7 Card Stud Poker : How to Bluff in Seven Card Stud Poker

Hello! My name is Taylor Honkofsky and on
behalf of expertvillage.com, we’re talking about 7 card stud. In this we’re going to
talk a little bit about bluffing, trying to take it down with nothing. First 2 cards come
down and then 1 up. Looks pretty good. We got 3 spades, you’ll probably stay in. The
4th spade comes up. We’re also looking pretty strong to our competitors because we had 2
spades and we’re betting. We’re also showing an ace. It’s looking a little bit scary. The
next card comes down. Now we got 2 to a straight as well. We’re still betting, and even if
we’re still getting a call. the guy has to be worried because he see what you have. You
have several possibilities out here. This also another heart . You have 2 hearts and
2 spades and you also have 2 ways to make a straight. It’s looking a little intimidating
to your opponent that maybe you do have something when in fact, you don’t have anything at all.
Then that river card is going to be down. They’re not going to see what you have. If
you’re still betting all the way, your board is a little bit intimidating. It could be
more intimidating, but this looks like you possibly have a made hand, especially if are
betting. You could get somebody to lay down the best hand. It’s all about feel. Kind of
feeling out the player, kind of picking up a way that that player plays. A lot is in
the betting patterns; a lot is in the type of person. Is he a passive person? Is he an
aggressive person? You have to take all of this into factor when playing. It’s very important
if you pay attention to any ticks that that person may have, you may pick up something
and may realize if you do bet they will fold their hand. Sometimes people will make gestures.
You have to really pay attention and you’ll hear what these people are saying and it’ll
give you a great idea of what exactly they do have. Sometimes it’s the opposite where
you just have to kind of play it by feel. This game is a lot of feel, especially when
bluffing you have to have a good feel on everything. This has been bluffing and 7 card stud. Thank
you for watching.

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