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– [Barbie] Hi, welcome to “Ask Barbie”, where you ask and I answer. Today’s theme is magic. Our first comment is from Ramesh Kl who says, “Try new
things and experiments”. That sounds like a
great idea, let’s do it. (audience cheers) Welcome to the Barbie Magic Show. I think I know what I’m doing. I guess we’ll find out. (audience cheers) For my first trick, I will make my new
friends magically appear. (chimes ding) Watch as they magically transform. (chimes ding) (water splashes) (water bubbling)
Just a little more magic and… – Ooh.
(audience applauds) (audience cheers)
Ah. – [Barbie] Some help
from this heart sponge. – [Audience] Ooh. Ah. – [Barbie] And voila! (dreamy harp music) (audience applauds and cheers) Wow, you both look great. – [Doll with Llama Shirt] Thanks, Barbie. And thanks for letting
us be part of your show. – [Doll with Kitten Shirt]
Wanna see our next trick? – [Barbie] Are you gonna
pull a rabbit out of a hat? – [Doll with Llama Shirt]
Even cooler, watch this. Abracadabra! – [Audience] Ooh! – [Barbie] Whoa! What’s in there? – [Doll with Llama Shirt] Take a look! – [Audience] Ooh! – [Barbie] Oh, this is so you. (audience applauds and cheers) – [Audience] Ah. – [Barbie] Nice. – [Audience] Aw. (chimes ding)
(audience cheers) – [Barbie] How did you
pull this look together? – [Doll with Llama Shirt]
Magic, she can do it, too – [Doll with Kitten Shirt] Abracadabra! – [Audience] Ooh! – [Barbie] You two are full of surprises. – Bing, dong, ding.
– Ah. (audience cheers) – [Barbie] That was amazing. My turn for a trick! I’m going to make us all disappear. Abracadabra! Whoops, looks like I’m still here. (phone rings) Hello? – [Doll with Kitten Shirt] Barbie? Great idea to magically take us to lunch, but we thought you were coming with us. – [Barbie] I’ll be right there. Abracadabra! (clears throat) I said, abracadabra! Abraca, eh, I’ll just walk. Our next comment is from
Yomailette C, who says, “Hi I want to see a magical video Barbie!” Hm, you got it. – [Pink Doll] I love
that you turned your lab into a magic lab, such a cool idea. – [Barbie] Thank you. I thought since we’re
experimenting with magic, why not do it in a place
where we do experiments? Boom, magic lab! You wanna try out my magic water? It’s new, but I think you’ll like it. – [Pink Doll] (gasps) Sounds fun. How am I going to get in there? – [Barbie] Magic! (Barbie claps hands) (gentle music) (water splashes) (water bubbles) Amazing. Looks like we need just
one more bit of magic. – [Doll with Unicorn
Shirt] I just need to grab one a couple more things and
I’ll be ready for more magic. Ready. – [Barbie] Chelsea, would
you like to do the honors? – [Chelsea] Yes! (water trickles) And tada! – [Doll with Unicorn Shirt] Love it. And now for the final touch. (dreamy harp music) And I’m ready for the next trick. I hear we’re gonna make
you disappear, Chelsea. – [Chelsea] Are you sure
you know what you’re doing? – [Barbie] Of course! I didn’t get the disappearing thing right the first time I tried,
but I think I got it now. We just need to put you in the special magic disappearing box. (box scraping) (Chelsea giggles) Here it goes! Abracadabra! – [Chelsea Two] Oof! – [Barbie] Are you okay, Chels? – [Chelsea] I’m fine,
I didn’t say anything. – [Barbie] Then who did? – [Chelsea Two] I did! It’s dark under there and I bumped my arm on one of the table legs. – [Doll with Unicorn Shirt] Who’s this? – [Chelsea Two] I’m Chelsea! – [Doll with Unicorn
Shirt] No, she’s Chelsea. – [Chelsea Three] No, I’m Chelsea! – [Chelsea Four] But I’m Chelsea. – [Chelsea Five] Hello, Barbie. I’m Chelsea, too. – [Chelsea Two] No, I’m Chelsea
