ATTILA Reacts to Magic!

what’s up guys it’s Keelan, so today
we’re gonna go and hang out with Attila they’re in Joliet so we’re gonna drive
out to Joliet see their show and hang out with the guys backstage, if you guys
don’t know who Attila is I’m gonna have you try a little sample before we go all right so let’s go were gunna get on the
road, get there and we’re a hangout Fronz for a little bit. And we made it to
Joliet it’s a little bit windy out here hopefully we can find a way oh yeah
that’s right front me okay so we’re gonna try and find Fronz All right guys, were here with Attila. Got Fronz and the guys. Were going to do a little trick here with a napkin, wanna check that out? Yeah it’s a normal napkin We gotta Sharpie here try it write something and you guys are going to try and figure out what it is Can we see it? What can you guys make out of that? three squares. you can come in Three squares..try to use your imagination Smiley face? that works! I’m going to fill in kinda everything more, that way you get more of a visual. Put your hand out. I want you to flip this over slowly and tell me what you see, ok? Swishers rolling swishers? WHOA! where did that come from? Damn dude! He can smoke weed over the fuck he wants!


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