5 Kg वज़न घटाएं in 2 weeks | Lose Weight Fast with Jeera Water for Weight Loss in Hindi

So far, we used cumin seeds just to add flavour to our food. But did you know that it can also help cut your belly fat? Cumin seeds have many such properties that can help you lose weight fast and also helps cleanse your body. Even a pinch of cumin seeds can help you shed a lot of weight but you have to try it to believe it! In this video, we will share a magical drink with you, that is made with cumin seeds, that can help you lose weight at least 3 times faster than any other drink. We have to prepare this drink before we sleep and keep it overnight. Then we have to drink it the next morning on an empty stomach. We will take a glass of fresh water. This water is at room temperature. Now we will soak one tablespoon of cumin seeds in this water. Cumin seeds increases our metabolism rate thereby burning calories very fast. It not only helps in weight loss but also helps in cutting belly fat. If you take cumin seeds regularly, it will improve your digestion and you won’t get any gastric problems too. Cover it and let it soak overnight. In the morning, boil this cumin seeds water along with cumin seeds. Boil this water till it remains half in quantity. Strain this water when it’s lukewarm. Now add juice of one lemon and mix it well. Lemon provides our body with Vitamin C. In addition, it prevents damaging of cells in our body. Lemon also helps make our immune system strong and also keeps our skin glowing. Now we will add a spoon of honey. Honey also improves our metabolism. Mix it well. Make sure that you add honey to lukewarm water only. If the water is boiling hot, it will kill the useful enzymes present in honey. Honey, when combined with lukewarm water and lemon, can help in rapid weight loss. It mobilises the accumulated fat in our bodies and converts into usable energy. As a result, we feel more active throughout the day, our overall health improves and gradually we also begin losing weight. Now this cumin seeds water is ready. This cumin seeds water will not only improve your digestion but will also prevent diarrhea and constipation. Cumin seeds water also keeps your stomach and liver healthy. It flushes out toxins from your body making your body organs even stronger and you won’t fall ill frequently. This drink will start showing results within a few days only but if you want long term results, then you need to maintain a healthy lifestyle too. Follow any low calorie diet plan. If you want one of our diet plans, you can check video links in the description box below. Drink lots of water throughout the day. Walk for at least 15 minutes everyday. Do try this cumin seed water and also share your feedback with us. If you want more such weight loss tips and tricks, do let us know in comments below.

  1. I will start from tomorrow i.e from 5th of December 2019….I will come back here after 15 days for sharing my experience…

  2. Maine yeh try kia tha.Really it's work.mera weight significantly lose hua tha but maine only jeera ka use kia tha
    Honey ,lemon use nehi kia tha.

  3. agar aap Sach me weight loss karna chahte h tab iss number pe contact kijiye…Maine do saal me 95kg se 61 kg kiya h…by the way main iss tip ke liye 500/- charge karti hoon so if u want u can contact me on 9938374759

  4. Hello Mam Mai apne weight se bhut paresaan hu 2 saal ho gayaa abhi tak meri sadi set nhi hue….ladke wale bolte hai ki ladki moti haiii
    mam main bhut paresan hu help me mam plzzz
    guide me to loose my weight
    20 kg weight loss karna hai mam mujhe
    January se phale 20 kg weight loss karna hai
    2018 mai meri sadi cancel ho gai
    tab sr mujhe or mere parents ko bhut tension ho gayaaa hai or mai moti bhi ho gai hu

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    No need to exercise..
    Just replace your breakfast with nutrition..
    What's aap only

    Also start your work from home

  8. Its been 3 weeks now that I have been taking jeera water. I take it three times a day. To be honest, it has definitely helped my digestion, but no change in weight. I will still continue taking it and wait for any weight related results in next few weeks.

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  11. Gungune Pani ko Pina h ya room temperature per aane ke baad
    Please say
    I will start it from tommorow 9/1/2020

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  13. mam me breastfeed karwati hu. baby ko.. but muje apna waight loss karna he.nd meri dilvry ko 4month b hogaye he… nd mera baby upar ka dudh pita he… mera bhot kam pita he.. to kya ye me lesakti hu???? plzzzzz reply plzz

  14. Youtubers reply when they have a few subscribers nd when they have Mllinions of subcribers ,they dnt reply😂😂

  15. # वज़न घटाएं
    बिना कसरत, बिना दवाई, बिना भूखे रहे
    अभी WhatsAppया कौल करें
    #30 दिन की मनी बैक गारंटी।
    #72 घंटे में असर शुरू।
    एक बार पुरी जानकारी ज़रूर लें!

  16. Bajan guarana tuna aasan goat to kya baat this.but simple way to ski aap freight control kar.subah NAFTA jarur kare or rat ka khana 6 ya 7 bake khale or mini book hai usse sasha hi khaye.hamesha khane ke bag rhoda tahle.or kapalua bhatti kar isse bhot fayda Hogan.

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  18. Hii…I am starting this from 1 march2020……and I will give the result after 15 day….that's.16 march2020….wish me best luck

  19. Nice explain & presentation.. Friends I'll start this remedy from 4th march 2020. Then I will update you after 2 weeks. As of now, my weight is 68.4. I will be back on 19th March.

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