Hi, I’m Eric Martin uh, I’m the creator of Animal Herders Along with my wife who you might not see ah, ha, ha, ha… just trying to get a little shot of her. And this is Libby She’s, uh, my cousin actually She’s gonna help me show you guys how to play Animal Herders. She’s played a couple games now and she actually beat me in the last game, um… but, here’s some of the cards: this is what
they’re actually gonna look like when we’re done There’s a giraffe, a lion, an aardvark, and a beaver. It’s similar to what they’re gonna look like.
We haven’t decided on a back yet. Umm… It’s kind of like an alpha version of the game. It’s just for testing purposes. The cards aren’t gonna look like note cards when they’re done. We draw five cards. Let’s take five cards off the top, Libby. Great job. You might want to pull that over just a little bit
for your discard pile. You know what I mean? Here? Nope, just right there. Perfect. Now let’s cut the deck in half Oops, I got a one …a bat, what’d you get? An eight? A tiger. A tiger’s an eight, yup. I got an eight. So, put that back down there. You get to decide who goes first. You probably want to go first cause I think
it’s a little better to go first. It’s up to you though. I want to go first. Alright, you can look at your cards: you could
have looked at them a while ago. But don’t show me them… I mean, it’s ok, but… I’m done It’s ok. the other two, and… Normally you draw a card at the beginning of every turn, but she’s not gonna do that because it’s
her… she’s goes first, so it’s kind of like the little, the little thing to make it ok. And, what do you want? You get to
lay one, what do you wanna lay? It’s up to you. Yeah, the cards have abilities on the bottom. There we go. And that one is the fruit bat, it’s a level one, it eats plants. And you get to draw one: that’s the ability. and… I think you’re done. So my turn. I’m gonna draw a card first. And I’m gonna lay a steak, which is
a food that I can feed animals. which you can see… I’m gonna lay a carrot, which is another food that I can feed animals. One’s a plant, one’s a meat. There’s different types of animals: meat eaters, and plant
eaters, and some that will eat both. And each of these actually allows me to lay one
so I still have one lay one ability I’m gonna lay the peacock, which allows me to draw three. Pretty powerful. One… two… three. Did you do the Peacock? -Yeah, that is kind of cool looking. The Peacock. -Did you do? – I don’t think I colored it. But maybe I did… I drew the outline I think. Your turn, Libby. Remember the first thing you do is what? … Draw a card. Great Job. Now you get to pick which card you wanna lay. Some have abilities on the bottom that allow you to do more. Ooh. – Draw one – Yeah. The horse allows you to draw one, great job. Libby’s six years old, by the way, and
she’s a great reader, she’s really smart. You already said that. – I know. But I’m sayin’ it again. actually I’m not sure if I said it. I said it earlier. Who cares? Do you want to attack me with your fruit bat: it’s up to you? The thing is: if you do my peacock’s more powerful. He’s a two, yours is a one. Yeah, you don’t want that. Are you done? -Yeah. -Ok, my turn. I draw a card. Umm. I’m gonna lay a mongoose, Because it allows me to draw two, that’s powerful. One… Two. And, I am going to attack your fruit bat with my peacock. Because I can. You push it forward. No, you can’t protect your fruit bat with your horse. You can only protect you fruit bat with foods and you don’t have any. So I’m attacking that, and so you have to discard that. Yup, great job. Yup, great job. Yup, great job. And once I’ve attacked, I can’t, you can’t attack the first time you
lay your creature, so that’s why I’m not attacking with my mongoose. But once you’ve attacked all of her animals that are blocking. Libby, then you can attack Libby herself Now the fruit bat actually ran away from Libby’s
herd cause my peacock was more powerful. But if she had a food she could have saved it. Umm… And the ultimate goal of the game is to attack Libby directly. Which takes [a card out of her hand. When all of the cards from her hand are gone, she
loses. If all of the cards in my hand are gone, I would lose and she would win.]

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