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Hey y’all, I’m James Wright
and welcome back to Wizards News! Today, it is time to study some Dark Detectors. You’ve been asking for it. So let’s dive in and take a look at it! (music) This is a topic that I’ve been wanting to do… …for a long time. Dark Detectors are one of those things… …that some people really understand… …and some people really don’t… …and some people think they understand, but they really don’t. And so, we actually need to do some tests… …and figure out what’s going on here. Now, the tests are a little preliminary. I want to get some more data… …and do have tests a few more times as well. As well as I’m thinking about… …doing a few other variants on them. So we’ll be talking about those a little bit later, but to do this test, I had to go out and purchase 36 Dark Detectors… …and Dark Detectors are probably the most expensive… …thing in the game per capita. What we ended up doing is, finding a cluster of Inns… …and we ran several different tests. (1) I put 3 Dark Detectors on 1 Inn… …and we counted how many spawns we got. Now, we were looking for the spawns… …with the colored ring around the bottom. We were not counting any of the regular spawns. We were only counting ones… …that were spawned from the Dark Detector. You can tell that by that little ring on the bottom… …and the three of us then would… …walk around the Inn, different locations… …and make sure that we broadened our search… …to make sure we found all of the possible Foundables… …that were spawned by the Dark Detectors. In the next scenario (2), we took 3 Inns… …and I put 1 Dark Detector on each Inn. So the big question is, is it better to put 1 Dark Detector on 3 Inns? Or is it better to put all 3 Dark Detectors on 1 Inn? And so, we went around and we did all of that… …and we collected all that data. And then next (3), we went and we had all 3 Inns… and there are three of us there. So we each put 1 Dark Detector on each of the Inns. So all the Inns were maxed out, but they had different people putting them on there. And then in the last scenario (4), I went and put all 3 Dark detectors on all 3 Inns. So 9 Dark Detectors to max out 3 Inns, and then we went around and found all the Foundables… …that were spawned by that. And then we got home… …and they announced that they just updated the game… …and they changed the spawn radius of the Inns. (Argh) So I went back out… …and I did all those tests again… …that I could by myself. I didn’t do the one… …when the three of us put one on each, but because I wanted to see, if the spawn numbers were very different… …or if it was completely new. We will be talking about that change… …a little bit later at the end here. So let’s jump right in and take a look at the data. So here’s the sheet. We have 3 Dark Detectors that all go on 1 Inn. (1) And then on this one, it’s 1 Dark Detector on each of 3 Inns. (2) And then this is the one, where we each put 1 Dark Detector. (3) And then down here at 3 Dark Detectors. (4) So you can see the information pretty quickly here. The way we categorize this is, I have all of the XP put on here… …by these strengths of the Foundables. So, Low Foundables gives you get 50 XP. And if it’s Emergency Foundables, you get 500 XP. And then we counted… …how many of each type of Foundable we got. And then that gave us the value of that particular run. This first column here is, the one we did earlier in the day. And the second column was, the one I did
after the update. So you can see the numbers between them. The ones I did after the update were all slightly higher, but not by much. So to clarify this data, each of these sections are
one session with Dark Detectors. So a half hour session. And the XP numbers are without Baruffio’s Brain Elixir. So in this first session, we had just over 1,900 XP from the 12 spawns… …that came from the Dark Detectors alone. Now that’s without Baruffio’s Brain Elixir. So if you had Baruffio’s Brain Elixir on, that would put it up to, you know around, 4000 xp for the half-hour. And then we would also have… …a lot of the other regular spawns that came along… …and here you can see the spawns were pretty high. We got 1 Emergency, 2 Severes and then 4 Highs… …and that adds up really quickly. So it’s a pretty good one. And when I compare both of them that I had side-by-side, the one I had later in the day was marginally better, but well within the statistical variance, So if we average it out, it’s about 2,000 XP that we get… …from the Dark Detector spawns in one half hour. So roll on a Baruffio’s Brain Elixir and it’s 4,000. So I actually expected to see the same results basically, if we put 1 Dark Detector on 3 Inns. But in this case, we didn’t get any of the really high things. We only got one with a flare… …and then we got a lot of Lows and Mediums. So we were getting a lot of the same things… …we would see regularly appearing, but there were more of them. So in this one, we had 25 spawns by the Dark Detector. Whereas in the previous one, we had a dozen. So twice the amount of spawns, but lower quality. And so that means the total quality was less… …by about 400 XP per half-hour. So