10 DIY Card Techniques I Often Forget

– [Ingrid] Hey guys, it’s Ingrid. And today I am collaborating with a really great crafty friend of mine, Miss Justine Hovey, whose
channel I absolutely love. And all month long, she is collaborating with some incredible people over on her YouTube channel. I’m gonna put her link down below because together we have 10
card techniques that we love, but often forget to use. So I’m gonna do the first five, and then you can pop
on over to her channel and see the other five. And if you’re new to my channel, welcome!. Let’s jump right in, shall we? So first up is one of my favorites, faux torn paper technique. This is a truly simple, simple technique and I’m shocked that I actually
always forget about it. So what you gotta do, basically, is just grab a piece of copy paper and you’re gonna tear towards you. Now if you’re right-handed
you tear it towards you, if you’re left-handed
you usually tear away. And that’s so you can
get some cool texture on the piece that’s on the left. But honestly for this project it doesn’t really matter. Tear it towards you, tear
away, either way works. So once you’ve got that all done, you’re gonna secure those
onto a folded piece of paper, and I’m using an A2 size card base. And you can see here I’ve
got this awesome stamp off to the right, and that
is the Spice Market stamp by Hero Arts. It is truly one of my all-time
favorite background stamps. And hey, you know what? If you’re new to my
channel, be sure to hit that subscribe button. I would love to have you pop
by here from time to time and see all the great
videos that I create. Be sure to hit that notification bell too so that you notify when new videos pop up. So now that you’ve got that all inked up, you’re just going to pop that down over your two pieces of torn paper. And basically what you’re
doing is you’re masking off those portions of your card base. Now I left a good chunk free
on the bottom so that I have room to pop the sentiment. This
is a great way to do a very simple stack of cards and look
at that! How awesome is that? This is a great stamp, it
reminds me of tiles from Morocco. You could literally do this
project with just about any background stamp. Now I’m
using a really versatile thank you stamp by Altenew
that I absolutely love. I reach for this stamp set over and
over again and I picked kind of like a modern contemporary
“Thank You” to go with the Moroccan tile kind of feel of
that spice market background stamp which I just love! Gonna ink that up and stamp
that down and that’s it! You’re done! You can do a
stack of these so quick, great Christmas cards, great
birthday cards, whatever you wanna do. Now here’s another sample
that I did, just doing just a simple faux tearing at the
bottom there, and this is using the ornate background by Simon Says Stamp. Love this one with the bold
alphabet dies, also by Altenew. Those are great right?
Super quick, super simple. Now next up: Kissing! I love
this technique, and I’m shocked that I never remember to use
it, kissing is such simple one, and we probably did it at some point. oh! That sounded kind of
weird. (laughs) anyway I’m pointing to that heart
stamp from that Concord and 9th “Give Thanks” stamp set, and
you want a stamp that you can very easily discern the shape.
Were gonna use the same spice market background stamp and you
can see were gonna use blue, right here, this is stone blue,
this is Catherine Pooler Ink love her inks,very juicy;great
for stamping with bold stamps like this heart because its
a big amount of space and you wanna have good coverage.
So I’m gonna quickly pop some of those down, just kind of
equally spacing those around, you can also use a MISTI,
if you wanna get precise measurements, and then
you wanna ink up your background stamp, I’m
choosing to use that same icing on the cake that we
did in the first project, and I’m gonna take the same stamp, which I’ve cleaned thoroughly, and
I wanna note that you need to clean this in between each
time that you stamped, because right here we are kissing the
two stamps together, and so that detailed image is gonna
transfer to that bold stamp, and then,were just gonna pop
that over that stone blue layer and look at this! Is that not
cool? I love that! This is one This is one of those, ooh! Just
kind of like the very first time you saw something embossed,
that’s what this does for me. I just love, love,
love how it turns out! Now I’m just gonna go to
another part of the stamp, because its a background stamp
I don’t need to re ink it, I just need to make sure
to use another section that I didn’t use before
and just keep stamping, and you can get different
images onto those hearts, and then were just gonna cut that out and I’m gonna pop that over a faux
torn background kind of like our first one, and I’m gonna
have a really beautiful card that came together literally in minutes. Now the 5 techniques that I’m
gonna talk about today, and I wanna make sure that you stay
tuned in all the way to the very end, because I kind of
cover lots of different things: scene stamping, a little bit
of light mixed media, and fun quick easy techniques like
this. So, be sure to stay tuned. Now here you can see, I’m not
gonna actually do that part cause you just saw me do
it in the first project but look at that! And I popped
a white strip just cause it needed a little something there. Next up: Custom tape. Now,
this is a fun technique. Were gonna do a little but of
clean and simple mixed media but first up, we need to grab a gel plate. Now, if you are into mixed
media or you don’t wanna play with acrylic paint like
this, totally fine, you’re gonna need to
use something different. You’ll probably need like
tissue paper, or you could watercolor some tissue paper.
