Basic Magic Tricks : How to Perform the Key Card Trick

Hi, I’m magician Paul Weatherbee. Every magician
that you see always does a pick a card trick. Why should I be any different? The first thing
that you need for a pick a card trick is a deck of cards, and someone to pick it. If
you would sir, please pick a card, any card at all. Look at it; remember it. If you don’t
remember it, it’s going to be a lousy trick in a few minutes when I ask you what your
card was. Have you got your card memorized? I do. Very good, place your card face down
right there. We’ll put it into the deck. Would you like to cut the cards? You bet I do. Okay,
go ahead; cut the cards. We’ll complete the cut. Now I want you to draw a mental picture
of your card in your mind. I’ve got one card here. What was your card, by the way? Six
of hearts, and there it is, the six of hearts. Awesome! Well, I’m going to explain how this
trick is done, even though a magician should never tell his secrets. This uses the key
card principle. It’s a very easy to do card trick. The first thing that you have to do
is look at the card on the bottom of the deck and remember it. That will be your key card.
When somebody picks a card, they take it out and they look at it, and they remember it.
While they’re looking at it, cut the cards. Have them place their card on the top of the
deck. Put the key card on top of their card, then all you have to do is to fan out the
cards and look for the one that was on the bottom, and their card will be right next
to it; it will be right underneath it. Even if you have someone cut the deck, they’ll
still be together as long as the cut is completed. And that’s all there is to it. All you have
to do is practice and have fun. Until next time, keep the magic in your life.


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