this makes it very obvious. If you have 3 Dark Detectors, put them all on 1 Inn… …and sit there and just mine that 1 Inn. Don’t spread them out. Next, we wanted to see… …if there’s any particular difference… …between everyone putting 1 Dark Detector on an Inn. Me just putting all the Dark Detectors on, is it better to do it with friends? And right off the bat, I would say yes… …because I got 3,700 XP in one half-hour… …and then doing it all by myself, I got 3,000 XP in one half-hour. Now, this is an area I want to do more study on… …and actually go back and do this again a couple times… …because the, they look very similar right here. But, the big difference is… the amount of Severes that we got. Putting 3 on, we got 6 of them there. We didn’t get any Emergencies, but then down here, we only got 1 Severe. But then in the tests I did behind myself later, we got one Emergency. And that one Emergency, made a huge difference spiking up the total from here. So we actually ended up getting a very similar size… …to what we got with this. So I have to say right now, these two are within the statistical variance… …that they’re close enough. I can’t really call a clear winner between them right now. Now if you do have three people in the same area, then go ahead and spread them out. And everyone puts one on each Inn, and that is, just… it’s… …you know, it’s more economical, so you’re not putting out all the Dark Detectors, but, if you’re by yourself, the price per Dark Detector, it’s actually better just to put them all on 1 Inn… …rather than spreading them out onto a group of Inns… …because if you’re putting 3 Dark Detectors… out to do this, you get 2,000 XP, but if you put 9 Dark Detectors out, you don’t get 6,000 XP. You still only get 3,300 XP… …and not 6,000 which you would expect after this. So, per Dark Detector, you get more bang for your buck, if you just sit on 1 Inn… …than if you do spreading them out over 3 Inns. There are several other things… …that we found out while we were out there. (1) If all of us are out there, we all saw the same spawns every time. There were one exception to that… …where one of the phones wasn’t updating, but as soon as the app was restarted, then it started seeing all the spawns again. So you’re not going to see different spawns, if you put the Dark Detectors on there, as opposed to anyone else sees the Dark Detectors on, you’re all going to see the exact same spawns. And that’s one of the big reasons, why I don’t think there’s any statistical difference… …between these two: Putting all of them on by one person… …and putting all of them on by three persons. I think in the end you’re probably gonna get the same, but I am going to be doing… …more studies on this in the future. So we can actually track this out… …and get better numbers on this. (2) Another interesting thing that we found is… …when you first put 3 Dark Detectors on all 3 Inns, So you end up with 9 Dark Detectors. As soon as you hop out of that, you have 5 or 6 spawns that suddenly appear… …and you have all of these Foundables… ….that you need to return… …and you do not have enough time… …to return all the Foundables that suddenly appear. The problem is they despawned… …before you actually get around to getting them all. So what we generally suggest is, put 3 Dark Detectors on 1 Inn, then return those Foundables that pop up, then put 3 Dark Detectors in the next Inn, then return those Foundables that pop up, and then put 3 Dark Detectors in the last Inn. That way you can stage them out… …and make sure you can return… …all the Foundables that pop up… …because they will pop up much faster… …than you can return them. (3) Also in every method, we saw a wave about 2 to 3 minutes… …before the end of the Dark Detectors. There was another blast of Foundables that came out… …and a couple occasions we weren’t able to catch… …all of those that popped out. So staggering them again makes it easier at that point. So stagger out when you put the Dark Detectors out… …to make sure you can actually… …return all the Foundables. (4) Also for our first series… …that we did with other people, this is before the recent update. And so these spawn radiuses were… …actually larger than your view radiuses. So you had to make sure you were out… …and walking around the Inn. I wanted to make sure that… …the black circle around my character… …was actually away from the Inn. So I was doing a larger radius walk around the Inn, making sure I found all the spawns. Because there’d be several times if we were spread out, I would see a spawn over here… …and they wouldn’t see it… …because they were too far away. So you need to be able to… …make sure you’re walking around them. But then they went and did the update… …and the spawns that I got afterwards, found out that all of the spawns were… …within my view radius. So that meant I could actually just sit on top of the Inn… …and make sure I got all the spawns now. I still found it a little bit easier to walk around… …because then I might get more wild spawns… …that be popping up around. And if I’m going for XP, then that’s definitely worth it. Because there are down times in between spawns… …and