7 Card Stud Poker : Strategy for Seven Card Stud Poker

Hello! My name is Taylor Honkofsky and on
behalf of expertvillage.com, we’re talking about 7 card stud. On this section, we’re
going to just focus on one particular hand. I’m going to go ahead and set it up for myself.
When you get the 2 cards down and the 1 card up. Looking at a king. That’s usually pretty
strong. Everybody at the table can see that you have a king. A king definitely looks good.
I look at my 2 others cards. Nobody can see these cards, only you know. It doesn’t look
so great right here, but I do have this king so I’m kind of scaring my opponents a little
bit. Let’s see what happens. Let’s say I get to the next card and I call a bet. The next
card comes out. I remind you these are down so the opponents can’t see that. Right now
they’re just seeing a king and an 8. I got 3 cards to a straight. Not looking extremely
promising yet, but it’s about the 7 cards not just about the 4 cards in there. On 5th
street there, which is the 5th card, I have paired my king. I now have a pretty strong
hand, but the problem about this is that everybody can see I have a pair of kings. I don’t have
anything else under here to go with that, so if somebody can’t beat a pair of kings,
and I bet most likely they’re going to fold. If I do bet and somebody calls, I know in
the back of my head that I’m a little worried because they see my pair of kings, but they’re
still calling my anyway. That’s the 5th card. The 6th card I’m going to get is a jack. Not
really improving my hand too much. I still just have the pair of kings. The 7th card
I have is a deuce. It’s your 5 best cards so it’s going to be king, king, king, jack,
8 and then 7, and the 4 and the deuce are no good. There is my hand. A pair holds up
sometimes; sometimes it doesn’t you just kind of have to go with your feel and what you
see the other players having. This is a hand of 7 card stud. Thank you for watching.


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