amazing amazing card trick

hello everybody welcome back to mohafy,s tricks
channel we will make today a cool card trick you can fool your
friends with it ok let’s start first thing the deck of cards completely shuffled ok an i will cut the cards into 3 piles I will pick this card and this card and you take this card this is your card then i will sandwich it like that and like that then I will shuffle the cards like this okay then I will take 8 cards okay 8 cards , one two three four five six seven eight then I will ask you some questions and you will reply for it okay?
is this your card ? no I will put it down and take one card out Is this your card ? no? okay i will take it and put this card out Is this your card ? no? i will put it down Is this your card? no? Is this your card ?not Is this your card? no then i will put it down it isnt your card here right ? okay we will make another thing i will make my fist like this then i will put the card like that and i will hit the cards okay only one card in my fist amazing yep yes okay and if you wanna the reveal and the secret of this card plaese subscribe and leave a comment and good bye 🙂

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