2016 Ibis Mojo 3 SLX 27.5+ MTB Test Ride

Today I’m in Oakridge, Oregon, doing the ATCA ride And I am riding the Ibis Mojo 3 This is the SLX 1x build, a
budget-friendly option I’m riding a large. I’m five foot ten i usually go for
the large bikes This bike is like brand new, has maybe… I think it had one ride on it yesterday from Eugene in the bike shop. And I picked the bike up from the
Willamette Mercantile down in town in Oakridge. They have a ton of bikes down
there. And I’m really glad to get on some Ibis. Going to do this one today then
maybe a couple other Ibis throughout the week, like the Ripley and the HD. This bike
has 140mm travel up front. It’s also fitted with a 12-speed
Shimano cassette with that big old pie plate in the rear for the granny gear. It’s
also running a KS LEV Integra dropper post Off to a fun little start! This is the first time I’ve ever ridden on Ergon grips. So we’ll see how they feel on this long
ride. I’m running 16 PSI front rear in these plus tires today. Nobby Nic’s.
Not a lot of chance for pedal strikes out here. Flat and smooth. If you want to see what trail this is, I’ve got a whole separate video about it and i’ll link it once I’m done working on it
and upload it. The brakes on the bike are not feeling
too great right now and it might be a function of the SLX budget build that I’m
riding right now. Eugene at the shop rode this bike
yesterday, so he had an idea of how to set up the suspension after doing a
big ride and asking me how I usually like it. So we’ve got it set up soft
and it’s feeling really good. It’s all a matter of personal preference
and doing the work to get it dialed in for yourself, too. I’m using the 12th gear. Granny gear is
doing me good. Let’s see if I can clean this Ooooh yeah Got it! Fat tires, it’s what it’s all about. The shifting has felt pretty good on the bike So I’m glad about that. Even with a
little bit more budget set up. The dropper post has been incredibly
easy to drop and easy to reach as well. That was cool! The plus bike shined on that stuff. Wow, that was a good test of the bike right
there. Usually loose gravel like that is about the most uncomfortable I feel on a
bike and didn’t do very bad on that, it was nice and felt comfortable good plus for this bike. Ooooh, that’s not going to be makeable. Boo So I put about three hours on the bike
so far. So I think I’m ready to tell you what I like and what I don’t like. This thing is just as fun of the Hightower. It’s right there. The suspension, the bike itself, fun fun fun. Love this plus stuff. What I really don’t like, and I probably said it too many times already, is the brakes. This is the SLX build, so it’s
the budget build. I don’t really feel good on these brakes today at all. That
being said, shifting was still fine and everything else felt good. This is a
badass ride this is certainly fun. Good place to test a bike. The guys at the Willamette Mercantile are
super cool. They’ll get you set up. There’s all kinds of bikes down there, it’s crazy.
They got Santa Cruz and Ibis and all the good stuff. They have 2017 Santa Cruz stuff. This bike is brand-new. It’s amazing. Definitely a destination. That’s why I’m here for four days of
riding and this is just the first day. If you guys end up in Oakridge, tell them I
sent ya. If you have a question about the bike feel free to ask me, but click on the
link first and look at the SLX build on Ibis’ website. They got all the spec
answers right there for you. You know, after five hours of riding and a lot of stuff like this where you’re kind of holding on for dear life the Ergon
grips have held up pretty well. I definitely have some blisters, but my
hands feel pretty good. This has been quite a fun ride, quite a
fun bike, I’m digging it. Thanks for watching you guys I’ll see out on the trail!

  1. Love the placement of the bike details! =) would have to say this has been my favourite video from you with the way you edited the start of this

  2. Great review. But may I suggest diff settings for your cam?
    I think you are using the same GoPro h4 and FTWG as me, and it looks like you have it on "wide" if you swap that to superview you can see more of your hands and bike.

    I use 2.7kS
    Look at my latest upload (black trail runs) this shows the difference.

    Hope that's helpful. 🙂

  3. For folks too lazy to parse the parts spec, it looks like this build of the bike does NOT have Shimano SLX brakes (M675).
    The SLX M675s have been fine for me, this bike had M445s. Which (to critique Ibis) is RIDICULOUS on a $4500 bike.

  4. either the brakes had shitty pads or they needed bled..nothing wrong with slx brakes when they're set up right. cool vid.

  5. Thanks Brian – two questions: 1) Verdict on + size? 2) I run SLX brakes, what main differences you've experience vs. others?

  6. I have the basic Deore brakes with the resin Ice Tech pads on my 2016 Stumpy FSR 6Fattie, and I was concerned about brakes initially from all the rotating mass. For the most part, they're fine. With full rolling gear, I'm around 300 pounds on a large frame, and the brakes hold. Maybe the rotor is a bit undersized or the pads aren't the Ice Tech type (with the fins), although I thought the SLX had them. What specifically is it you don't like about the braking? I've heard lighter weight riders complain about XT/XTR brakes "not having modulation," but once you're around 180 lbs and up they tend to light up rather quickly and the firm feel is necessary. I also descend between 25-40 MPH, depending on the area, and I've found the 203 mm rotor to be the minimum for riding around here. On my last Stumpy FSR, I retempered the rotor (discolored it), and the left fork lower couldn't be touched while it was cooling down. Serviced the fork, changed the rotors (the rear chain and seat stays of the swingarm assembly were also hot about 5 inches from the axle), and switched to metallic pads.

