About Essential Oils Yoga Class at Mojo November 2016

Let’s talk essential oils and yoga class,
okay? Awesome
So now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s talk about the essential oils class
coming up tomorrow at Mojo Fit Studios. If you’re going to be there, I’m so excited
to teach it again. It’s a once a month class that we started
hosting last month at Mojo Fit Studios through doTERRA, because they have an entire program
on it. They lay out everything nicely. I want to discuss the oils we are using in
tomorrow night’s class. Why we are using them and how awesome it’s
going to be. There’s only 4 spots left for the class. If you decide to join, me and restorative
teacher Jessi will be leading the class. I’ve laid it out. Tomorrow’s class is all about gratitude, because
it is November. We are “seeing the gift in your obstacles.” This is a really great guide but I’m going
to be adding my own flare to the class and we’ll
have a
lot of fun.

  1. I am signed up for your class coming up but after seeing this video I'm concerned about a few things.  I do not ingest oils so I definitely would not participate in that.  The other thing is that I never apply oils neat.  Will you have carriers available for all of the oils?

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