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Now I want to show you a fast trick, or just “shift”.
The author of this “shift” is Daniel Madison, the famous person in card tricks.
So, let’s start!
Before I show you this trick, I want to note that I am using deck of cards NOC B2 in black. If you are interested in this deck of cards, in the description of the video you can find a link to a review of this deck, not the second version, but the third one of the same black color.
So, let’s start the trick.
First of all, we take any card from the deck, for example the six of clubs and remove it in the middle of the deck.
We pushed this card and it appears at the bottom of the deck.
One more time.
You take the card, the 7 of spades for example, remove in the middle of the deck, and it appears below.
Once again, take the 10 of clubs, remove it in the middle of the deck and again we see it below.
And so on as many times as you want.
Now we will start to learn this trick also named as “squeeze shift” by Daniel Madison.
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So, we start to learn this simple trick, which requires some sleight of hand.
So, let’s learn the technique. Firstly, it will seem difficult, but then you will perform it with ease.
So, we take any card, in fact it is needed to control the card below.
We remove it in the middle. So now the card sticks.
Notice how I hold my hand, my thumb and the rest of the fingers.
Then, I imitate the movement of the card, but when I began to move it, I pushed it in the side. Pay attention to the location of the card.
All this happens very quickly. So it seems that you just removed it to the middle and immediately made a dribble. But in fact, you just moved it to the side. Note the angle here, and the little finger here. Then I deduce this card by little finger like this.
Remove, deduce it in the side, and notice the corner of this card.
Little finger is holding the card. And we keep it here in this way.
Notice, where are my forefinger, little finger and other fingers. And all is covered with my hand.
The viewer does not see it. Angle of the card always near the little finger, thumb necessarily is here.
Then I make such a move. I start to squeeze the card by my forefinger. The card is squeezed between the little finger and the forefinger.
Just look, I starting to bend it by forefinger and lift the card to make a dribble.
Once again.
Insert the card into the center, then in the side, and lining it. The card is lining by the thumb. Next, place the forefinger and little finger on both sides and simply bend and make dribble.
That’s all. The card appears below.
So that, we took, paste, repeat again. Paste, remove.
Such technique called “squeeze shift”.
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