Magic tricks have the power to leave the audience
awestruck but only when they are done in the right way! Oh and they are cringe worthy if the magician
is not well prepared! Imagine yourself paying a bag full of money
to get a ticket to a magic show only to discover the magician making blunders, ugghh! On second thoughts, that could also sum up
for a good laugh if you appreciate some humor that is! We save you the trouble and a lot of cash
as we present to you 10 magic tricks that went horribly wrong in front of the camera! Have a good laugh and uhmm pity them maybe! Number 10. Nailed on live TV
Reality shows come with their own set of risks and Marzena Rogalska, a co-host of the Polish
Series Question for Breakfast learnt it the hard way! When a magician was invited to show a trick,
poor Marzena agreed to volunteer and suffered a great deal of pain! She had to slam her hand on a brown paper
bag being careful to avoid an obscured upward-sticking nail. Marcin Poloniewicz, the magician had to switch
the bags but his judgement betrayed him so it went all wrong and she pierced her hand
with the nail, ouch! We aren’t volunteering for any magic shows
now! Number 9. Phone refuses to cooperate
A big name in the magic world, Dynamo had a rather awkward moment when his trick went
wrong! He might never forget his performance on 30th
march, 2016 when he magically transported a fan’s phone into a wine bottle! Now that trick is super cool, where did it
go wrong? Uhmm, after Tom’s phone was inside the vessel,
Dynamo asked another fan to call Tom’s number to confirm that it was an original phone in
the bottle. Well, as embarrassing as it was, the phone
didn’t ring! The worst thing was that Tom’s phone had
no signal at that moment, so it really wasn’t Dynamo’s fault but he still played the laughing
stock for the crowd! Number 8. Halftime drowning trick
You’ve heard about the magician Houdini who was famous for the drowning trick, right? Many young magicians have tried to imitate
that trick and one such person was Kristen Johnson aka Lady Houdini at halftime during
an NBA match. She entered the water torture cell, the lid
was locked from the top and she had to push herself out. If you have any doubts, lets tell you that
this wasn’t an easy feat to pull off, it involved danger, the danger of life! Kristen tried, failed and ultimately passed
out in water but was saved because the assistants were quick to take action and pulled her out! Did anybody say we didn’t have real life
heroes? Number 7. Amateurs cut a woman in half
One of the most iconic tricks in magic is cutting a woman in half. While even the easiest magic takes years of
hard work and patience to come out perfectly, you can well imagine what you’d end up with
if you attempt this tough trick as an amateur! That’s exactly what happened with these
kids at a talent show where they managed to perform the trick but not without revealing
the secret behind it! After sawing the body in half they turned
the table for the audience to see but accidently threw one part off, the prop was destroyed
but the worse was that they revealed the BIG secret. A whole girl came out of the part that fell
over which was proof enough that there were in fact two people in the prop! Number 6. Masked magician card fail
This magic trick didn’t end up in a tragedy but it went wrong, so we kinda laughed! A masked magician performing on a talk show-
LIVE, screwed it up with his miscalculation of cards but the worst thing was that he said
this trick could be performed by anyone! He said that a bit too quickly and must have
regretted it thoroughly! It was a card trick where he had expected
all the 4 cards to be aces but that did not happen and the audience ended up laughing
or maybe angry for their time was wasted, sad! Number 5. The missing body
Magic is not easy and we do understand when magicians make small mistakes but denying
them completely is not going to do them any good, especially when they have spilled the
secret of the trick! This magician on America’s Got Talent did
just that and we aren’t too happy about it! Due to a slip of a board it became evident
that he had not cut his assistant in half and the ‘cut’ body was just a t-shirt
hanging from the box! We could have still forgiven him because except
for that small slip, the act was beautiful but nah, he had to deny any allegation of
mistakes in the act and now we simply don’t sympathize! Number 4. Nervous breakdown
Do you think people will take a magician seriously if he is himself not sure about his tricks? Now put this man in a talent show, he is obviously
screwing up his chances of getting selected, sad! This dude started his audition by saying that
he isn’t good enough to win, true that but nobody expected him to be so bad. He looked so scared while performing that
he ended up ruining most of his tricks and then we saw him lose hold of his cards, doing
simple things so clumsily that he failed to make any impression on us whatsoever! Number 3. Drowned in a box
Another escaping trick gone wrong and another survivor, thanks to the assistants! Spencer Horsman seems to have experience of
not pulling off the drowning trick and get himself in trouble. On two different occasions, one during a rehearsal
and the other on a live show, he couldn’t get out of his water grave and nearly drowned
himself. Both the times his assistants had to intervene
so as to prevent his death! We wonder if the applause that he received
was for his sheer courage to try something that he surely couldn’t pull off! Number 2. The acid problem
Who in their right mind would want a transparent dangerous acid in a glass and shuffle it with
other glasses that contain water? You’d never do that unless you are a magician
and can easily save yourself from the consequences! Well this man called Tran Tan Phat performed
an act at the semifinal of ‘Vietnam’s Got Talent’ in 2015 that we will never be
able to forget, because well, it was horrible! He used an acid that could dissolve rubber
and shuffled the acid glass with 4 other water glasses. He had to drink from the glasses excluding
the acid one but uhhmm, he accidently took a sip from the acid glass and ended up with
burns on his lips and mouth! Number 1. Not live and still ALIVE
A YouTube magician by the name ‘BriceMagic’ performed a stunt on camera for his fans but
must have regretted his decision, INSTANTLY! He swallowed a metal washer and using a string
was supposed to get it out. We wonder how he managed to get that string
inside his throat but the problem occurred while pulling it out, because…it got STUCK! That must have been painful as hell and we
don’t even want to experience it. He was sporting as he did release the video
later and even explained what had happened to him, that’s gutsy! Which of these magic tricks you wish had seen
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