Two, you’re Chelsea Five. (record scratches) – [Barbie] Okay, what is happening? (Chelsea laughing) Magic duplicator box? Chelsea, did you switch our magic boxes? – [Chelsea] Gotcha! – [Doll with Unicorn
Shirt] What are we gonna do with all these Chelseas? – [Barbie] Well, I think we
can expect a lot more pranks. (Chelseas laugh) Our last comment comes
from Aliyahgirl, who says, “Please make a movie
related to snow magic”. Nice, okay, here we go. (upbeat music) (whistle blows) – [Pink Doll on Left] Whew, it’s hot. We’re gonna take a quick dip to cool off. – [Pink Doll on Right] Be right back. – [Barbie] Oh, but the ocean is over here. (water splashes) (water bubbles) – [Doll with Panda
Shirt] Meet us over there by our beach bag, Barbie. We’re going to put on
new outfits and makeup. – [Doll with Puppy Shirt]
Sunscreen, sunglasses, sun hat, sun-brella, ah, here we go. – [Skipper] Why do you have that? – [Doll with Puppy Shirt] You never know what you’re gonna need on the beach. Time for a little makeup magic. – [Doll with Panda Shirt] We
got to play, we got to cook. Now it’s time for a brand new look. (chimes ding) (chimes ding) – [Barbie] A magic book is
the perfect beach accessory! – [Skipper] Any chance we can
make snacks with that book? I missed dessert earlier. – [Doll with Panda Shirt]
Here’s spell for that. Something tart, something sweet. It’s time for us to have a treat. (chimes ding) – [Barbie] Told you the magic book was the perfect thing to bring. – [Doll with Panda Shirt] We
have to eat the cake quick. The icing’s melting. (spring boings) – [Doll with Puppy Shirt]
I’m still getting used to how warm it is in
Malibu during the winter. – [Skipper] So you’re saying
that back where you’re from, you don’t go to the beach
in the middle of winter? – [Doll with Puppy Shirt]
Yeah, by this time back home, there’s snow everywhere! – [Barbie] Skipper has never seen snow. – [Skipper] That sounds so cool. – [Barbie] It is really cool. In fact, it’s cold.
(rim shot rattles) (Barbie laughs) – [Skipper] I’ve never gone ice skating or even had a snowball fight. – [Doll with Panda Shirt] It would be fun to show you one real winter day, though. – [Doll with Puppy Shirt] Hmm. Maybe our magic book can help us. Come snow, come sleet, come chilly winds. Make it winter for my friends. (chimes dinging)
(Barbie gasps) – [Barbie] It’s working! – [Skipper] Wow, it’s a real winter! – [Barbie] This is so cool. – [Skipper] It’s not cool. It’s really cold! (laughs) – [Doll with Puppy Shirt]
There’s snow everywhere! – [Doll with Panda Shirt] And
we even have hot chocolate. – [Doll with Puppy
Shirt] Oh, it’s just like winter back home. – [Doll with Panda Shirt] Well, almost. (spring boings) I meant to make a snow
day, not a snow globe. – [Skipper] Well, as much as I’d love to be trapped in here with
you for the rest of winter, it is pretty chilly, so
let’s go back to the beach. – [Barbie] Sounds good, Skipper. What’s the reverse spell? – [Doll with Puppy Shirt]
Well, there’s one in the book. – [Barbie] Great, let’s get the book. (sad trombone music) – [Doll with Panda Shirt] Can you read it from that far away? – [Doll with Puppy Shirt] Nope. – [Barbie] Well, Ken is picking
us up in a couple of hours. He can read it then. In the meantime, who
wants more hot chocolate? (all laugh)
(spring boings) Thanks so much for joining us for another episode of “Ask Barbie”. My last trick is figuring
out how to say goodbye since we had so much fun. Be sure to comment below. If you ask, I might answer. Bye! (upbeat music)


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