Americas Got Talent TEEN MAGICIAN’S EMOTIONAL FIRST AUDITION | Collins Key First Audition

  1. goooooooooooooooooo collins keyyyyyyyyyyy yayyyyyyyyy im your number 1 fannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn are in america or phillipines becuas im in phillipines and im going to americaaaaaaaa yayaa

  2. Collins you are absolutely amazing keep your head up and always stay positive you will and have released so much happiness and joy and laughter to the world I watch all your videos I'm still pretty new and I'm going backwards on the videos but I enjoy every moment much love🥰🥰

  3. Howie: At 16 years old, I believe you have just stepped into your future

    3 years later: He makes videos about flipping pancakes with his brother

  4. Collins is so good and cute😍
    Please like if you watch Collins videos!!!!!😅😂🤣😍😘


  6. SUBSCRIBE TO COLLINS KEY…the first time I watched one of his videos my life just lit up he's funny,not smart(which is why he's funny)so……if I were a judge…..GOLDEN BUZZER….I SUPPORT YOU COLLINS I LOVE YOU

  7. After the big performance he became he became a huge YouTube star he really live his dream and I’m really really proud of him that that he came out and did what he can do good job🤩🤭😇😘😍😎🤗

  8. So I’m watching this in dec 29 2020 and… I just noticed he was on AGT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Like this if you watch Collins key👇😁

  9. Calling thanks for making my life much more better when I watch your videos they just make me pop I hope you do good

  10. Wow Collins that was amazing what you did there on AGT. #1 fan!!!!! And I'll keep supporting you with my prayers for you to be the best magician in the universe. GOD BLESS YOU COLLINS. 1 LIKE= FOR ME TO DO A PRAYER FOR COLLINS TO BE THE BEST IN THE WORLD👇🏽

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