4 Ways: Clear Card Elements

– [Jennifer] Hi there and welcome. This is Jennifer McGuire,
and I’m glad you’re here. Today I am sharing with you four ways to add clear elements to your cards. Acetate, or as I like to
also call it, clear paper. It’s something fun to use on cards because it’s very unexpected, and there are fun things that you can do with it; fun techniques. I’m going to share four ideas
and four cards with you today. Let’s start with this first card here. This is actually a clear card, and I’m going to share tips
for stamping on clear cards. I’m using a new product from Mama Elephant called The Dog’s Woof Stamp Set. They have come out with stamp
sets like this in the past that have cats and snowmen. Well now they’ve got dogs for all the dog lovers out there like me. I think this is a really fun stamp set that you can build up in many ways. I went ahead and stamped
it on some white card stock and colored it with Copic markers. I didn’t do anything fancy. You can use any kind of
coloring you would like, and I’m using the coordinating die to go ahead and cut it out. You really could cut it out by hand because it’s pretty simple, but I went ahead and used
the coordinating die. Now you’ll notice my coloring didn’t reach all the way to the bottom, so I just went ahead
and trimmed a little bit extra off the bottom. I’m also cutting a piece
from white card stock using that same coordinating die. So it’s the exact same shape and size. Now for this card, I’m using my first favorite acetate product that I recommend, and this is Hero Arts Acetate Clear Cards. There are several in a pack, and it also comes with white
card inserts and the envelopes. These are four and a
quarter by five and a half and super thick. They’re perfectly clear, and they come folded. So you don’t have to worry
about getting a good score line. This is such a great product. I’ve used it many times over the years, and I’ll link to a few videos
that I’ve done using it. Very thick. I’ve never found acetate that nice before. Now to create this card, I’m gluing my little doggy piece right onto the front bottom
of that acetate card. You’ll see some green
marker on that acetate. I was just testing out
some coloring on it, so I’ll be covering that up. So I’ve glued my doggy onto
the front of that clear card. Now this other white piece I’m going to put adhesive
on the front of it, then I’ll glue that right up against the back of my
colored doggy piece. This will be inside of the card, and it’ll allow me to
cover up the adhesive so it looks nice and clean
when you open the card up. It also offers a little
bit of stability too. I had to trim a little bit
off the bottom of that, and now the front of our card is ready; however, we need to make
sure that we have something on the inside also so we
can write our message there. So I cut a thin strip of white card stock. This is about one and three quarts inch. I’m putting some adhesive on it, and I’m actually doing this on two pieces. One will go on the inside of the card, one will go on the back of the card. So I’m gluing the first piece right onto the bottom inside of the card. This is where our greeting will go; where we can write our own
little personal message on it. It’s not much room, but I usually don’t write a
ton on the inside of my cards, so I thought this would work okay. Now the other piece I’m going to glue to the back of my card. This will hide the
adhesive on the other side and also give me a place where I can stamp my Hand-Stamped by Jennifer stamp or whatever you stamp on
the back of your card, and again, it gives it more stability, but remember that this
clear card is super thick. It really doesn’t need anything else, but we just need some spots
to write our messages. So there you can see
the front of the card, the inside of the card, and all of our adhesive is hidden; there’s something on
each side of the card. I also used a extra little doggy image that’s included in that stamp set, and a little card with a heart on it, and I stamped that on the inside, and I’ll color it to match
the front of the card. Next I wanted to stamp a sentiment on the front of that acetate
on the front of the card. Stamping on acetate can be tricky, but I have some tips for you. Now, Mama Elephant came out with the Scripty Notes Stamp Set, the one on the left a couple months ago, and it’s a fantastic set. It was on my favorite things list of 2017. They recently came out
with the Mama Elephant Scripty Birthday Stamp Set
which you see on the right. In there is a sentiment
that says yay happy mail, and I’ll be using that today. I wanted to show you both of these sets because they’re wonderful sets. Now stamping on acetate is very easy if you use the right ink. I am using my MISI Stamping Tool simply because I wanted to
demonstrate the few things, but you can use an acrylic
block if that is all you have. I’m using Stays On Black ink for this. This is a great ink that
dries nicely on acetate. You can also use the white. That one works great too. Now I need to re-ink mine, but I can’t find my re-inker. Stays On, it is an ink that
needs to be re-inked often, so I’m going to double stamp it. Now you’ll notice I didn’t
double stamp it very well. The nice thing about acetate
is you can wipe it clean, perfectly clean with a little
