AGO Q&A Last Card Rules

How to play AGO last card. Shuffle the cards and deal seven to each player. The aim of the game is to use all your cards
before everyone else. Turn over the top card. The player to the left of the dealer starts.
On your turn, you have to match the color or number of the previous card. So here, the player can match a 2, or a green. They place their card on top and ask the
next player a question based on the card. What time do you get up? I get up at 6. If they have multiple cards of the same type, such as a pair of 5s, or a pair of change direction cards, they can be played together. Note that the bottom card must match the previous
card. What if you don’t have a matching card? If you can’t play a card, pick up instead. If you can play this new card, then do so. If you can’t, then the turn ends. (If you’re playing AGO Phonics, read
the three words, then the phonics target sound). Now let’s look at “Action cards”. “Pick Up” cards make the next player pick
up that many cards from the draw pile, then play their turn as normal. If they also have a pick up card, then they
can play it and the next player has to pick up the combined number of both cards. The “Change Color” card can be played
on any card, and lets the player choose a color for the next player to match. The “Change Direction” card reverses the
order of play. from clockwise to anti-clockwise, or vice
versa. The Jump card makes the next player miss a
turn. In AGO Q&A levels Green and above, there are
two special action cards. The ‘Erase’ card, and the ‘Splatter’ card. Here’s how they work:
These can be played at any time, on any card. But they also have two special powers. The Erase card cancels a pick up card. Play this on top of any pick up cards to avoid
picking up on your turn. It also erases the color. So the next player can play any card. Splatter is the most powerful card in the
deck! If you play this on top of a pick up card,
you don’t pick up any cards, but every one else does! So if this player puts a splatter card on
a pick up three card, everyone picks up three cards – except them. Unless, of course a player can play an erase
card. As I said before, the first person to play
all their cards is the winner. When one move from finishing, say ‘Last card’ or ‘Last cards’ (if you have two or more cards of the same rank). Note that you cannot finish using change color, splatter or erase cards. That would be too easy! That’s it. Hope you have fun!

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