Barry and Stuart- Automaton Performs Magic

Hello, my name is Montgomery. And I am pleased
to meet you. Here I have two writing tablets that I will
use to communicate with the spooks. May I be so bold as to ask for your name?
Jo That’s a very nice name, if you don’t mind
me saying so. Gaze upon the slates. Thank you for reaching out to me.

  1. Imagine for a second that it were real, that the victorian automaton had somehow come to life, but all it could ever do was sit there, watching people walk past it, and never escape its tiny box. Its a pretty sad thought, even if it is only a thought

  2. BAH!!! That was CREEPY… and kinda sad. That would be a cool thing to put in a horror movie. With a big imagination, somebody probably COULD turn the whole concept into a horror movie though. O_o

  3. We all know the hands are real but the point is how they got the girls name on that plate without any writing material. And the whole "help me" thing is that the Automaton is trapped inside the machine, he wants to be free.

  4. I noticed that the writing was a bit peculiar. And it looks like the wizard is covering a part of the letter "J". Maybe the writing fits a variety of names depending on how he holds the tablet and how he covers parts of it. But this doesn't explain it fully, I mean, what if she'd said her name was "Ezmeralda" or something, then my theory wouldn't work.

    Anyway, a classic trick in a nice new wrapping, like always with these fellows. Very entertaining.

  5. y does everyone call out that things are fake…of course it is, are they supposed to make a plastic face shed a real tear?

  6. gahhh dont u people get this was faked at the begining one of tablets u cant see at that angle and this was a film person who did thisthe two already met and told him her name and was alredy written down

  7. the end was creepy. not when he sadi her name but then when it said help me and it started cryiong then the eyes faded out. The armshands were real not fake so a human was the hands was the dummy! =]

  8. I have one of these in my city and I've always left it immediatly after it was done, I'm gonna stick around for a while after he's done…his name is Sir Gregorio by the way in case any of u are wondering.

  9. The whole video isn't meant to be taken literally, it's a contextual view of how ignorant and selfish people are when others are helpless.

  10. first time I didn't get what happen..but I watched this video many times and now i understand…What can I say?…WOW

  11. well the point is to scare you.u see a "magic" machine but in the end it suggests that he is someone alive there

  12. It's not "a" Montgomery, the name of the robot is Montgomery.

    This little film is symbolic about how people who are in need are often ignored by others. In this case, Montgomery is trapped inside the box, forever lonely and cursed. When he holds up the card that says "Help me", the woman (Jo) is no longer around to either see or help him escape. Thus, Montgomery cries.

  13. A somewhat creepy and a little disturbing video. Makes me wanna put in a quarter and chat with Monty for a while.

  14. this video and the photo magick videos are without a doubt the creepiest videos ive seen in you tube, and I am equally amazed on how great they are. Damn they are good!

  15. zomg. I thought I seen this and some other Barry and Stuart stuff before!
    I remember I was like 8 and I watched their show and I was scared sooooo much of this skit, the photo maniac dude and the backward speaking dude. I love when you remember shows you used to watch as a child.

  16. I was walking down the streets of Charleston and suddenly this video came to my mind. Why am I thinking of a 9 year old video? And why did it take me so long to find it? Why is this video so important to me? I'm so confused.

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