bit of rubbing alcohol. I used an alcohol swab, and then I just wiped it
clear with a baby wipe, and it completely erases
that Stays On ink. That’s one of the nice things
about stamping on acetate. You can wipe it clean
with an alcohol swab. So here I’m going to do a
better job this time stamping, and I stamped that Stays On
Black ink onto my acetate card. You normally only need to stamp it once. If your ink pad is re-inked nicely, but mine is pretty old
and needs some re-inking. So there you have your sentiment
on the front of the card. Now to clean your stamp, I do not recommend using Stays On Cleaner on your clear stamps, so I instead use my Hero Arts Ultra-Clean. That is safe on stamps, and it works great with the Stays On ink. I would just recommend cleaning your stamp right away from that Stays On. Next I’m going to add a few
tiny little heart die cuts with some strong distress collage medium. That’s a nice strong adhesive, then I’m covering those
little red heart die cuts with a tonic crystal glaze. This is just a clear product that’ll give us some nice
clear dimension and shine. So here’s the final card. You can see how there’s a
place to write on the inside. The top portion of the card is clear. It has a lot of stability to it. it’s nice and strong, and you have your floating
sentiment stamped on the top. So this first idea shows
how to make a clear card and also incorporate stamping. Now my next example
shows how you can color on acetate for kind of
a stained glass look. There are a few ways to do this, but I’ll show you my favorite way today. For this one, I’m using another of my favorite acetate products. These are Hero Arts Acetate Sheets. These are different than
the acetate note cards. The material is a little bit different. This is perfectly crystal clear, and it’s perfect shaker windows, or any kind of window on your card. It comes in packs with this
size or slightly bigger too. The price point is good, but keep in mind for some of these
techniques like this one, you could use any recycled acetate that you might have from packaging. I just like this because
it’s a nice quality. I’m also using the new Mama Elephant Pretty Lovely Stamp Set. This is a beautiful set with
some outline script words that I think are really fun and unique. I’m using my MISTI again
simply because it’s handy, but you can use any acrylic
block or stamping tool. I’m taping a piece of that Hero Arts acetate sheet into my MISTI. When you stamp onto acetate, the stamp wants to stick to
the acetate and pull it up. That’s why I decided to tape it in place. I have my flower image in here, and I’m again going to
stamp with Stays On ink. I’ll stamp this right onto the acetate, and then I want to stamp
the lovely across that; however, I don’t want the stem to overlap, so I used an alcohol swab to just erase a little bit of the stem. This is something really handy
that you can do with acetate. Now I can place that lovely
stamp right over that open area, put it into my MISTI, and then stamp that with the same black Stays On ink. Stays On comes in many
colors, but my favorite, and I think are the ones
that are the most effective are the black and the white. Now I’m going to give
this a little bit of time to dry on that acetate. I don’t want to heat this
acetate up with my heat gun. Once it’s good and dry,
I’m going to flip it over and add some color with my
Copic markers to the back. You could color directly on the front, but I wanted to be sure
that it was completely dry, so I just went ahead
and colored on the back, but you could definitely
color right on the front. You want to use some
sort of alcohol marker, or you could even use a
Sharpie marker for this. I’m using Copic markers
because that’s what I have. Now I’m coloring some darker
red, then going to medium, and then going to light reds, and you’ll notice that every time you touch the previous
color with a new marker, it will move it, so it’s
kind of hard to blend these. You’re not gonna get a
perfect blend with these. Instead you’re going to get
kind of a stained glass look. So I first put some color down, then I went back over all of the areas with tiny little dots. So you know I’m just kind
of putting little dots kind of in the dark areas
with this darker Copic marker, then I’ll come with the
other colors and add dots. Something about those little dots, the way it moves the ink a little bit on the acetate gives a
beautiful stained glass look. It’s something completely different than coloring on plain paper. You can also remove color
easily; erase it easily with your colorless
blender or a lighter color. Okay, so I went ahead and
put green for the stem and gold for behind the word lovely, and I set that aside to dry for a while. Once I was sure it was dry, which doesn’t take long, I created a piece of white card stock that is five and a quarter by four inches, and I die cut a rectangle
window from the center. I put adhesive around that window on the back of the white card stock, and I’m laying my lovely
acetate piece onto it. Next I’m adding some double-sided tape. This is foam tape, so it has dimension. This will allow that acetate
to kind of float above our card because we added that dimension in there. I have a piece of white card stock here that’s just a scrap I had leftover. That’s going to be a backer on this, and then I’m going to put
