Authentic Cuban Mojo Pork Recipe – Jason Ganahl – GQue

– Hi Jason Ganahl, GQue Barbecue. Cuba and United States have
been in the news this week so I thought, hey, lets fire up the egg and make us a Cuban mojo pork shoulder. The pork will marinate overnight in a traditional mojo marinade
of Cuban ingredients like sour orange juice, garlic, lots of garlic, cumin and oregano. Then we’ll smoke it to perfection
over hickory and charcoal. So bust out your favorite cubano and let’s get cooking. (upbeat Cuban music) Alright the pork is done. Let’s give it a try. The pork is just the way I like it. It’s really tender but not mushy. I definitely taste a big
dose of garlic in there. The sour orange flavor comes
through both in the marinade and in that awesome
finishing sauce we just made. I don’t have a whole lot of
experience eating Cuban pork but I was just down in south
Florida a couple weeks ago and this pork was way better than the pork that I had down there. That mojo pork was awesome by itself but I think it would
go really, really good on a Cuban sandwich with
some ham and some mustard and some pickles and
some good Cuban bread. I also think it would go
awesome in some tacos. We’re going to have it
tonight all by itself with a little bit of beans and rice. This is also going to be my
last video before Christmas so I want to extend a very Merry Christmas to everyone out there
who celebrates Christmas. A happy Hanukkah to those
who celebrated Hanukkah and I hope your holiday is an awesome one. For those of you that don’t
celebrate the holidays, I’m hoping you have a above
average Thursday this week. If you like that mojo pork. If you thought it looked
good, give me a thumbs up. Please share the video. Take a look at some of my
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on any of my videos. Until next time. Jason Ganahl, GQue Barbeque. (child laughing) Alex, give me an action. – [Alex] Action. – If you like… (upbeat Cuban music)

  1. Great video Jason!! I like the bit with the cigar. LOL That Mojo marinade looked killer dude!! I bet that was some fine pork. Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!!

  2. Your Cuban Mojo Pork looks awesome Jason!  Loving that marinade.  Like you said, this would be great in tacos… yummy!  Loved the cigar scene and the ending, LOL.  Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year…

  3. Dude you did an awesome job on the video! i could picture the Cubano while you was describing it! Yum! Enjoy Cheers!!  Merry Christmas and best of luck this New Yrs!!

  4. Jason you had me laughing with the cigar my friend, but this pork recipe looks amazing and very tasty. Thank you for showing this awesome recipe to us. I really enjoy watching all of your videos.

  5. I love Cuban style smoked pork! That looked fantastic! Like it so much that I developed a rub that I use in addition to a mojo sauce. Great job!

  6. Wow Jason!  Your videos are looking top notch brother, and that was one fine recipe that I could hurt my self eating, because I would eat way to much!  I can see now that you are going to be a hit on YouTube!  I see a major shout out from me to you in the near future! Keep Q'ing brother!

  7. Hi I've just come from my friends recommendation Greg of Ballistic BBQ. Glad I did. That looks delicious. Look forward to more videos. Subbed

  8. Jason, I have been watching you for a while. I just subscribed. I like your energy and you definitely have skill. I also like that you had your kid involved (that is what sealed the deal for me) I am very family oriented. Great pork dish! I really enjoy Cuban sandwiches and you are correct; that would be killer on one! Great job!

  9. New subscriber via Greg @ Ballistic BBQ! Awesome cook Jason, a great spin for pork. Looking forward to more in 2015-Steven 

  10. Yum…that looks delicious! Do you ever compete at The world championship BBQ competition at Memphis in May? Thumbs up for a great cook!

  11. Man, you are good. I wish I would have seen this last night. I wasn't planning on cooking today, but I ended up doing a pork shoulder wrapped in banana leaves. Had I seen this I would have tried this. I am definitely doing this next time. Good to see Championship BBQ coming from Colorado…Represent

  12. Going to try this tomorrow. Any idea for a good sidedish that you can prepare in advance that goes well with this pork?

  13. The Orange, lime, Lemon mixture in the Mojo is a nice substitute for the sour Orange but if you can get your hands on some fresh sour Orange's you can tell the difference either way you did a great job

  14. Thanks Jason, You're recipe was delicious and the video for how to assemble a Cuban sandwich was vital. Couple questions. Was that Dijon or Yellow mustard? We tried it both ways and honestly thought Dijon was better. Couldn't find any Cuban bread so we made a loaf following a recipe from the internet. It was quite honestly alot like French bread. Crunchy on the outside, chewy on the inside. Is that how Cuban bread should be? Thanks again. You made for a spectacular weekend lunch.

  15. question on that pan what were u making and what was everything u were putting in it lol sorry for all the question

  16. I love mojo pork. My video recipe is somewhat similar to yours and cooked on a kamado too (Big Joe). I've even turned my neighbors into mojo pork fanatics after they've tried my version. Check it out on my channel.

  17. arroz con gandules delicious leave the skin I love the mojo thanks I had it a few days ago

  18. This is exactly what I needed. A different new recipe for the pellet smoker to top my friends normal BBQ recipe. Thank you.

  19. Compadre…you not “spose” to inhale da ceegar…just let the smoke roll around in your mouth…you gotta lotta spraining to do. You ain’t no Cuban.

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