Angels and Ancestors Oracle Cards Unboxing + Review | Kyle Gray (Hay House)

Hello my lovely Lightworkers, I hope you’re
doing wonderful. I’m so excited to be joining you today for
the opening of Kyle Gray’s new deck, Angels and Ancestors. I actually received this a few days ago but
I was dreading to open the box just because it’s so beautiful. Look at the beautiful seal right here, the
beautiful packaging as well. it came with a lovely letter from Kyle, as well
as this sage bundle as well, which I haven’t started using it, but I will very soon. So let’s open the deck. I really don’t want to do this but I’m going
to try to do it as gracefully as possible without completely ruining it. Oh wow, okay. Loving the earthy look of this. Let me put this away so we can look at the
deck properly. So Kyle Gray Angels and Ancestors Oracle Cards,
artwork by Lily Moses, and it’s a 55-card deck and Guidebook. I love that it’s 55 cards. Most oracle decks tend to be around 52 or
44, that’s the traditional number. I’m loving how this is already very different
and you can already get a snapshot of what the deck will be about by looking at the cover
image. We have a number of angels and ancestors all
together here, which tells you it’s going to be all about communicating with them. And if we read the back cover of the deck,
it says, “we are surrounded by countless guides who want to share their knowledge with us
to bring healing and change. Among them are the Angels and Ancestors.” We have instantly a combination of both angels
as well as ancestors, including images from the Celtic, native-American, Aboriginal, and
Earth-based spiritualities. Angels and Ancestors crosses that divide between
old cultures to bridge the gap between this world and the next. I’m loving this because, as many of you know,
I recently transitioned to earth-based spirituality myself by becoming a priest to Hellenic Polytheism
who are the aboriginals of ancient Greece and Cyprus honoring the Greek gods of Olympus,
which are there for personifications of the Earth. So I’m loving that this deck combines all
the things that I love about earth-based spirituality, bridging different earth-based spiritualities
from all around the world to make this a very inclusive deck. So let’s open it. First of all, I love that it’s matte. All the new decks right now have this beautiful
matte look, which I prefer to the glossy one. As you can see, it’s not really shining that
much. It’s very classy, in my opinion. It’s very easily — we have a booklet as expected. Let’s have a quick look at the booklet to
see what the deck is about before we start exploring it. So I love this here: Guardians of the four
corners, mother in the earth, father in the sky, angels, ancestors, sacred ones, I call
on you and welcome you here now. These four lines instantly tell us what the
deck will be about. It’s going to be about the earth, angels,
ancestors, sacred ones. Ok, let’s go deeper. So we have a few cards about the sacred ones. Then we’ve got Guardians and messengers, another
group of cards, another suit, we have some warrior symbols cards and also the seasons
here as well. Sorry if you weren’t able to see that. So let’s go in. So the deck explained we’re going to have
a series of cards about the sacred ones, specifically 30 wise ones of times gone past. Then we’ve got guardians and messengers and
these are 12 guardian spirits who all bring miraculous messages of guidance and healing. And then we have the warrior symbols and it
tells us here that these symbols came up while he was writing his book, Light Warrior. There are nine symbol cards all bringing lessons
and indications of growth. And then we have the seasons. Everyy year, the seasons come and go and bring
powerful energies with them. So we have all the seasonal cards guiding
us to embracing those energies in our lives. And I want to read a little bit about the
description of the card. So as you’ve seen, the deck combines both
angels and ancestors and Kyle says that angels are divine beings who echo the heart of love. They are pre-human intelligent souls who are
charged with monitoring the well-being of all sentient beings. Ancestors are the souls of departed wisdomkeepers
from all parts of the world. They are the wise ones, warriors, medicine
people, shamanic healers, and others who had knowledge that help their people grow and
develop. And this deck brings both angels and guardians
together. Okay, the time you’ve all been waiting for. Let’s go through the deck. I’ll put this around here. So let’s break this. I always like to tap it three times to clear
the energy. And I love the back cover of the cards. It’s so Kyle. If you follow Kyle’s Instagram, you’ll know
that’s the kind of imagery he includes a lot in his posts and in his personal style as
well. So it instantly feels familiar. I love the colors as well, very earthy, green
and brown, bringing us back to Earth-based spirituality. And let’s go through the cards. We have the seasons here: winter, take care
of your needs, summer, bask, in joy and light, and we have a beautiful bee, spring, autumn,
release the old and rest, a Sun, enjoy success and happiness, stag, trust and thrive. So we have seasonal cards and then we have
probably the symbols or the guardians coming up. Snake, mountains, moon, I love how simple
these are. So you can see, they’re not really paintings,
just printed on cards. There’s actually a consistent design in all
the cards with all these circles in the middle and the same kind of background and then a
symbol in the focus along with the card’s name and a message. I love that there is a very direct message
on each card rather than just an inspirational saying. For example, we have here the drum, which
is a symbol and the message is dream and journey. It’s very directive. Broken arrow, embrace the energy of peace. These must be the warrior symbols. Arrow, surround yourselves with protective
energy. Let’s go through the cards really quick and
then we’ll do a mini-reading for it. And here are the guardians. Water guardians, to connect with the elements. Oh that’s very interesting. So the first set of cards, we had this consistent
design pattern, and then as we move into the guardians, we go bak to a traditional kind
of painting on a card situation. Again, very diverse. Protection, guardian, drop your shields, so
in a way, you could use each suit separately or you can use it together. I like to do that sometimes with both tarot
decks and oracle decks. This is the medicine of guardian archangel
Raphael, if I’m not mistaken. Magic guardian, so here you can see, these
are portrayed as angels. And even though the angel is not mentioned
on the card, you can tell who they are with a few of them, at least. It’s very clear that this is archangel Raphael
because of the healing symbol over here. Now about the colors as well, they’re very
consistently earthy colors: fire guardian. Another angel here, the earth guardian here,
direction guardian. So what I love about these angels, they’re
not your traditional kind of angels, the fluffy, pink kind of angels. They’re more masculine-oriented not in a gender
sense but in an energetic sense. They have this strength about them. Like this is a female archangel or angel here,
but you can see there’s a masculine energy to her, which I love. Kyle has always been talking about angels
not just being these fluffy little angels and beings but about having a lot of strength
in them. And this strength is definitely portrayed
in this deck and in these cards. I have the animal guardian here which is the
one portrayed on the cover as well. Air guardian, now that’s very beautiful. Wise One, you can really see the wisdom in
this face right here. White Witch so you can see it combines both
the angelic realms as well as with earth-based religions and spiritualities
and shamanic cultures. The traveler, the traitor, let’s just go through
them quickly. Oh, I love this one, Star Ancestor. Shield Maiden. Ah, beautiful, beautiful. The imagery is just stunning, isn’t it? You see, combination of different traditions,
this is a Shaolin monk master and this is a Shaman. Perfect combination. Love the idea of bridging together different
cultures. That’s what the New Age tradition and spirituality
is doing: bringing together all different rituals and traditions into a single idea
to showcase that we’re all in this together and we’re all talking about the same kind
of thing in a different language with different symbols with different images, while at the
same time, respecting those different traditions and not trying to appropriate them and change
them in any ways. That’s what’s important to keep in mind, not
appropriating and trying to change those original earth-based religions; using them, but respecting
their traditions and respecting their authenticity. Medicine Mother, I like that it’s a mother,
not a medicine man. Lord, Lady, symbolizing as a divine masculine
and the divine feminine. The Knight, Hunter, High Priestess, High Priest,
Hermit. So some tarot cards in here as well, which
I like. Great Teacher, this looks like Jesus. Learn from spiritual experiences. Father Sky, the Elder, and the Druid. Alrighty, I am loving this deck. I love again how diverse it is, I love how
earthy it is, the images are stunning and I love the different suit as well and how
they can be used either together or separately, depending on what your preference is. Okay, so now let’s pick a card for everybody. It’s not going to be a reading, but it’s going
to be a message for all of us. I’m going to let you figure out what the card
means for you. So as we know, all readings are intensely
personal as well as its symbolism is very personal. So let’s say I pick the card and I read the
message. Just pay attention to your body, how you feel,
what kind of images and ideas and words and visions come into your mind when you see the
card and receive that message. So I ask for angels and ancestors to flow
through this deck right now and provide us with a message that will allow us to be more
authentic to release any fears that prevent us from moving forward with our life purpose. Or just giving us a message that we need to
know at this point in time to be more fully ourselves. Perfect. And the collective card for everybody is Trader. Exchange energy to create abundance. Take a look at the colors, take a look at
the symbolism, take a look at the gesture over here, at the patterns. Let’s take a look at the message and the name
of the card, trader. What does that mean to you? Take a look at the message, exchange energy
to create abundance. How? What does that mean to you at this point in
time and how does that apply to your current life situation? Just let the message flow into your mind,
go with the first thoughts, visions, feelings, emotions that come into you right now. That’s your message. Alright, thank you so much for joining me
for this opening of Kyle Gary’s new deck, Angels and Ancestors. I hope you enjoy it. Be sure if you enjoyed this deck, you can
order it from Amazon UK, or Hay House. Hay House’s website as well. Alrighty, bye everyone.