it is very useful to have… …those other wild regular spawns… …that you can just pick off while you go. Now one of the things we ran into a slight problem is, being able to identify… …which spawns were actually from the Dark Detector, because the little swirl right on the base… …is very hard to see. And sometimes we’d be looking. It’s like, “Oh, okay. That is one then.” So we kept video footage of it, to make sure we could go back and check them. But if you’re having a hard time seeing… …which spawn comes from the Dark Detector, we suggest before setting everything up, go ahead and clear all of the wild spawns around. And that way when you when they pop up, there’s a pretty good chance… …that they are just from a Dark Detector. It’s much easier to see the little swirl… …when there aren’t a bunch of other spawns… …popping up around. As a separate note, all of these tests were done outside of a flag zone. If you do these inside of a flag zone or inside of a park, you’re probably gonna see… …slightly different variances on them. I don’t think it’ll be that much, but I just want to make sure the test was done… …outside of a flag zone. Just to make sure… …there wouldn’t be any problems with that. Now, one of the nice things about grinding in this way is, you do get some high spawns… …if you max out the Dark Detectors on Inn… …and high spawns mean a lot of XP very quickly. And that’s very useful if you’re grinding XP… …because you can stay in one area… …and still get high rates of spawns. Now the downside is, you’re probably going to be using more potions… …because you’re seeing rare spawns. Things you don’t see very often. We saw McGonagall while we’re out there. And we saw the car, and we saw a bunch of other things… …that we just don’t see that often, And it’s very tempting to use the Dawdle Draught… …and the High Exstimulo Potions, and it’s very easy to go through a lot of potions… …when you’re trying to catch… …those really rare things that only pop up occasionally. Now yes, you don’t need to use them… …and if you don’t use those, it’s actually a relatively cheap way of doing it… …other than the Dark Detectors… …that you have to have for it. But if you have the Dark Detectors on hand already… …that you’ve gotten from rewards, then this can be a cheap way of doing it… …as long as you are good at your spell-casting… …and you’re a higher level. If you’re a lower level, then you’re probably gonna have a lot of problems with these spawns… …and just not be able to catch them. So, what did I learn from this test? (1) If I’m going to put Dark Detectors on Inn, I’m going to max out the Inn. Put all 3 Dark Detectors on. You’ll get more benefit out of that… …than just putting 1 Dark Detector on. There are more high-value spawns… …and it is just a more enjoyable time… …because you’re seeing these spawns… …you don’t get to see regularly. (2) We actually found it to be a little bit of a downer, when we put 1 Dark Detector on 3 Inns… …because we were seeing stuff that we saw every day. We’re just seeing more of them… …and it was just kind of like, “(err) Okay, there’s nothing really special to this.” But we put all 3 on there. We were seeing McGonagall, we were seeing the Philosopher’s Stone. We were seeing the car. We were seeing Firenze. We were seeing these things that were like, “(ooh) The Goblet of Fire!” And things you don’t get to see every day… …and we were seeing them constantly. And that was really exciting and a lot of fun. (3) So of all the ways I know, I think Dark Detectors are… …one of the best ways to grind… …because you can guarantee, you’re going to get some high level stuff. You’re going to be getting lots of XP… …in a short period of time So if you don’t have a lot of time right now, get out there, throw some Dark Detectors on the Inns… …and have a little bit of fun… …because they are really enjoyable. Now I want you to tell me… …what more we can do on this test. I do want to do more tests, so we can expand the sample size. I think that just needs to be a little bit larger… …to make sure that we’re in the right ballpark. Also, I’m thinking about doing… …a few other slight modifications of this. So if you see something is like, “Hey, can you test it this way?” Maybe I’ll add that to the list for the next time. I hope you like this information. If you did, please let me know down below. I’d love to hear that. Also if you did like the video, please hit like, comment, share, subscribe, ring the bell. All those things really do help out the channel… …and thank you for that. If you do want to become a patron on Patreon, that really means a lot as well. And I do share a lot of this information… …with them ahead of time. I actually put the spreadsheet out to them last night. So if you want to see that ahead of time, go ahead and hop over there… …and help us out along the way. I think that’s about it for now… and until next time, have a wonderful day. (Hmm) No frogs are spawning today. Let’s put Dark Detectors on then. (Ping!) (Hey) Chocolate frog. Let’s see. What did we get today? I hope it’s a high-value spawn… …because we use three Dark Detectors, didn’t we? (ah) It’s Jocunda Sykes. I’ll take it.

