, money, the dollar bills and the coins use a lot of
decimals. Arithmetic games. The ideas if you take some pieces of paper, cut them up, You
might have two groups of paper, each have from zero through nine representing the ten
digits, but have two stacks because you’re going to have a third stack with four pieces
of paper each involving an operation. One for addition, subtraction, multiplication
or division and then that way, you can get them a quick ideas as to how mix and match
and use the different operations. For example, 9 X 3 or 5-2, those are just some other examples.
And finally another quick suggestion is, if you know of a popular game show that a lot
of your students watch, you might want to use a game show to incorporate that into a
game like jeopardy, millionaire. So for example, if you want to use jeopardy, under a certain
category, you might have to say, the answer to 7 X 9 and the student might say, what is
sixty three. So it’s a good way to involve the students as much as they possibly can.
So I’m Jimmy and there are some ideas to incorporate games in middle school for Math.

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