Amazing card trick in nepali..

i have a deck of card here and i will shuffle it. when i shuffle it please say stop whereever you like if you say stop here then I will show you two cards please, remember this card till end!!! I will again put it into the deck and i will shuffle it. I will divide a deck into four equal parts. 1,2,3,4 1,2…………… i will take first and third deck second and fourth i will shuffle first and third deck. second and fourth deck are also shuffled. Among two decks I will choose one deck and turn it to its face. You can turn this or this. i will turn it. i will shuffle face and non-face deck. you can get your two card in this step. all of the cards are red except you card . (ace of clubs) i will turn it over all of the card are black except you card i.e six of diamonds if you e want to learn this trick please watch my new video.. subscribe *_*


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