Amazing Card Magic Trick that Will Blow Your Mind

“We are the music makers… …and we are the dreamers of the dreams.” What is love for an idea… but passion? Love for a dream A vision For the lack of understanding by many… You’ll be a madman Mad for a rough idea, mad for love Mad for a dream. Nonsense madness. Nonsense dream Nonsense belief But just from the nonsense, is the incredible born They will say it’s impossible, they will call you a visionary But you will only repeat what you have… Already said: “We are the music makers… …and we are the dreamers of the dreams”. What’s up guys, and welcome back to The Card Tricks That was my performance of the amazing magic trick with cards Called the Wonka Vision Transpo by the magician Chris Orbit Brown I hope you guys enjoyed this great card trick and don’t forget to hit the like button You know the one that should be always… Blue! You can also download my Magic theory handbook, it’s over there, and yes, it’s free! And of course don’t forget to subscribe to this channel: The Card Tricks Because I’m uploading 2 videos per week And I know you don’t want to miss any of them! That was all for today, and remember that Magic is wonder, mystery… … Secret. But above all, Magic… is you. See you guys in the next video!

  1. de la pequeña parte del vídeo que pusiste al final yo traté de inventar algo parecido pero me ganaste y te etiquete en Twitter para que lo veas

  2. संजय कुमार हूँ मैं जुआ खेलनेका आदी हूं तीन पत्ती जीतने के लिए कोई उपाय किजे मेरी मदद किजे

  3. Awesome Sir, the best card magic I've ever seen…. I'm trying to figure it out…. but didn't find it yet… Excellent trick👏👏

  4. Triple lift from bottom to make the top 4 cards ace of hearts, random card, jack of spades, jack of clubs. put down two top cards which are ace of hearts and random card.

    Bottom card is now a second ace of hearts then jack of spades then jack of clubs. Triple lift to reveal ace of hearts and put down two jacks one on top of each other.

    Amazing lifts and performance none the less. For an amateur to learn this, I would have something on the cards to make them stick to each other better to do the lifts but I highly doubt this professional had to do that

  5. That is a really cool trick !! It is one of my favorites !! Amazing effect ! Congratulations ! 👏👏👏 But can you do a tutorial,please ? 🙂

  6. +The Card Tricks You are very amazing magician. I want learn this amazing card trick please tell me where I can learn it. I downloaded your book and I did not find it. Sorry Im from Slovakia and I can not speak english very well.

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