  1. Dark detectors have only been actually working for me since the event ended and they did the update. I didn't even realise they had a spinny thing on the bottom. Yesterday I was bored and put a couple on the inn I could reach from home, because I was getting no spawns and wanted to play, and suddenly I'm getting spawns that had the thing on the bottom! I also had one higher spawn. I'm pretty rural in SW of the UK, but even the local historical site that has two fortresses where I can play haven't been affected in any way by adding dark detectors previously. I'm excited to now explore there too.

  2. Thanks again for doing the leg work for us! Really informative!

    Lol one random issue we ran into. We were in-between 2 inns and maxed dark detectors… and the Foundables kept spawning right on top of the inns! It was frustrating bc sometimes it was near impossible to click on since the inns were so big. Lol just something I wanted to vent about :p.

  3. Your point about Player Level is very Important. I'm not sure whether the Level cut off for the best chance of success against an Emergency level Condoundable is 20, or 25. My wife and I just cleared 25 and I can say that with a Potent Estimulo and a Dawdle Draught and a Great trace (or three) we are successful with Emergency level Confoundables.
    So when it comes to new players, Levels 5 through 14 say, perhaps a single Dark Detector at an Inn will spawn correct difficulty Confoundables. Perhaps level 15 to 24 players using two Dark Detectors at an Inn will spawn the correct difficulty Confoundables?
    I believe it would be helpful for Low Level players to see what the rate and level range of Confoundables appear when One and then Two Dark Detectors are used on an Inn, and how the XP averages out for a half hour grind.
    My $0.02
    Excellent work. I have a few Portkeys to Open today, so I'm going to try my capture software. Hopefully I'll be able to contribute something to that cause.

  4. 3 DD placed by yourself + 2 friends > 3 DD placed by yourself. Because 2 friends > no friends for entertainment purposes. Math. 😉

  5. The bonus was a lot of Xp in the two hours! And we found some great rare foundables! Thanks for coming to my area to do this research.

  6. James, I'm wondering if different inns have different dark detector spawns. I ONLY have small blue inns a d tall green inns in my area. Down in Dixon they have lots of small pink inns. I haven't even seen a huge inn yet.

  7. Great info man. Can you try in a park no landmark with 1,2 and 3 dark detectors to see what difference it makes only 1 inn since is more exp per detectors

  8. I love this. I watched it right after dropping 3 dark detectors on 1 inn and felt highly vindicated. I never have enough detectors on my own to do the 3 inns at once thing you've talked about in previous videos. I got two severe spawns and at least one high. Love the data collection!

  9. What about different kinds of inns does that make a difference?,….. A pink inn Versus a green inn Or even a sponsored inn

  10. Thanks for your work on Dark Detectors. I'd like to know if you repeatedly put three dark detectors on one inn are the rates different to if you moved to another inn instead.