There’s so many different things you could do to create
a surface that tape can lift up from. Were gonna
start off by showing you some stencils, I’ve put down
some paints, and those are some Ranger paints, we need some
moving tape, I’ve got us a scrap piece of scrap paper off to
the side; you can also use regular tape, bu you’re gonna
want that clear tape, and you’re gonna need some stencils too. And what were gonna do is
were gonna brayer out some acrylic paints here onto a
gel plate. And the gel plate is something that you
would use for monoprints, and that’s basically kind
of what we are creating. This is actually how you
brayer out to get that easy effortless transition, you
wanna kind of pounce your brayer up and down. If you didn’t
notice that I was kind of pouncing it, speeding it up
here just to kind of get through this a little bit faster for
you, and I have more videos, I’ll pop a link in right here
to see some other monoprinting videos, where you can see
this a little bit more, at a slower speed. I was thinking of using some
smaller stencils, but then, I decided: why I not just go
for a big one that covers both, cause I’m using 2.5 x 7.5 inch
plates. So I’m layering down this awesome stencil by the
Crafters Workshop, and taking some packing tape, I’m gonna
cover that on top and then I realized: oh! Ingrid! What
are you doing? That’s really not so good, because I’m
not gonna be able to keep that stencil in place and pull
the tape up at the same time. What was I thinking? Hey! Even
I don’t even think sometimes! But, I managed to get it up,
and look at this! And I’ll tell you what, I made a
really cool project (laughs) with that piece of tape.
So next time, ill probably put 5 down and pull that up!
So I’m gonna do the traditional monoprint method here, and I’m
using some Index paper here By Neenah, and its very
inexpensive, I actually ordered it online; comes in like $13
for 300 sheets. Its awesome! Pull in some prints that I
used for another project, and look at that! I love that
beautiful stencil pattern right there! And you can see
where I pull that tape up top and it didn’t work out so
well. Now were gonna use some “Burnt Umber” acrylic paint and
this is the Americana paint, the kind that you just
buy at the Hobby Lobby. And I’m just popping down
some texture using half of a holder from my Starbucks
cup.(laughs) Why not? use it all! And then I went ahead and
let those dry off camera, its important to know that
those need to be dry before progressing on to the step.
I’m brayering out some white, this is Titanium White. Any
heavy bodied Titanium White is what you wanna use, and
this is the main plate so I’m adding a little bit more,
and I got too much paint, you can see all those weird
little lines don’t want those! And I’m holding these, you
can see that I can actually hold it, because I let
about 20 minutes go by and its totally dry. You want this to be dry before
going on to the next step, So now we have some tape,
and I’m just pulling out the amount that I want to go
over the side just a little tiny bit, and I already put a
piece down. I recommend that you actually do this one piece
at a time, so this method is a little hard. I was a little
frustrated in trying to get those to line up and I
always forget that when I do this technique. So were
just gonna pull this back and this is the reveal; like
Christmas day! Oh my gosh! Its so much fun! I love
this part! Wait till you see how it comes up. You’re gonna
get all this great goodness. Now you could always do more,
you know? You could actually create patterns, you don’t
have to necessarily think of monoprinting, there’s so many
things that you can do, and you don’t necessarily need
to use acrylic paint on the gel press, the gel plate.
You can also use, maybe use your Distress Oxides, you
can do some things with dye based inks. Its meant rally
more for acrylic paint but, look at all that goodness!
Did that not look awesome? I mean, seriously! how cool
is that! You can only imagine the things that I can create
with these, and I made 3 cards to show you and I have
so much tape left over! Its really exciting, its almost
like creating your own kind of washi tape! And that’s
really a lot of fun! Love having these little
accents sometimes for cards, maybe I need a strip, or
you need something fun. I love kind of creating
a little rainbow, this is a really good project. So I’m gonna speed this
all up really quick and this is actually the main
plate. So the first plate, You noticed that I was
using 2 plates earlier, one was to brayer off all the
excess paint that I was using, rather that putting it on scrap paper, and that’s this one! And that’s
the plate that has all those little brown additional marks,
and look at that texture! Layering on top of that, I
mean this is monoprinting at its best. I mean,
that’s gorgeous! I love it! And because it is the second
plate, the colors are not quite so bright and in your
face, they are a little bit more subdued, which was really cool! And I made a really nice project! Now, here it is! Look at this!
