– [Voiceover] These
days, the ultra-rich are always looking for ways
to distinguish themselves. For the average
person, credit cards only represent a means of
getting by when money is tight or just a way to
make extra purchases. But it turns out that
some credit cards take things one step further. With these elite credit
cards, it’s safe to say that if you had one of them, it would
definitely turn some heads. These are the five most
exclusive credit cards in the world. Number five is the
Merrill Accolades American Express card. In order to obtain
this rare credit card, you must be identified
as one of the most valuable banking
clients of Merrill Lynch which is one of the most
prestigious wealth management firms in the entire world. The Merrill Lynch Accolades Card has a sleek black
design with the customary Merrill Lynch
bull logo emblazed on it. In order to hold this
card, you must pay a very low annual fee of $295, but the perks and
exclusivity of the card is what makes it truly
a card of the rich. The perks of holding the
Merrill Accolades Card include premium concierge
services just for you, hotel discounts and
upgrades, as well as a complimentary and all-paid
access to select resorts, cruise programs and discounted
access to private jets. Number four is the
Citigroup Chairman American Express Card. Just like the Merrill Accolades
American Express Card, this prestigious credit card
is only available to you if you are one of Citibank’s
most important customers. The Chairman American
Express Card has an annual fee of $500 with
no preset spending limit but is difficult to
obtain due to the fact it is only available to people
who are invited to use it. The Citigroup Chairman
American Express Card offers and all-day
personal concierge, a travel rewards program,
complimentary lounge access, access and opportunities to
purchase private jet services, room upgrades at Hilton
Hotels and much, much more. Number three is the
Stratus Rewards Visa Card. The Stratus Rewards Visa
Card is a highly exclusive credit card that is commonly
called “The White Card”. This credit card is
available only by invitation. The target audience for
this credit card are high net worth customers who
frequently use private jets to travel and are looking to
rack up credit card points while doing so. The Stratus Rewards Visa
Card has an annual fee of $1,500. Holders of this card can
pool their earned points to redeem them for
free flight hours on private Marquis jets. Other perks of this
credit card include quarterly gifts of trendsetting
items, complimentary car service, upgrades
and special amenities at luxury hotels and upscale
merchandise discounts. With a Stratus Rewards
Visa Card, cardholders can also redeem their
points for consultation with lifestyle experts
and famous personalities. Number two is the
JPMorgan Palladium Card. The JPMorgan Palladium Card
is an exclusive offering for the wealthiest of
JPMorgan Chase clients. This means that to even
get a chance to look at this credit card, you
must at least be a customer of JPMorgan with $250,000 or
more in investable assets. The Palladium Card as
an annual fee of $595. This may seem steep, but
this credit card offers perks like no other. All other typical credit
card transaction fees are instantly waived for
holders of this credit card. The card, itself, is
made of pure Palladium and the card is also
adorned with 23 carat gold and its logo and card number
are etched in by laser. Just the card, alone,
is of such value, card members also
receive a plastic version of their Palladium card
for use among the public. The upsides of owning
a Palladium Card include top-tier
concierge services, unlimited complimentary
access to more than 600 airport lounges, access
to private Marquis jets, a travel rewards
program, and guaranteed first class upgrades when
flying on British Airways. And number one is the American
Express Centurian Card. The American Express
Centurian Card, which is known simply
as “The Black Card” is the most famous and exclusive
credit card in existence. In order to get your hands
on this elusive credit card you have to pay, not only a
steep, one-time initiation fee of $5,000, but
also, a staggering $2,000 annual fee. Because of the high
cost associated with owning this credit card,
very few people in the world will ever see it, let alone
posses “The Black Credit Card”. If you ever do manage to get
your hands on one of these, you’ll probably notice
that The Black Card is made of solid
titanium, unlike most
plastic credit cards. There’s no way for you
to obtain a Black Card, other than through an invitation
from American Express. The entry requirements for
The Black Card are kept a closely guarded secret,
but it is believed that you must show 6-figure
annual spending habits in order to even be
considered, but the Black Card certainly has its perks. These included a
dedicated concierge, complimentary airline tickets,
access to airport lounges, flight upgrades,
complimentary hotel nights, personal shoppers at
luxury retailers and the ability to shut down
luxury shopping outlets so you can go about your
shopping without being disturbed by anybody else. For more top lists just
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