    Also I've found another bonus of Dark Detectors is finding the lower but less seen foundables such as the Boggat Cabinet.

    Also flee rates when using baruffio's.

    Not asking much 😁🤐

  11. "Statistical"….James, you don't have enough data to draw statistical conclusions. You do have interesting data, but no statistical conclusion can be drawn from such a limited sample.

  12. You forgot 1 scenario. 3dd by 3 people in 3 inns. Everyone put 1 in each inn. 😊 Edit: you kinda mentioned it. Was jumping in writing before watching the whole video. But that would be nice to see also.

  13. Am I correct in assuming that your two runs, with and without your buddies, were at different times of the day? Would time of day affect the results?

  14. Great info! I'm glad they changed the DD's. Now if they can only increase the chances of returning foundables that are high or higher…..

  15. Great video, thanks! After seeing this one and even more the one yesterday about portkeys I have to admit that you‘re WU YouTube research champion. And I‘m looking forward to place my 35 DDs in the near future!

    Wizard‘s „charming“ regards from Cologne/Germany

  16. If it will help you i've been hoarding all my dark dwtectors as well as othee items so if you wanted i could help you during fanfest doing these researches you've been doing

  17. I am wondering if there is a difference between the different colored inns if you put dark detectors on it.

  18. Hi James, i`m on a research on my own about better spawns in areas with more foundables. I`m farming the same spot over and over again since launch and 2 weeks ago i was low on energy so i started to watch and leave the foundables. i caught only the ones i needed but after a while more and more foundables were staking and more yellow spawns came up and i dindt catch the yellows also and than orange and red spawns poped up. i thought it was just coincidence but a little voice in my head wants that i tested it. After 1000 catches i can say more foundables let spawn rare once more often. So i asume in the first go with the 2 other people you catched all and in the 2nd where you was alone you didnt because your complete 2nd go had a much higher rareness.

  19. I'm curious about inns that are adjacent to fortresses. Anecdotally, I tend to notice that Foundables appear more readily near fortresses, so I wonder if there is a noticeable difference between putting Dark Detectors on any random inn versus on an inn that is next to a fortress.

  20. Oddly I did 3DD on one inn earlier today and got exactly the same number of rares as you, but 3 low and 2 medium. I got my first McGonagall in the first 30 seconds so was very happy with my haul.

  21. I guess I should start using them, now I am higher lvl, might wait till I have some more potions. I have wait for it 52 dark detectors 😱

  22. umm, James, your video description has a spelling error. 🙂 Awesome video! I actually was using dark detectors today and I was hoping I see other players come, no luck.

  23. you mentioned with 3 inns, staggering them so not to lose foundables. If I solo an Inn, do I drop 3 dark detectors at once, or stagger them, clearing the area before dropping another dark detector.. just wondering.

  24. Hey mister Velder, could do include in a video, or otherwise just respond here, as to how the return rate buffs of level 30 and 35 are working for you? I know you did a video explaining the increase, just curious as to just how much easier it FEELS returning things over all is reaching level 30, 35. I'm almost to 30 myself and I'm excited to enjoy the return rate buff. Thanks!

  25. I'm not sure if someone else has mentioned this below, but it might also make a statistically relevant difference if the inns share a spawn radius, or, rather, the amount of spawn area that they share. If you're equidistant-ish from three inns that only minimally share spawn areas, there might very well be a greater total number of resulting spawns that remain within your reach? I don't think you mentioned this precise point, but it might be worth toying with if you continue with this specific research. Thank you for the hard work!

  26. Wow – excellent research! I thought 3 on 1 inn was going to be better for the rares than 1 on 3 inns. Good to know it truly is the case. Thanks for doing this test; it was very helpful.

  27. Thank you so much for doing all these tests! The only things I can think of to test would be to see if the time of day has any effect on what spawns and if the dark detectors bring in Oddities or not.