    I plan on switching the current Deore setup to either an XT/XTR or go straight to Saint multi-piston setups with Ice Tech rotors. I'll probably go the latter, because weight isn't that much of a concern on this thing as I'm still quite a way from my "race weight." Still, at 225 pounds without gear, I'm in the Clydesdale class of whatever race I'd bother entering. 🙂

  7. BK, I finally figured out what makes your videos so attractive…they actually make me want to go out and ride. Sure the big productions are awesome, but these videos are relatable on a different way– these are the kinds of trails that I can actually ride. Props man.

  8. Hey Brian
    Looks like you are in heaven with these fantastic trails your are riding.
    Oh yea the bike was cool too. Keep the bike reviews coming.
    I'm waiting for the Pivot review.
    Continue having fun

  9. I demoed a mojo 3 and it was a lot of fun, but I'm not sure plus bikes are for me – at least not at this point. Anyway, another good vid.. and looking forward to that new Bronson..cough, cough..I mean bike.

  10. I was thinking you could maybe change your channels name because I've been watching you since 387 subs and you seem more into enduro then cross country. just a suggestion. keep it up i love these videos and you should enter more enduro races!

  11. Demoed a Spec Enduro 650 for the past couple of days.  Fascinating bike.  Felt very similar to a Bronson but has 3.6 in tires… semi plus.  Leaning toward the Enduro now because of the tire options.  Interesting to see what Santa Cruz answers with.

  12. I have the slx on a XC bike and brake very well, the brake on that ibis in your video not an slx the shifter is , it looks differant than mine .I guess they skimped on the brake , other parts are slx . I guess the slx shifter makes the brake look like an slx. The bike does look cool though. Look at this way it added more excitement in the ride by means of not stopping 😬! But as always very cool video!!

  13. 100th like! Great bike. Great vid! Thanks for posting. What's the verdict on the grips? Do you like this one better than the Hightower?

  14. If the Ibis had better brakes would it be at the top of your list or would you still prefer the SC Bronson? How did the Mojo 3 compare against the SC Hightower Plus Size? And how do all compare against the Ibis HD3? Great video and thanks for the review!

  15. Nice ride 👍if I may make a suggestion try 60fps on your GoPro next ride it would make it less blurry and we could see more details in the trail 😄

  16. I'm curious how the fat tires are for climbing. I'm running 2.35 Bontrager XR4 on my Mojo SL currently. Were you running 2.5 fatties? I'm curious what the difference between 2.5 and 2.8 is.

  17. lol not a budget bike. i would dare say most cant afford a bike that expensive. not saying its not worth it but most bike riders cant afford something like that.

  18. That's a sweet ride, Definitely needs Xt Shimano Brakes! My buddy bought Ibis Mojo Hd3 and loves it! I was definitely drooling! Lol

  19. slam that bike down a really steep twist trail, that's where you noticed its superiority over other bikes, mine is much better on this type of trail than my friends hightower and all other bikes I've ridden.

  20. I rode this amazing machine at Noble Canyon near San Diego in CA. It had the XT build with Ibis carbon rims with 27.5+ Schwalbe 2.8. Amazing, simply amazing. This bike will let you ride like the devil and get away with it. At some point I was going near 30mph and should have crashed down the side of a canyon. The grip and confidence on this bike rivals that of larger travel bikes like the HD3. Climbs like a goat, the grip is insane and dw-link makes you think you're on a XC rig when climbing, even in trail setting. I'm just under 5'10" in height so the Medium fit like a glove. It's an animal.

    Great demo ride man, excellent video. You're adventures are inspiring me to get out there and ride and to keep going to make the MTB lifestyle possible!


  21. I have been wondering about those 27.5+ wheels. I'm probably going for standard 27.5 wheels on my new bike, but I gotta try the fat wheels before I make a decision.

  22. I keep coming back to this bike… If components were equal, would you go with this or the 5010? What stands out about each? Since you were on different trails I realize it may be hard to say…

  23. hi i really like your videos i totally wanna go out and ride my mtb now. by the way are you scare of biking alone in the middle of the woods??

  24. Of the 27.5+ bikes you've ridden, which did you like best? I'm looking for something in 27.5+ for a little more traction and forgiveness over the bumps. Thanks!

  25. I just got back from doing a 17 mile demo ride on the hightower in pisgah and was absolutely blown away by how capable the bike felt and how much better/confident i felt on it. I think im sold on the + stuff and am torn between the mojo, the hightower and the yeti. I like the DW of the ibis better but i dont have substantial time with it and i have never ridden the mojo. You briefly mentioned it in comparison to the hightower. Could you elaborate? pros and cons?

  26. HI, First off all really Great reviews by far the most interesting out there. You have reviewed both the IBIS MOJO 3 & HD3 which did you find the most Fun, if you were buying a bike which of these would you Pick.

  27. I know its been a while since you rod this bike but…when it comes to sizing, Looking at specs on their site Ibis sizes their frames a little smaller than say Santa Cruz or Pivot. You rode a large. Did it feel like it was cramped for a large frame? Im 6'0 and the larges from SC and pivot are spot on but a large Ibis is closer to a medium on the other manufactures so im leaning to an XL frame.

  28. You mentioned you didnt like the slx brakes. Maybe they just need to be broken-in, since the bike you test rode is on its second ride. Aren’t they similar to xt brakes which are awesome btw.

  29. 2:06 I thought this was a scene out of Predator stitched in where B comes busting around a corner in the jungle with his guns out.

  30. @1:56 did you notice a bigfoot peeping through the brush? right above to the right of your handle bars.

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