here are five hidden facts that you may not know about playing cards [Music] number one the house date back hundreds of years and there’s been some speculation about why a deck of cards has 52 cards four suits two colors etc etc some believe that the two colors red and black represent night and day the four suits represent the four seasons of the year now in a deck you have twelve court cards which could represent the twelve months of the year they’re also twelve animals in the cycle of the Chinese calendar or 12 zodiacs there are 13 cards in each suit 13 could represent the lunar like the moon travels around the earth thirteen times a year and there are also 13 weeks per season 52 cards in a deck 52 weeks in a year coincidence there’s a myth that says that if you add up all the single values of the cards together they will give you 365 now this myth is false but if you do the math take the average value of a playing card which is 7 multiply that by the number of suits which is 4 and multiply that by the number of cards in every suit which is 13 that should give you 364 add a joker 365 another little hidden easter egg within the deck of cards is the 8 of diamonds how many eighths do you see here now you probably see the two indices on each corner but if you take a look at the negative space you can actually see another 8 which brings me to fact number three if you perfectly shuffle a deck of cards one card for one card this is known as Faro shuffle if you do this eight times in a row the deck will return to its original order [Music] fact number four in World War two the US playing card company teamed up with British intelligence to send troops playing card packs these maps were hidden on the inside of a playing card when wet you could split these cards open adding all the cards together would create a full-size map they created a special line of playing cards cheap enough so that they can send every troop at least one deck of cards and these would not arouse suspicions for many troops Texan cards are said to have helped at least 32 people escaped from Colditz castle and prompted some 316 escape attempts no one knows how many decks were produced but the only known to surviving decks are held in the washington dc’s v museum but that’s not all they were also later used in the vietnam war because the ace of spades was said to represent death in certain cultures the US soldiers had ordered thousands and thousands of playing cards made of both just ace of spades they would stick in their helmets to instill fear in their enemies in fact number five did you know there are more ways to shuffle a deck of cards than there are atoms on earth the total number of ways to shuffle a deck of cards is 52 factorial what does that mean to mean 52 times 51 times 50 times 49 and so on and so on so on maybe you a number which is so large 8 with 67 zeros so to put this in practical terms you could shuffle the deck of cards every second since the beginning of creation of the Big Bang and still to this day not inside the same arrangement twice so basically if you took every planet in the universe and had people on that planet give each of them a deck of cards and let them shuffle a deck of cards once per second still to this day you would not have the same raising twice every time you pick up the deck of cards just know that you’re holding a completely unique order and no one is likely at the scene so those are five cool hidden facts that you may not know about playing cards thanks for watching if you like this video go ahead and hit the like button and don’t forget to subscribe we’ll see on the next video peace [Music]

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