  28. Do dark detectors work on oddities? I find it hard enough to wake up at dawn to catch doxies, and would love to just put dark detectors on the two inns I can reach from my house, without having to walk aimlessly outside at night. Dawn here in Norway until now have been around 4am, but "luckily", the days are getting shorter and in a couple of months I'll probably have dawn-spawns on my way to work instead…

  29. As a result of this video, I had a very gratifying fortress grind w brain elixir and 4 portkeys tonight. Planted my first seeds in two greenhouses and placed 3 dark detectors on an inn named "Octopus in Lake Merritt?" Netted 6800 XP, leveled up to 16. Saw Moody! Just need one more fire creature to complete SOS. I'm learning a lot from you. Thanks! Excited!

  30. I know this is off topic but I was wondering if you have noticed that getting masterful cast is harder now? I used to get it all the time now I can get a masterful to save me life.

  31. Thanks for the info. Great research as always! Wondering if you could try this with 2 dark detectors from 1 person. Anecdotally, I haven't noticed much of a difference between using 2 or 3. If this is true, then you could save on some dark detectors.

  32. As someone that lives in a big city, it's really hard not to be in a park or flag area, so it would be really nice if you could test if those make a difference at all. Thank you!

  33. So, I knew it needed three for higher spawns based on my experience. The dark detector meter corresponds to the clock that rates severity. Good to have research to back up my guess. I wonder what inns at a sponsored mall would do?

  34. Can you PLEASE discuss a little more about ranking pages and acquiring scrolls and runes instead of all xp focus. I mean, everyone wants some XP, but that's not all.

  35. Interesting, thanks for your hard work! I’m wondering whether the colour of the inn makes a difference to the levels of the spawns.

  36. nice video – i just wanted to point out that it's really obvious that you better put 3 on 1 than the other way around cause on the machine you put the dark detectors there is an arrow pointing to a color of the trace that will appear – when 1 point to green
    and 3 point to red – therefore 3 ones won't bring you red as indicated by the arrow on that DD machine.

    also DD are also player detectors… when you put a DD suddenly you see all those players popping out to the where the DD is

  37. Great Video as always 😉 I have suggestions: 3 Inns and each is maxed by 1 Person (A; B ;C) AAA ; BBB ; CCC or like your Run in variation ABC ; BCA ; CAB

  38. Great channel! I’d love to know if dark detectors bring more specific high level oddities if the inn is in a flagged area. For example are you more likely to get more rare ministry of magic foundables if we put dark detectors on an inn inside an area with a ministry of magic flag?

  39. But how many of those emergencies did you catch? I feel DDs are not worth it. They're expensive, and high level threats depart at high rates. Plus, no confoundable is worth using a potion on.

  40. Hi — interesting results. I'd like to see the baseline data for the area you tested (i.e, how many 'wild' spawns there are). Your data couldn't really demonstrate if its worth using DD since you didn't capture this baseline data, so there is no delta (improved capture rate with 1-3 DDS minus capture rate without DDS). You did show that it seems more effective to place multiple DD as opposed to a single DD at an inn. It would be interesting to collect baseline data at various times of day as well (i.e, how many 'wild' spawns there are at sunrise, midday, and sunset) and then repeat this experiment. I'm wondering if areas with higher 'wild' spawn rates have higher DD spawn rates.

  41. You mentioned that each player in the area saw the same spawns. Having never played with others, I'm curious if a spawn disappears when a player selects it (i.e., can each spawn only be captured by one person, or does each player get to capture each spawn)? I'm guessing the latter, since the Niantic seems to be encouraging cooperative play in this game rather than competition, but would like to know for sure. Thanks in advance. Really appreciate your videos.

  42. not sure if anyone has asked for this stat, but here it goes. you mentioned doing the initial tests outside of flagged areas. I heard rumers that spawns in a flagged area that are not under the flagged caption are always medium or higher. If you put some DDs down in a flagged area, will more hard-to-find medium things show up? umbrellas, adult nifflers, magic most evils, etc

  43. I would be curious to know if the dark detectors spawn at different rates because of the time of day. I work night shift at a hospital with many co-workers who play. We often put out three dark detectors at 2 or 3am when it's not at chaotic and we don't seen many high confoundables, sometimes not even many spawns.

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