1. If you put a piece of clear adhesive tape where you pick the balloon, you can impale it though any point, not just the top and bottom.

  2. I'd really like to see a particle simulation of what's going on at a gas/oil/gas boundary with a high pressure differential. Oil obviously acts differently from water.

  3. My understanding with the balloon trick is that it's not as much the thickness of the rubber as it is the surface tension and the direction the tension is pulling. As the skin of the balloon stretches outward the tension gathers at two points, the base where the balloon is blown up, and the point opposite the base. These two points are being compressed and that's why they can be staked. Love your channel! Keep up the fun!

  4. If your in rubber shoes, can you charge yourself up with a powerful electric charge… do anyone that touched you would get a serious shock… using a device on you? I'm thinking yes because that's how you shock others with static electricity. Could this be recharged quickly to make a personal defense system against attackers or muggers that want to grab you?

  5. 4th one can be performed like this : take a glass, light a piece of paper and drop into it, cover it with your palm. lift your hand and the glass will come along with it. 🙂

  6. I'm with the others here, framerate was all over the place. Had it at 1080p (automatically) and there's no way in hell my GTX1080 or XB280HK are causing it.

  7. May I suggest in the future that you render/record videos at 30fps instead of 24 – It looks quite stuttery, not sure if this is just due to the marginally lower framerate (6fps lower that "standard" 30fps) or if it is due to some mismatch between the rates of monitors and the video (unlikely I know, just a thought), but 30 would look a lot nicer 🙂

    Great video though!

  8. Fun video! I'd like to see this explained referencing potential real-world applications for the physics behind these tricks. I think that would help get more interest in STEM. Science demos often show the "wow," which is awesome, but I imagine some audiences just see these as magic tricks, and don't get the same natural inclination to ask "why" that scientists/engineers have…

  9. I absolutely adore you Dianna and I've been a long time subscriber but the quality of this video's content (and the video itself) was subpar. It's not an efficient use of advertiser money and viewer time.
    Other channels are doing much better physics and astrophysics videos. Look at Brady Haran's stuff, or even the Vox video about the Hubble Deep Field.
    Please improve in the upcoming videos. Thanks!

  10. I had a question which I was wondering if you could help me with. I am a lover of science particularly Marine Science and Evolutionary science. I recently went back to school after taking a extremely long break. I'm about to turn 25 years old and I'm 2 years off from finishing my AA due to going to school and not caring then leaving due to work. My question i guess is, is it too late? I see people earning there BA and what nots and they're 21-22 years old idk maybe I'm just overthinking everything. But yeah just wanted to ask for some advice if you found the time.

    Love the show. Thanks.

  11. my maths teacher asked this question – a person receives a prize if he(or she) wins one of the following games:
    a) throw a dice 10 times and get a 6 at least 5 times to win
    b) throw a dice 20 times and get a 6 at least 10 times to win
    which game is the person most likely to win?

  12. You deserve more subscribers, and by the way thanks for subscribing me. My mom is a 8th Grade science teacher😂 I grew up with science

  13. I've done the balancing forks before, but I used a toothpick balancing on the point of another toothpick that was sticking up out of one of the hole on top of a salt shaker.

  14. In the 1st experiment with the forks it get's better when u put the match in 1/2 length point on the edge of the glass and fire it up. Tried it, tested it, turned out gr8.

  15. #3 works better if you use raisins instead of peanuts. they are denser (I think) but definitely have a surface that is much better at holding onto CO2 bubbles

  16. in the equation e=mc2 , c2 means speed of light square right? if so this means there is something faster then speed of light? is the equation wrong? or there something faster then speed of light? or is it just me not understanding the equation

  17. Wow, I thought the water raising up into the glass was caused because the lighted match used up all the oxygen in the glass and the air pressure outside forced the water in to replace it and balance the pressure.
    I had no Idea it was down to the heat instead.

  18. With the peanut one use chocolate chips. I guarantee it will work better. plus you won't have to dilute the soda.

  19. For the balancing forks, I have wet the edge of the glass, then lit the match head. The match will burn except for where it contacts the wet glass leaving just a tiny nub of the match touching the edge of the glass. Takes a little practice.

  20. Physics Girl, try sultanas/raisins and (non-watered down) carbonated yummy stuff instead of the peanuts, they grab more surface bubbles because of the wrinkly skin

  21. The balloon kebab,the raising waters and fork balancing aren't new to me.we did them in high school tho! anyways thanks for the rest and wish u happy physics day♥♡♥♡

  22. Again, thank you so much for this! You actually explained the match/candle trick with water and a cup correctly, while everyone else explains it wrong

  23. Hi Diana! Have you tried the carbonated water trick with raisins? 😀 There is more surface area to volume in a raisin than a peanut, so I found that to be more effective.

  24. How about, filling a glass with water to the rim and putting a beer coaster on top and then turning the glass upside down.  Because the pressure inside the glass is the same as the pressure outside the glass the coaster doesn't fall.

  25. Great video as always, I love the fact that my 11-year-old daughter has a female role model that shows such enthusiasm for science. As for your rising peanut demonstration; have you ever tried using raisins?  Give it a try some time and see what you think.

  26. Can you explain what happens when you put gold into a Hydrochloric acid and mix Nitric acid and the gold turns to a liquid. Then using Metabetasulfite to return it to a solid…

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