Oh my gosh! I love love that! And look at how clean, not for
noting, how clean my plate is after that! I usually don’t
worry about getting my plates clean, because you pay
forward all that great texture and color into other
future projects, as you can see on these. Look at this
awesome little strips! Now next up, we need to
actually trim off all the excess paint. And anywhere
you have sticky parts, you can also pop down
PearlEx or Perfect Pearls or anything else that you wanna
stick to those sections, maybe some embossing powder. I wouldn’t
heat the embossing powder, because you’ll probably melt
the plastic, but you’re still adding texture. Now here you can see I added
some to a little tag there, and to really, adhere this
down, I just used some Multi Matte Medium, that
I have, Matte Medium by Liquitex actually, and
that’s how I actually glued that down, and its perfect. It
made that very very rigid and you do need to make sure to
trim that up, but I mean, this little tag, I ended
up doing a lot more mixed media stuff on that,
but for time reasons, I didn’t want to make this too long. That’s the tape where I actually
made the mistake and went on top of the stencil. Did
that not turn out so cool? And look at this! I did a little
bit of ink blending through the same stencil for the
background, using some of my Distress inks there, and
heres is that kind of subdued tape, just cut into different
pieces, pop a little sentiment on there and Oh! So easy!
You can create so much! Really Cool! Next up: partial stenciling;
this is a fun technique, and really meant to get you to
think outside the box, so we are going to do a little
bit of basic ink blending, and I’m using a lighter
color, this is Stone Blue by Catherine Pooler and just
gonna go nice and easily, easy even coat. You can also use
ink blending tools, I’m using The Life Changing Brushes
by Picket Fence Studios, just to create a nice settled
background, and you can do the background before or after,
it doesn’t matter what order you do this in, I’m using a
darker shade,so the darker shade its going to be the part that
goes through the stencil, and this is Daydream, and
I sped this up for you. Hey! If you have enjoyed any
of these techniques, be sure to tell me in the comments
bellow, I’m dying to know, I wanna know which ones are
your favorite, which ones you forget, also what did
I leave off the list? So you can see here I just
kept adding Daydream and then, I’m adding even a darker
ring around the edge with Juniper Mist, which is a
beautiful beautiful deep deep dark navy blue, and I always
wanna recommend that you go back in with your lighter
color too, after doing darker shades, because you do have
some kind of awkward transition bringing that Daydream back
through as you see when you pull that off is effortless! And
heres the big reveal! You see that I taped everything down.
You wanna make sure to really have that down, otherwise you’ll
get ink on spots where you didn’t think you would. Look at that! It almost looks
3D right? That’s that new wonky triangle stencil
by Catherine Pooler and the Say Hey Dies, love that
quick, easy, simple, great card; would be a great birthday
card, for just about anybody. I hope you like that! And here
you have it with a couple of different tones, the one on
the right has a little bit of Aquatini in it, the one on the
left is a little more blue. Watermark Accents: hey! This
is one that I always forget to do, but I’m using this
awesome Over The River Set drawn by Julie Ebersole from Ellen
Hutson. I love, love, love this stamp set! Its so much
fun! I’m using VersaMark, which is a marking ink, and that’s
what you use basically to emboss with,and were gonna
pretty much emboss our entire scene, yes were doing a scenic
card and I have sped this up. This project took me about
45 minutes, but I have really condensed it. So I hope that
you enjoy! I have a lot of great little tips in this next
segment, you can see here, always when you’re heat setting
your embossing powder,start from the back, it gives that
powder a chance to grab onto your cardstock, and it also
helps to prevent with warping, I also wanna note that I did
preheat my tool for about 30 seconds prior to doing it.