some strong adhesive on that, and glue that onto a red card. I put that white piece there so white would show through the window instead of the red card. So you can see that acetate is kind of floating above the card stock. I could put some little
gems or sequins in there and make it a shaker card, but I decided to just leave it kind of a faux stained glass look. Very simple, but it’s
really elegant in real life. This card doesn’t take that long to do, so it’s one that you
could make many times, and because you can erase the stamping or the coloring with your alcohol swab, never gonna make a mistake. So there you have an idea of
adding color to your acetate. Next let’s talk about
heat embossing on acetate. This is something I get asked about often. I’m going to share with you my favorite tips and products for that. I’m using the Mama Elephant
Fly With Me Stamp Set. This is a new set that is just adorable, so I’m going to use an
elephant holding onto a balloon and the big hugs sentiment. I’m also using the Little Inker Designs Fringe Scalloped
Rectangle die set. This is a unique die set. The one I’m using cuts a rectangle with a fun fringe scallop that has dimension to it on the outside. I went ahead and stamped and
colored one of the elephants holding onto the balloon,
and now I have a piece of white card stock that is
four by five and a quarter. From the center of it, I’m die cutting one of the fringed scalloped rectangle dies from that Little Inker set. I can save that middle
rectangle for another card. I’m going to use the outline piece to create a simple shaker card. Now to make the scallops on the stand up, just flip it over and
press the little scallops through with your craft knife, and that gives it some fun dimension. Here I’m just laying the
frame around my stamping, and inside of the area
on the stamped piece, I’m adding tiny dots of
strong liquid adhesive. Into the adhesive I’m putting
some little rainbow jewels so that they will stay
put in the shaker card. This will really give better results. For this card, I’m using the third and final acetate product that
I recommend for card making. This is the Judikins
Embossable Window Plastic. What’s unique about
this particular acetate is that you can heat emboss on it. It can handle the heat of a heat gun, whereas the other acetates really can’t. They will warp and get destroyed. This comes in small
packs like you see here of smaller pieces, and it
also comes in full sheets. I’d recommend either size. I usually reach for the small
sheets because they’re handy. Now this product really
can withstand the heat, so whenever I want to heat
emboss on a shaker window or anything, this is what I reach for. Be sure to use your antistatic powder tool before heat embossing on this. Here I’m rubbing my antistatic powder tool onto the embossable window plastic, and I’m stamping my big hugs sentiment on it with VersaMark ink. Next, I’ll add my white embossing powder, and tap the extra powder off
so I get a crisp, clear image. Next I’m making sure my heat gun is absolutely as hot as it
can get before bringing it to the embossable plastic so
that I don’t warp it at all. If you use too much heat you can warp it, but it’s kind of hard to do. Next I can wipe off that extra
powder and it’s ready to go. Here I have my window piece on the back. I’m putting some double-sided adhesive right up against the edge of the window. I’m going to lay my acetate piece down so that the big hugs
lines up with the balloon, then I can lay my frame down onto it just so I can pick up that
acetate on the back of my frame, and I know it’s positioned just right. Next I need some dimensional
adhesive on the back of this frame so we can turn
this into a shaker window. I’m using Darice Foam Adhesive Strips. These have nice dimension
to them, are flexible, easy to tear, and very thin, so you can really use them for
just about any shaker window. Be sure to seal all the
sides with this adhesive so none of your little
shaker goodies fall out. Once I have lots of foam
tape on the back of here, I’m ready to create my shaker window. I’m going to take a piece of release paper that I have from some
double-sided adhesive that I used in the past,
and I’m putting that down onto my work surface,
laying my stamped piece right on top of it, and
putting some of the gems right over my stamped image;
the center of that piece. Now I can lay my shaker window over it, and that release paper that’s behind it keeps it from sticking onto my desk. So now I have my shaker window, and I can add this onto the front of a four and a quarter by five and a half inch red note card. Now because I glued some
of those jewels in place before I created my shaker card, some will stay stuck up high, and not all of the gems
will fall to the bottom which is why I do it. I like when there’s gems all over inside of the shaker card window. I also like that our big
hugs embossed sentiment is floating above that stamped image. Embossing on acetate really
gives a beautiful result on any window card or shaker card, and it is another fun way to use acetate. Okay, the fourth way to use acetate that I’m going to recommend today
is to use embossing folders. This is really the coolest
way to use acetate. I’m using a Hero Arts acetate note card just like I did at the
beginning of the video. I’ve opened up the card,