  1. Thanks for this review…very earthy feeling…I love all the cards… This deck is on my wish list for some months…Have a good day

  2. These are gorgeous and i loved how the card for everybody was the trader. To me that meant if we stick together as a whole and share knowledge we will be abundant and wealthy in love and strength.

  3. Thanks for unboxing this desk, George. Do you know that Tibetan Buddhism has a long history of invoking spiritual beings who take trance in mediums? These spiritual beings are able to predict the future, give prophecies, speak and give us advice through these mediums. Even the 14th Dalai Lama consults these spiritual beings for advice. Other Tibetan high lamas also consult these spiritual beings. You can see more here bit | dot | ly/700meetbuddha

  4. these cards are truly beautiful. I love that they are diverse enough to call this deck inclusive for POC and other indigenous ppl and cultures

  5. For more card deck reviews and to develop your intuitive abilities join my private community for empaths and lightworkers, Your Spiritual Toolkit Facebook Group at

  6. I am just starting out doing tarot readings I am learning would this be a good set for a beginner?

  7. I just received this deck today. I really love it! I'm very new to tarot and Oracle cards but this is my 6th deck. I love how it's made and the design is beautiful. I did a one card pick as you did in the video and I pulled "Autumn, release the old and reset" fits my situation perfectly as I'm reconciling with my husband. We are gonna be doing a ceremony to symbolize the release of past issues we had and recommitting ourselves to each other and to our relationship. Pulling the Autumn card was perfect.

  8. You see how the deck has all the different cultures then the trader card comes out for everybody. That is the message πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“ Exchange energy with one another πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“

  9. I only noticed after unboxing mine that the animal spirits on the cover are my animal spirit guides…and I actually look like the woman 😜 It's so nice to see them affectionate towards her (especially the panther who I usually experience as very serious 😁). This is one of my favorite decks ever!!! So powerful and gorgeous!!!

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