I love using these little bags I do use the other tool as
well, but I find that I get much better coverage with these
little bags and when you’re gonna do as much embossing as were
gonna do on this project, believe me!You want to make
sure that nothing is gonna stick to that. So here’s a little
trick use paper towels as masks, when you do scenic cards,
because you know what? Its really easy to just kind of line them
up wherever you want and you just want to tear it so you
get a nice straight edge, you don’t wanna have any weird
bumps or anything like that! And look at that, I dropped
it and it had ink on it. Here is a lifesaving tip use that
bag get a lot of powder down, don’t put it a little bit,
don’t be shy, get some down and that will just prevent more
powder from sticking to that, because you need that now
to fade into the background, because its a watermarking
ink, so its jus gonna become a darker version of your
paper. That’s my lifesaving tip (laughs) because even I make mistakes. Now here its how you
mask all those mountains, you can see I just used those
two pieces and there you go, I just did the same thing,
all the way across, and I’m just gonna jump ahead
because like I said this originally was a really long
project, and I’ve got a lot of little stamps here. That little
bear! Isn’t he so cute on the river? Just adding lots
of different things that deer is actually kind of big, so I put him in the forefront from a
perspective point of view. You wanna have your biggger
stamps kind of in the front and the just adding in the rest of
the scene. It was just really a lot of fun creating it,
every time I stamped something I was just like: oh! How cute
is that? (laughs) I was really having a lot of fun, and
that’s the whole point right? Now I want to note that I
made a mistake here with the little snowman. You can
see I missed him, right? So heres what you do: you clean
off your stamp completely, I cleaned that off and I’m
only inking up the part that I missed, so when I go the
second time, I don’t add any extra ink, see? I’m not
perfect either! Aren’t you glad to know that? Right? You’re not alone! So there you go, you just added
a little bit more, you can also use a watermarking
pen, which is what were also gonna use shortly, and then
you add a little bit there, and Voila! Just like
new! Isn’t that great? Now, heres another thing, so
ive got 7 birds on this and I only wanted 3, 7 its a
little much for me, and it was too difficult to cut them
apart doing stamp surgery, so I used a watermarking pen.
That’s actually a Ranger marker, and Versamarker also has
one, Wow has one; there are a lot of them out there, its
basically the watermarking ink but in pen form. Its great
when you wanna do spot things like that, and then I’m just
gonna add a little sentiment there, and the sentiment I
made white, everything else is metallic silver, so that
way it kind of stood out, the sentiment was really
small, but it was perfect. Now, once that is completely
dried, I go ahead and take a microfiber cloth and just get
rid off all that excess powder because next up, were gonna
take a watermarking pen and were gonna add watermarking
accents, so you can see you can use a VersaMarker; I’m gonna
use both, gonna start up with 1 and then switch to the
embossing marker by Ranger. My embossing marker was newer
and that why. Now this is pretty close to real speed
right here, and then the rest of it I sped up quite a
bit just for time purposes. I’m adding some extra lines
on the inside, now don’t think just scenic cards, okay? I’ve
done this also at Christmas time with holly leaves, adding
different accents on any lined images, its a great
way to emphasize something, and I always forget about
this technique, its such a great one. You know, sometimes
you just need that little something but specially on
this really deep midnight card stock. This is Altenew’s
navy blue card stock its a beautiful deep rich card
stock, and you can see here, I’m just adding a little kind
of shadow. Now I ended up coming back, and you’ll see
that in a second, and I created actually a little shadow of
the snowman, and it’s nice because it’s the brightest right
when you put it down,but it does fade a little tiny bit you
know it’s just kind of nice, these are just little accents,
which emphasize the stamps and the fun kind of feeling
that you’re going for in your card. Now here you
can see: I’m using the pen and I’m actually coloring in
the line portion of the snowcap mountains; and whats
really great about this is that created little extra
something without me adding like white or something else to my
card. It actually went really quick and then I decided: it
looks so good that I was gonna color in all the other lined
parts, so the roof of the house I colored in a little smoke
stack, the little snowman, the car, the bear and the
deer, and that was it, and then the card was pretty much done,
it went by so fast, it looked so cute, and it doesn’t need
a whole lot else just a simple white matte, I added a couple
of extra little accents, like the car coming in from the
bridge, keep connecting a little road to the house, but you
know what? You don’t want to do too much,, cause sometimes you
wanna do something and when you add more usually, that’s
when you wanna stop. That’s my advice, and sometimes I
don’t take my own advice as I clearly decided to add
something to below the clouds (laughs) now, like I said you
just want to pop that up onto, its nice right? Just nice
darker blue, pop it up onto just a very simple white base
and you’re done! That’s it! I hope you enjoyed these
techniques, I certainly enjoyed hanging out with you! if you
wanna see some more: pop on over to Justine’s channel,
she’s got 5 more for you! Whatcha you waiting for? And
then if you wanna see more videos of mine, Ive got a
couple linked here at the end! Be sure to hit that subscribe button and leave me a comment below! I
can’t wait to hear your thoughts till next time! Bye! (upbeat music)

  1. I LOVE all these techniques so much, hope you did too! Don't forget to pop on over to Justine's channel for more ideas!

  2. I'm a brand spankin' newbie to paper crafting so these were all new to me, but I especially liked the kissing technique.
    Simple execution, big bang payoff.
    Masking is cool too. 😁👍🏻

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