Advanced Kiosks: Zamok Credit Card Reader Kiosk Software

Many self-service transactions require payment
or identification by credit card. Let me tell you how Zamok can help simplify this process. Hi, I’m Justin at Advance Kiosks, here to
show you how our credit card solution can enhance your kiosk. The Zamok Credit Card software enables your
customers to provide payment in a private and secure environment. The Credit Card software interprets the swipe,
and automatically inputs the credit card data into the required webpage fields, without
processing the transaction. Best of all the credit card data is not stored,
creating a safe yet convenient solution for your customer. Here is how it works:
*Swipe the card *Then Click the field tab
*If you have corrections or updates, follow the prompt
*Finally, Click the confirmation tab and you’re ready to go The Zamok Credit Card Software will help your
organization: We have many great Kiosk software solutions
available AND would love to help you find ways to improve your organization. Give us
a call today to create a better buying experience for your customers with the Zamok Credit Card

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