11,580 Dollars Cash Free Giveaway Government Walmart Gift Card Scam

yes I can hear you can you repeat that again I’m calling you from united states government grants department the reason is that your name Teresa Richardson has been selected by the government of the united states, to receive 11,580 an which you never have pay back to the government and you don’t have to pay any taxes on this money okay Teresa really the the United States government wants to give me eleven thousand dollars and I don’t have to pay taxes on it don’t need to pay entire money back and you don’t need to pay any taxes on this money money’s ok how do i do how does that happen so every year government select around 15000 citizens under the financial program for people who pay their taxes on time or don’t file for any bankruptcy in the last 6 months who don’t have any criminal record and you’re one of them Teresa you have been selected the money which has been sanctioned for you from the government is there you can use this money for any kinds of good purpose like paying off your bills paying off your debt education vacation etc you cannot use this money for any kind of illegal purposes like drugs casino gambling or something like that ok ok Teresa so can you pleas give me any idea how would you like to use this money uh probably to pay off bills ok so as I’m from the government officer from the verification department but your wish to verify the person always alleged to me to receive the ball from the government so you’re from the United States government department that’s the Verification Department ok and and where you located i’m located in 201 Independence Avenue washington DC code is 20201 who is your boss sorry who is your supervisor you need to talk to the supervisor but yes i know i just said who is your what’s your supervisors name make sure your regard for Julie Johnson joke okay Joe Richardson My name is Max I thought you said Kenny know it’s Max MAX max I’m from the Verification Department better for my job is to verify the person who is alleged to me to receive this amount cooperate with me your first name is teresa last name is richardson right now you belong to the city of savannah georgia yes what what what are you planning on doing well this is a governmental call and I’m just checking it whether you are right person to receive this amount right and so what do I have to do in order to receive money you just need to you just need to have a prepaid care shopping card gift card or any walmart card which we get from the local stores ok you have in any of them nope do you have any walmart or a western union by you nope how would you like to receive the amount cash well that’s what you can receive this in cash but you need to reach me at walmart or western Union Store so you can receive this money in cash so I have to go to a walmart or western union store right okay so this isn’t a scam no this is not a scam money has been reviewed by the government for you that will be the proof that your right foot or disagree with money and also the number of accounting department of which was release this money for you in any of your walmart or western union so then so then ok so if I was to go to walmart and then i take that check and put it in my bank account then you guys wouldn’t wipe me out I will let you know you won’t get a check because has been stopped by the government because the most of the time the check end up into the wrong hands and most of the times that you people used to complain about the check and the mail system so we have a high-low only online transaction system which you don’t have any prepaid card shopping card or gift card or else you would have received money is in half an hour now when you don’t have this prepaid card shopping cart or gift card you just need to reach me at walmart okay you need to walmart or any western union will receive money from the government I will give you the number of an accounting department officer you need to provide you’re at school to him and didn’t have in half an hour you will receive this money in cash western union is okay so western union you need to carry or valid ID proof with you of your you need to provide them they will give your token and with a deposit openly will see this 11580 dollars and it will take hardly half an hour no I I just don’t believe it i think this is a scam ok and your interested or not Teresa no because I think this is a scam also the number of an accounting department so we be helping you or if you find this anything fishy or if you find something is doubtrful you have the number of an account department office are really cannot give you and will have information about everything that you want to know who I still think it’s a scam so

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