and on one of the panels I’m using this Tim Holtz
Tiny Dots Embossing Folder, and I’m running it
through my die cut machine just like I would any embossing folder. For me, I’m going to my
second tab on my big shot, but you can use this
with any die cut machine as you normally would in embossing folder. Now what happens is the embossing folder kind of warps and stretches the acetate and causes it to be white in all of the areas of the pattern. Here’s another example. This one shows much more. This is another embossing folder, and you can see how
distinct the pattern is. I decided to go with the simple
dots for today’s example. Next I’m creating a little elephant out of these Mama Elephant Dog Dies. They have a bunch of different animals that they’ve created in the past, and I’m really excited
that they have a dog now. They’re very easy to assemble, and the set comes with a
few different ears and such so you can create a
variety of different dogs. Here I’ve taken a sentiment from an older Mama Elephant Girlfriends Stamp Set, and I put it on my acrylic block
at a little bit of an arch. I’m going to make it look like
this is a collar for my dog. So I’m stamping my sentiment here, and again, it’s on my
acrylic block at an arch, and I can stamp that onto
there with VersaMark ink, add white embossing
powder and heat set it, and now I have that at
a little bit of a curve which is really fun. I’ve taken another
piece of red card stock, and I’m holding it right behind it and cutting them both
out at the same time. So I’ve two pieces of the exact same size. Again, this will be the collar on my dog. Since I’m sending this to
my daughter in college, I wanted to personalize it
by creating a little dog tag that has an F on it for our dog Foxy, so I die cut two silver
card stock circles, and I’m stamping one
of these iconic letters from an older Mama Elephant stamp set with the letter F in VersaMark ink. I’ll then add some white
embossing powder and heat set it so this looks like a little
dog tag that has an F on it, and I’ll make it look like
it’s hanging from the collar. Next I’m putting adhesive
on the little collar and adding it to the back
of our little dog here, and then we can start
to assemble our card. Putting lots of
double-sided strong adhesive on the back of this
doggy, and I’ll glue him to the front of our dotted card that we used that embossing folder on. I want to be sure to
use a lot of adhesive, because I want it to stick
nicely to the dotted texture. I’ll also add that little
F tag right below it so it looks like it’s
hanging from the dog collar. Now we want to cover that
adhesive on the inside, so I die cut another dog
exactly the same way, and I’m going to glue him
onto the inside of the card. So this is hiding our adhesive
from the front of the card, and remember how I cut two
red pieces of the same size? This one will go inside here. I forgot to put him down first, so I got to peel up my adhesive here and tuck him underneath, and now we have a dog on
the front and the inside, and I went ahead and
added ears to that too and also a little tag onto that side. Next we need a spot to write
out sentiment inside the card. So I die cut another dog head. I’ve adhesive facing up here, lining it up with the dog head on the inside of the card there, closing my card onto it to
transfer that dog head over, and it’s stuck on the
inside of the card too, and finally some more double-sided tap, another dog head, and this will get glued to the back of the card. So basically we have four dog heads covering all sides of this acetate card so no adhesive is showing through, and you have a place
to write your sentiment and to stamp your little Hand-Stamped by Jennifer whatever image on the back. Now on the front of the card, I’m adding the little doggy
nose and the doggy eyes. Now in this die set there are so many little pieces that you can use. There’s a dog bone,
different styles of ears, different nose; many
things that you can use. I decided to keep it quite simple, so it looks like kind of like my dog Foxy, and then I went over the eyes and the nose die cut
with Black Nuvo Drops. This gives me some dimension and shine, and really makes it stand out. Okay, so here’s the finished card. You can see the doggy on
the front with the collar, and you can see all those little dots that we created with embossing folder. Embossing your acetate cards is a great way to get
more out of your supplies. Now this inside dog here, I’ve got nothing on him, so we can write our
little personal message, and on the back we can stamp our little Hand-Stamped by Jennifer. So this is another fun way
to use to use acetate cards. So if you’re looking to explore the world of clear elements on your cards, I recommend the three
products I used today. The Hero Arts Acetate Note Cards, the Hero Arts Acetate Sheets, and the Judikins
Embossable Window Plastic. All are great products and will give you more ways
to use the products you have. If you’re interested in
the supplies I used today they’re linked below in
that YouTube description. On my blog I have much more
information and photos, and I also link to many videos
that use clear elements. Thank you for spending time with me today. I hope you have a wonderful
week and take care.

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