– Okay, soldiers. This is the fight of our lives. Christmas is destroyed, and now we will use the
reindeer wand to rule the world! Ah ha ha ha ha! – Um, what about us, Mr. Nutty? – Uh, yeah. Oh, right. I almost forgot about you. Once we have the reindeer wand, we will use it to turn
you into humans made of peanut butter. – Oh, that’s not so bad. – And eat you! – Aw, man. – Hup, two, three four. Hup, two, three, four. – We have to do something. – Without the reindeer wand, I don’t know how we’re
gonna save Christmas. – Hold on. This is exactly like
my handcuff trick. – The one you couldn’t solve? – Just give me a second. I think I got it this time. (triumphant music) I’ll take that! – No! – Akira, go. I’ll hold them off. (clacking) (festive music) – Christmas is coming up. Here I have Santa’s wish list,
and it has a few cool items. You know, candy, slug
smoothies, rotten egg salad. All great things that I’m sure you’d love
to have for Christmas. So what I’m gonna have you
do is take this Sharpie, and I’m gonna hold
this upside-down, and you’re going to
circle one of the list. It doesn’t matter what. You won’t know. I won’t know. And we’re gonna
see what you get. Yeah. All right. You’ve made your decision. Was it a wise decision? – I don’t really know.
– I don’t know. (gasps) You got candy! That’s fantastic. All right. Well, let’s if we can make
this candy really appear. Let’s see if we can
make this candy real. It’s not just a
Christmas miracle. All right. Fold up this. (snaps) Give it a little magic. See if we can’t… (gasps) Oh my goodness. Your wish came true. Amazing. Here, have all the candy. This is all for you.
– Thank you. – Here I have two candy canes. This one is for one,
and this one is for me. But my candy canes, I actually like
them a little bent, and as you can see, it’s, you
know, it’s straight right now. But, with a little Christmas
magic, a little extra strength, I think I can bend this
completely sideways. – That’s actually really easy. – It’s easy? It’ll break though. I can keep it together. There we go.
– Oh! – Yeah. Fully bent candy cane. – Can mine do that? – I mean, you can try. You said it was easy. (Akira gasps) – It didn’t work. – Exactly. You gotta have that
Christmas magic. (clanking) Please give me another clue. (gasps) Since the last clue you
received was misunderstood, you’re looking for pine
cones and needles and wood. Easy enough for you? Yeah, I get it. It’s at the tree. (clanking) Oh. The final gift was actually
a partridge in a pear tree. Tree. I get it now. (chattering) Stop right there, Nutty. – I just wanted to be
a normal boy again. – We’re gonna help you. – How? That wand isn’t powerful
enough to save Christmas and make me into a real boy. – I’ve got it. – What did you wish for? – It was pretty simple. I’ll see you soon. (festive music) – Thanks for taking me to
Universal Studios, Akira. – Of course. Quick, we gotta run. – Run where? That’s one creepy nutcracker. What’s in its mouth? – Don’t touch it. Everyone deserves
a good Christmas, even a nutty nutcracker. Skeletal spell, undo thyself. – Huh? I’m a real boy again. Thank you so much. Whoever you are,
but thanks anyways. Whoo! – Well, I have no idea
what just happened. And I’m not gonna ask. – All right, Walker. Today is all about you. What do you want to ride first? – Ride first? I’m just happy you remembered
my Christmas present. – Of course! – Merry Christmas, Akira. – You knew this would happen
all along, didn’t you? – I could tell you were
doubting your magic. So I hatched a plan to
make you understand that the beautiful thing
about Christmas is that it makes people believe
in the impossible. And every time you
do a magic trick, you make people feel that way. Never forget that, Akira. – Merry Christmas, Spelldini. Why does he always do that? – Come on, Akira. The rides.

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