I’ll shake like this and it’s gonna banish me inside my pocket it’s a king of hearts it’s not real you can touch yes hello my name is y and today I’m gonna show you an app better than tinder and the best of all it’s free but before we do that make sure to subscribe to my channel by clicking the red button below the video and turn on the post notifications so you want miss the next episode let’s go [Music] do you use tinder happy now and yes okay that’s interesting they use you don’t use tinder okay no okay no and I’m gonna show something another app there is another L okay I’m gonna show you some playing cards and you have to remember specific playing cards so you have to remember the value of the card and also the suit of the cards so we have four suits two blacks and tourettes right Bob scoffs spades animals remember one okay watch shake like this and it’s gonna banish me inside my pocket go inside this vanish and what was your playing card queen of diamonds and right now your card vanished it’s gone right what was your card yeah what was it it was the queen with broke up King of Hearts watch in my pocket there is one car and it is the queen of diamonds right yes there’s one card in the King of Hearts you’re right funny right one playing card weird right but there is one card that you were looking at yeah was it God did you look at my hand look at this it’s not real you can touch yes it’s good you thought about we know plus it’s like the two would you rather theoretically date a guy from tinder or you would date a guy like to do like magic without with this app magic for tinder what would you choose magic or tinder magic and yes magic right okay this app is better than tinder right right you’ve seen the reaction so you know this is amazing and actually the best part of it is it’s really easy anybody can learn this effect with an app and of course it’s totally free 100% free so you can download this by clicking here and you have no excuses you have to do it and right now I’m going to show you another magic effect that it’s an app it cost a bit but it’s worth it so let’s go I have one blank card here in the screen okay I don’t want you to say a playing card I want you to show of a value of car no no no that may be like a purse the color of suit right suit so have clubs hearts spades diamonds can you show without saying because yeah because you will think that it’s about spelling you know to your phone can you show on your hands the suit of your of the card okay okay okay okay I understand okay and then you show a number on the hand okay okay without saying just name a car but not so loud so the Tomoki okay which one that yeah your name I’m gonna be us it’s not discouraged but you see this is not a plane hunt this actually is the deck and if you swipe yes swipe swipe swipe like tinder no yes basically right yeah right or left doesn’t matter in this one none of swipe until there will be one card reversed or you see yeah yeah yeah can you tap twice to see what’s the card yeah I can tap twice you know you weird right because there is no other six of diamonds here what do you think it’s better guy using tinder or guy using it up like this which which one is better yes I hope you enjoyed the video make sure to download the app for free it’s called magic of Y and you have a link below in the description there is two effects there one is totally free the other one you have to pay for it if you want to but it’s worth it there will be future effects to come let me know in the comments do you like tinder or you prefer human interactions like real ones comment below you have to make sure to subscribe to my channel by clicking the red button below and turn on the post notifications because you don’t wanna miss the future episodes we’re gonna see each other next week in Saturday and as always stay magical your number and my number right I’m gonna give you your self this is mine right it’s gonna change to your number

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